OSRS Dagannoth Kings Guide

What you need to know about killing the Dagannoth Kings and various methods you can approach.

Dagannoth Kings

The Dagannoth Kings are composed of three bosses representing Old School RuneScape’s combat trio. Each of them attacks and is vulnerable to one attack style and attacks with another attack style. The trio is generally killed with other players because of this. However, there are solo methods provided that your combat stats are high enough and your gear is strong enough. You can do that solo and effortlessly if you want to just safespot Rex. They are generally killed to obtain OSRS GP since they have a few uniques in their drop tables.

Path to the Dagannoth Kings

The Dagannoth Kings reside under the lighthouse, but you can only access their layer by entering the Waterbirth island dungeon after navigating what seems quite a complex labyrinth if it’s your first time there. After a few runs, you will undoubtedly learn the path, but make sure to bring a stamina potion so you don’t run out of run energy even if you take the wrong path. If you’re going with a friend or two, there are no extras you need to bring; however, if you go solo, you must bring a pet rock and a rune thrownaxe. This is because you must use the rock pet to replace a player to open a door and the rune thrownaxe’s special attack to open another door in the Waterbirth island dungeon.


The simplest method to kill them is by having two other players on your side. Each of you must bring an attack style and will kill a different boss.

  • Rex – attacks with melee and is vulnerable to magic
  • Supreme – attacks with range and is vulnerable to melee
  • Prime – attacks with magic and is vulnerable to range

Each of you should bring your best gear for the chosen attack style but always prioritize defense over attack since the trip to the boss layer is quite long. The more you stay there, the better and the most efficient your run will be.


If you don’t have two other players to do the Dagannoth kings with, you can do them with just another player. One of you should focus on Rex and drag him to the side, while the other one takes on Prime and Supreme. When the one fighting Rex is done with the kill, you should focus on the remaining king. Depending on your gear, you should prioritize either Prime or Supreme.


If you don’t have other players to kill the Dagannoth kings with, you can also do it solo. You can kill either only Rex, and this is by far the simplest method—only Prime, both Rex, and Prime, or all three of them—though this could be harder and will require more both in terms of gear and skill.

Solo Rex

Soloing Rex is the simplest way to kill Dagannoth kings, and if you aim to get the dragon axe, this is by far the best method, especially for lower-level accounts and Ironman players. You will also be able to obtain the Berserker and Warrior rings from him.

The method heavily relies on safe spotting Rex. The safespot is located on the southeast corner, and getting there might be challenging sometimes. One method is to climb down the ladder and back up until neither prime nor supreme is attacking you because they are far away enough from the ladder, then run south and, while being on the southernmost margin, walk east to the safespot. Make sure to have protect from magic when attempting to climb down the ladder.

Solo Prime

If you prefer range to magic or you’re simply looking to get the seers ring, you can safespot Prime. When going down the ladder, you just need to ensure that Supreme is not around and drag Prime to the east by going to the most eastern point. Afterward, hug the east wall and walk to the northeast corner to kill Prime since this is the spot where neither Supreme nor Rex will come. Make sure to keep your protect from magic prayer on at all times while Prime is alive. This method is a great and simple way to get the seers ring but keep in mind that you will have to drag him more east for each kill and that, similarly to Rex, you will have to wait a pretty long respawn time.

Solo Prime and Rex

If you don’t want to wait or take on all three bosses, an excellent alternative is to alternate between Rex and Prime. You will need to bring an additional set of gear or lookup OSRS gold price for better gear, or, at the very least, an additional weapon, but you will have no dead time, and you will get twice the kills in the same amount of time since you won’t have to wait.

Solo All Three

The most challenging yet rewarding method is killing all three bosses. To not get initially overwhelmed, you should do the up-the-ladder trick and start by killing Prime, then kill Rex, and finally kill Supreme. You should get them on a perfect rotation that you’re comfortable with. A big minus is that you’ll have to bring all three combat styles, and if you’re new to it or not strong enough, you might easily get overwhelmed. If there’s time left when you’re killing both Prime and Rex, you should consider killing all three.