Different ways to make money with bitcoin using android!

Bitcoin keeps setting new flanged records in market cap and spot value. Earlier, the cryptocurrency community promoted bitcoin by giving away BTCs through some free methods. You can read this crypto trading guide to get a deep analysis of bitcoin trading. But since bitcoin has acquired a reputation and huge user base, the majority of the free methods to avail bitcoin have nearly disappeared. 

However, few free methods are still present to help you earn free bitcoins using an android device. BTCs an android user can earn from these free methods are not gigantic, but these methods are exceedingly engaging. Therefore, here are a few free methods to earn BTC without investing a single penny. 

Bitcoin Faucets!

One of the traditional ways to stand its ground still when earning free bitcoins is bitcoin faucets. Bitcoin Faucets refer to online registered platforms assigning some engaging tasks to the user in return for cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, bitcoin Faucets on the internet are massive, and some of the bitcoin faucets are even a scam. 

Some famous and reliable bitcoin faucets offering a decent payout to the users are jointly BTCbux, Satoshi hero, and Coin Pay U. The tasks you have to perform on bitcoin faucets can even play a specific game for a few minutes. Usually, these micro working applications assign users tasks like visiting a website for a few seconds, streaming advertisements, and completing surveys each day. Undeniably bitcoin faucet is a traditional way to earn new bitcoins, but each day a new bitcoin faucet arrives in the marketplace, promising a handsome payout to the user. 

The only drawback of using these bitcoin faucets to avail free cryptocurrencies like BTC is a payout limit. In short, in bitcoin faucets, you cannot withdraw funds whenever you want as you will have to wait until the earning reaches that threshold limit. Usually, every cryptocurrency faucet is equipped with a threshold limit of 10,000 Satoshi. Many people are not familiar with Satoshi’s name and confuse it with bitcoin’s inventor. Here Satoshi means the smallest fragment of a bitcoin. If 100 million Satoshi gets together, it forms one BTC. In short, 10,000 Satoshi is a decent amount, but it will take time for a newbie to earn such money performing tasks given by bitcoin faucets.

Cryptocurrency mining!

Cryptocurrency mining on android devices might sound like a dream, but in reality mining business is also very profitable if performed with an android device. Since you don’t have to pay any maintenance cost of the mining machine alongside electricity, the revenue you generate with the android device by different mining coins is pure profits. 

There are dedicated android cryptocurrency mining applications that continue mining operations in the background without affecting the Android device’s performance. Undeniably, you will generate $4 -$5 with android devices, but it is a decent income in developing countries. In short, people can use their android devices to generate a passive income using mining applications. 

Cryptocurrency mining applications that are worth a shot are available on the internet. You don’t need to download any cryptocurrency mining application from the web as the scams and frauds targeting digital currency users peak these days. If you want to go with a reliable mining application, you can use the miner gate mobile cryptocurrency mining. 

Another famous mining application appearing in the most powerful software for android devices is a bitcoin miner. The name of this cryptocurrency miner might indicate its specialty in bitcoin mining, but that does mean you cannot mine any other using this mining application. Registering and starting mining using these mining applications is a piece of cake, but making considerable profits is challenging. 

If you have not ever signed up for any mining application, you must create a user account on such platforms. Then you can select the digital currency that the cryptocurrency mining application allows you to mine and click on the start button. After clicking on the start button, you can freely minimize the app and keep executing mining operations in the background. 

The above-listed portion explains some free methods to earn bitcoin.