Make Spin the Bottle Game App For FREE

Convert tricky questions and tasks into Android game app in 1 minute!​

Make your own app game for friends and parties with tasks and question like famous Truth or Dare or Spin the Bottle games. Be creative and provocative while making a mobile game without coding. No coding or special skills required. 

create spin the bottle game

Perfect for Parties & Friends

Spin the Bottle and Truth or Dare games are perfect to spice up any party or friends’ gathering. Come up with silly or dirty tasks for your game app and convert them into an Android app without efforts. Let your users to shake their boring parties with something exciting!

Free and No Code Development

Making an Android game app like Spin the Bottle takes up to 5 minutes! Follow the guide on the app creation form, fill the required fields to make the app without coding. It’s free! We have no fees or charges for making and sharing Android apps created on AppsGeyser. 


Ready for Publication

Get an APK file of your game within a couple of minutes. No need to wait for hours to build a file. You can publish your Spin the Bottle app on Google Play and other app markets today!

Build Spin the Bottle Game APK!

Over 100 Tasks and Questions

Come up with creative, dirty, or funny tasks and questions for your app. You can add over 100 tasks! This party won't get boring!

Custom Bottle Design

Make a custom design for the bottle. It can be a wine, beer, whiskey, soda, milk or any other bottle!

App Monetization

Enable the app monetization to make money by showing ads in your game app.

Android Support

Compatible with all Android devices and and suitable for a Google Play publication.

create spin the bottle game

How to Make a Spin the Bottle Game App for Free?

6 steps to build an app like Truth or Dare for Android without coding

  • 1
    Open Spin the Bottle Template
    Click on "Create App Now" button or visit and open the "Spin the Bottle App" template.
  • 2
    Add Tasks or Questions
    Enter phrases for your app - tasks or questions. You can add over 100 phrases to make an engaging app.
  • 3
    Customize Bottle and Background Design
    Choose one of the bottle styles or upload your own design. Submit the background image for your game app. Use the PNG format for better quality.
  • 4
    Name your app
    Enter a creative name for your app. Add relevant keywords to your app content and niche to make it searchable on Android markets.
  • 5
    Choose an icon
    Upload your game app icon. If you don't have an icon or don't know how to make it, you can use the default one.
  • 6
    Publish App on Google Play​
    It's ready! Download the game and publish it on Google Play or other app markets for Android users all over the world.

Make a Game Android App For Friends and Parties

You can make a mobile game app like Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare with your own tasks! 

To make a popular game app, you should find the niche for it. Create Spin the Bottle with a collection of dirty or funny tasks, tasks for couples or kids, tasks or questions related to specific themes or industries, like movies, cars, art, board games, fashion etc. Think outside the box to get users for your Android app. 

Create Spin the Bottle Game for Android in 1 minute!

AppsGeyser - Free Game App Maker

Making, downloading and sharing Game apps is free!

Free Game Maker – is an online platform to develop mobile game apps despite any skills or money. Follow guides on app creations forms, fill the fields to make your own Android games without coding and free of charges. You can find more than than 30 ready-to-use free app templates for Android for business or fun on AppsGeyser. 

Why You Should Make a Spin the Bottle App?

Making a Spin the Bottle attracts users all over the world. Use it to entertain friends and people at parties and make some profit from it. Promote your own business on the app or monetize it by showing in-app advertising. You can make around $1000 per month with a popular app. Find the niche for your Spin the Bottle game to get more users and more money.



Spin the bottle Apps Created Already

Do You Have Questions?

How to create a Spin the Bottle Game for Android?

To create a Spin the Bottle game for Android, open the Spin the Bottle App Template on AppsGeyser. Add phrases with tasks or questions, choose a game layout, name your app and upload an icon. It takes up to 10 minutes to make a Spin the Bottle Game for Android.

How to make a Truth or Dare game app without coding?

To create a Truth or Dare app without coding, you need to open the Spin the Bottle App Template on Add tasks or questions, customize the app design online by filling the forms. You don’t need to know how to code to make your own game.

Can I use my own design of the bottle?

Yes. You can choose one of 8 default designs for the bottle or you can upload your custom design. You can find images with bottles on the Internet. Use PNG files for better quality!

How many tasks can I add to my game app?

You can add over 100 phrases to your app. Use the lines for funny tasks or questions. The more tasks you have, the higher chance for users to get engaged with your app and not get bored of it! 

Can I make a Spin the Bottle game for free?

Yes, making a Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare games on AppsGeyser is FREE. There are no charges for making, downloading and sharing Android games on our platform. 

How long does it take to make a Spin the Bottle game for Android?

Up to 10 minutes. If you already have an idea and niche for your app, just fill the forms with phrases and get your Android app ready for sharing and publication! 

Can I change tasks after making the app?

Yes, you can change any app content. Go to the “Edit” menu on the AppsGeyser Dashboard. There you are able to edit tasks, a bottle design, a background, app settings like an icon, a name and advanced features.

How many game apps can I make?

You can create an unlimited number of Android game on AppsGeyser. No coding, no limits, absolutely free. That’s why don’t hesitate to make more than 1000 apps!

Can I make a game app online on my mobile phone?

Yes! To make a Spin the Bottle game app or any other app you don’t need to download any software. You can create Android games online from any device your have – smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop. All you need is a network connection.

Can I make money with a Spin the Bottle app?

Yes. Enable the Monetization program on your Dashboard and start making money by showing banner advertising in apps. Popular apps can bring you up tp $1000 per month!

What other Android games can I build?

AppsGeyser App Builder has around 35 app templates for no-code app development. You can make games like quiz, fishing, word search, matching puzzle, cookie clicker, etc. Look for more information on

How is AppsGeyser different from other App Makers?

AppsGeyser is a simple-to-use and absolutely free app builder. You don’t need to know how to use drag-and-drops. To make apps you need just to fill the forms. Building apps, getting your APK files is free of charge.

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