New Tech Implementations for Home Automation

Home Automation

Today home automation systems can control the light and temperature of the house, control the sound of audio systems, and the safety of the family. These new technologies are either controlled by mobile devices, bullets, or touch panels installed inside.

New technologies have allowed us to have everything in the houses at one moment, not like everyone else, but chosen exclusively for your preferences. Your house will be put in order since everything will be trained for you – curtains, custom standing desk, oven, windows, and doors.

Pros of Home Automation

Automation is convenient. The ability to control many electronic devices (lights, heating, audio/video, curtains and doors, locks, security systems, etc.) with a single touch device on the wall or just a smartphone – this alone makes you think about home automation. Automation increases the efficiency of individual systems in your home and the entire household. That is, you can turn off the thermostats and turn off the lights at the touch of a button when you decide to go on vacation and not worry that you forgot to do something. 

Smart control of lighting, heating, ventilation or air conditioning can reduce energy costs by 15-20%. For owners of their own homes, investments in custom heating or cooling systems pay off, as electricity costs are drastically reduced. The ability to actively control the various electronic elements in your home provides the comfort that your environment – from setting the lighting to turning on the music center – begins to obey you. Automation provides peace of mind because the control system of home devices allows you to avoid problems that may arise due to forgetfulness or inability. You can check whether everything is normal in your house from anywhere and, if necessary, make corrections using your smartphone.

Key Players of Home Automation

The types of home automation devices can be classified into systems that we would like to consider below, and it will be a good reason to tell what exactly is new there that has been invented to date.

Air Сonditioning Equipment

It adjusts the heating and air conditioning in the premises, taking into account the presence/absence of people in them and weather conditions. The latest devices are equipped with a unique gesture matrix, which makes it easy to control the situation in the house. The device can be programmed to turn on the heating for your arrival when it is cold outside and automatically turn off the appliances when you go to bed because you will already be under the covers.

Now you do not have to be nervous before receiving an electricity bill after the air conditioner has worked in the house. New technologies have taught air conditioners to count your money or control the consumption of electricity when they work in the cold season to heat and in the hot season to cool the room. Floor fans of our time today are already wireless, the strength and airflow modes can be controlled using a mobile phone.

Lighting Devices

As the name implies, this system is responsible for turning on and off the light automatically according to the receipt of information about the presence or absence of people. They can also adjust the light level based on the state of natural light in the room. You can program and then execute various scenarios for a comfortable stay in the house, depending on whether you are working or receiving guests, or going to bed.

This category also includes smart bulbs that can produce not only all-white light options, from warm to cool but also various coloured light options.

Safety Equipment

Special sensors can detect the presence of smoke or the smell of gas and send a signal to both the owner of the house and special services. The same goes for water leaks due to problems with your pipes or if the neighbours caused the flood.

Smart doors will reliably protect your home from unauthorized access, but will also open in front of you without keys using a biometric lock, by fingerprint. The smart lock function will be available only to the owner and people with access rights. The homeowner can receive notifications on the phone of all entries and exits. Instead of a key, a smartphone can be used, with the help of which the owner can receive information about manipulations with the door, from a simple knock to breaking. In the latter case, there is a function to completely block the lock using a smartphone. Also, using Wi-Fi, you can give out digital keys to access your home to relatives or friends.

The latest gadgets will allow you to keep an eye on your home and property both during the day and at night. The new cameras not only transmit real-time images to your mobile device but also a built-in microphone that will allow you to hear and record what is happening.

Automated Furniture

Items of such furniture or interiors play the role of not only an assistant but also in some matter of your doctor. A smart standing desk will keep you healthy for a long time, reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and help you lose weight, all while you work.

Smart blinds or curtains are a great investment, they can be both opened and closed from a smartphone or remote control according to a schedule and according to programmed modes. The basis of smart curtains is an electric curtain rod – an aluminium structure consisting of a drive to control the movement of the carriage, a cable, and a belt. The system is universal and suitable for English, Roman, French, Japanese curtains, as well as the usual blinds, pleated blinds.

A smart bed can be changed using the remote control for such modes as work, reading, sleeping, anti-snoring, watching movies, relaxation in weightlessness to relieve stress in the joints and spine.

Energy Saving Systems

This system concludes the list for a reason. It is she who will be responsible for the energy consumption spent on the work of all of the above. It can manage devices connected to the power grid and also distribute loads based on the planned operation of all devices. As a simple example, at a grace time can start the work of a washing machine and a dishwasher. It seems that your money in such systems is safer than in banks.


Hayley Mann is a technology enthusiast specializing in automation methods of ergonomics devices. Her engineering background helps her to create interesting articles on technical topics, making them understandable for all readers.