How to Build a Video Chat Android App for Free? Make a Video Calling App

how to make video chat call app for android

Without a doubt, 2020 is the year of the rise of video calling solutions, including apps. With massive lockdowns all over the world, people were basically forced to use video chat applications to contact with friends, family and colleagues. Most businesses moved to a remote work. The video calling apps and software became the tool #1 to keep and track the team’s productivity. Zoom along with other video conferencing apps and messengers like Meet, Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger raised by 700%. It took only 2 months to get such a growth.

Why Making Your Own Video Calling App?

The trend of video calls is not going anywhere. Video chat apps proved to solve 2 major problems of users.

First, it’s easy to stay in touch with other people. We won’t be surprised if the format of virual parties and friends’ gethrings will stay popular even after COVID-19 calms down.

Second, it helps to keep the high productivity of a remote work. Major IT companies like Google or Facebook have already announced their intention to keep remote work for their employees at least till the end of 2020. We expect 30-50% of these employees to work from home even in 2021.

With increased demand, some video calling apps are facing challenges. Zoom has leaked the personal messages and passwords of users in April 2020. It questioned the security and stability of the app.

You can guess that once bad news breaks out, the app looses it credibility. Users start looking for alternatives and install other apps. Even if 0,5% of Zoom users will install a new video chat app, it will make 500,000 installs! It looks like a pure gold opportunity.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Video Chat App?

There are two options to make a video calling app: paid and free.

  • Paid. It can cost you $20,000-$130,000 to develop a video calling app from scratch. The cost includes payments for project manager, UX/UI design, Android or iOs app development (full stack), Q&A testing. The price depends on the country where you develop an app. If mobile development in the USA costs you more than $100,000, in India it may cost you 3-4 times cheaper.
  • Free. If you have some expertise in coding, then you can build a video chat app on your own with Android Studio. There are multiple guides how to make video calling app in Android Studio. If you don’t have any coding background, then you can make app with app makers.
    By using App Builders and ready-to-use app templates you can make video calls on Android without programming and investments. The technology allows to use an existing code to develop video chat app. The app development is realised there as “drag-and-drop” or “fill the forms” constructor. It takes up to 5 minutes to create a Video Calling app from scratch.

How to Make Video Calls on Android for Free? 

To create your video call and messenger app for free, follow these steps:

  1. Open Video Call and Chat App Template
    Open appsgeyser.com, click on “Create now” to find the template.
  2. Choose color scheme
    Choose default colors, upload background images.
  3. Add features
    No coding required. Features include camera stickers.
  4. Write the name of your app
    Use keywords to make your app more visible on app markets.
  5. Choose an icon for the app
    Upload your custom logo or choose a default one.
  6. Publish your app
    It’s done! Your video chat app is ready to be published on Google Play or other app markets.

Make Video Calls on Android

Video Calling and Chat app template for Android is based on cloud technologies. It includes main features: video calls for one-on-one or groups, voice calls, instant messaging, file-sharing. We added some extra features as well: stickers, filters, synchronization with contact numbers. It’s highly secured and uses end-to-end encryption to provide the full privacy. No one can read users messages or listen / join voice or video calls.

The video chat app is free and unlimited to use for everyone. Users don’t have to pay fees to unlock features or increase limits for voice or video calls. But it doesn’t mean developers can’t monetize this app. You can join the Monetization program on AppsGeyser and make money by inserting ads to your Voice Calling and Chat app.

Top 8 Must-have Features for Video Calling App in Android

  1. Group video-calls. Users can create video meetings with a group of more than 2 people. Perfect choice for a friends, family or work meetings.
  2. One-to-one video calls. Individual video calls for 2 people.
  3. Voice calls. In case if users can’t or don’t want to video chat, they still can make voice calls and create group voice calls.
  4. Instant messaging. Users can chat and send text messages at any time Use video calling app as a regular messenger app like WhatsApp or Telegram.
  5. File-sharing. Share media files like images, video, audio, etc. Users can send files at any time: after, before or while video calls.
  6. Security and safety. App is cloud-based and end-to-end encrypted to provide the safety of personal data.
  7. HD quality of connection. Works with any type of Internet connection: 2G, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi.
  8. Push notifications. Instant notifications of new messages and incoming video and voice calls

What are the Benefits of Creating your own Video Calling App?

With AppsGeyser you can create a video calling app in Android that will bring together colleagues, friends, and family.

How Video Chat apps can help business:

  • It improves relations between employees and employers. In-person communication delivers better quality of relationship and trust.
  • It helps to track the productivity of employees. Report the status of daily tasks, make brainstorms, discuss important questions and issues on meetings.
  • It prevents from the lack of communication. Instant communication and notifications will inform about important questions and problems.
  • It drives a team-building. Make off-work vbirtual corporate parties to increase employees’ motivation and spirit!

How Video Calling Apps can help people in daily life:

  • It keeps in touch with family, friends, colleagues;
  • It strengthens relationships between people;
  • It helps to find new friends;
  • It brings all friends and family together in groups;
  • It allows creating communities in groups;
  • It provides a simple file-sharing tool.
create video calling messenger app for free

Top Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Video Calling App?

The video call app is an instant messenger with video calling features. Video calls can be made by two people or a group. The app also features voice calling, instant messaging and media-sharing.

How to build a Video Chat App?

1. Open appsgeyser.com
2. Choose Video Calls and Chat App Template
3. Click Next on the first screen of App Template
4. Add backgrounds, choose colors, add camera stickers
6. Name the app
7. Upload the icon
8. Click “Create” button. Your app is ready!

How much does it cost to develop a Video Calling App?

It can cost you up to $60,000 to develop a video calling app. The cost depends on your team expertise and features list. Although there is a free way to create a Video Call app for Android using online App Builder. There are no fees to build and download the Video chat app. You don’t need to learn how to code or how to make video calling app in Android Studio.

Can you make a video chatting app for free?

You can make a video chatting app for free. All you need to do is to open online app builder and choose one of the ready-to-use app templates. It takes 5 minutes to make a video chatting app and you don’t have to pay charges.

What features a video calling app should have?

1. Group video-calls to arrange work, family, friends meetings.
2. One-to-one video calls for 2 people.
3. Voice calls in case if users can’t turn the camera on at the moment
4. Instant messaging to exchange texts before, after or druing video-conferencing.
5. File-sharing to send documents, photos and videos within an app
6. Notifications to inform about new messages, incoming video and voice calls
7. Encryption to provide privacy and security for users.