Popular Free Business Travel Apps

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When going on a business trip during a coronavirus, it’s important to have everything under control: communication with colleagues and partners, organizing and tracking your itinerary, and distributing tasks.

We have selected 8 free mobile apps for iOS, which will be useful for business trips and will help you save time, comfortably get to your destination and quickly orient yourself on the ground.


If you don’t like walking around in circles at the airport waiting for boarding, download this app: it estimates the time it takes to get through check-in and security clearance. And you can use it to calculate in advance the best time to arrive so you don’t miss your flight, even if the airport is congested.

The app currently stores data on the 100 largest airports in the world, and the information is constantly updated.


If you have a long flight, you should take care about choosing a good seat on the plane, so you do not feel discomfort in the back and legs, not to get even more tired before an important business meeting. This app will help you choose the perfect seat in advance after looking at photos: it has images of the cabins of 140 airlines. All that remains is to sit down and find the best essay writer website to complete your business. 

In addition, SeatGuru will send you real-time flight status alerts, so you won’t be late for check-in and, if anything, know immediately about delays or cancellations.

SAP Concur

Most companies require employees to submit expense reports for business trips. Keeping paper receipts is a thing of the past; it is much more convenient to use a special application for this. Tie your card to SAP Concur and take photos of receipts, so all expenses are kept in one place.

You can quickly check and approve invoices for payment and control the amount of money spent, so it is suitable not only for business trips but also for ordinary travels.


Communicating effectively with colleagues from a distance is a frequent problem. Skype is more suitable for calls than correspondence, and exchanging a large number of emails is not always convenient because of a busy work schedule. For prompt communication in the corporate messenger Slack, everything is structured by channels, you can communicate in groups, exchange documents and important files.

All work communication can be transferred here from email and social networks, leaving messengers only for personal correspondence. Just remember to check for notifications and sign in to the app regularly.

Wi-Fi Map

Cell phone service on business trips is expensive, but if the trip will not take more than a few days, you can avoid these costs and use free Wi-Fi to stay in touch all the time.

This app will help you find an available network anywhere, one of the main pluses is that users share passwords from closed networks, that you will have access to wireless internet anywhere in the city.


The process of getting the right status to get into an airport VIP lounge is an expensive and time-consuming process. At the same time, during a long wait and transfers, you want to spend time in comfort, not squat on uncomfortable iron benches.

The LoungeBuddy app allows you to view and pay for entrance to airport business lounges when you want to relax in the comfort zone – without having to earn enough miles in the airline loyalty programs.

Currency Converter by Neklo

The currency converter is an indispensable application for business trips. It takes time to correctly calculate the exchange rate and translate the amount into rubles – by downloading the app from Neklo, you can quickly get acquainted with local rates.

The app is available in currencies of all countries, so you can use it on any trip.


Want to follow your routine and keep fit even when you’re travelling on business? Not every hotel has gyms, so fitness buffs have to find other options.

ClassPass searches for fitness centres near you and allows you to choose single workouts. With a general membership in the app, you can work out at partner studios in many cities around the world by choosing the type of workout you like.