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If you have developed an Android app and want to share it with the world, you need to publish it on the Google Play Store. The Google Play Store is the largest and most popular app marketplace for Android users, with over 3 billion active devices and over 2.5 million apps available. It remains the main app distribution platform despite there are other alternative app stores.

However, before you can publish your app on the Google Play Store, you need to meet some requirements and follow some steps. In this blog post, we’ll see what these Google Play publish app requirements and steps are, and how you can upload your app to the Google Play Store successfully.

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All You Need to Upload App on Play Store

Register for a Google Developer and Google Merchant Accounts

The first step towards publishing your app on the Google Play Store is to create a Google Developer Account. This is the account that you will use to manage your app on the Google Play Store. You need to pay a one-time fee of $25 to register for this account. You also need to accept the Google Play Developer Distribution Agreement and the Google Play Developer Program Policies, which outline the rules and guidelines for publishing apps on the Google Play Store.

Google Merchant account is used to sell in-app products or subscriptions in your app. You need to create this account only if your app is paid or has in-app purchases. You also need to be in a supported country to distribute apps and accept payments. Creating a Google Merchant account is free, but it may take up to several months for approval.

Create a Compelling App Description

Provide an engaging title and description for your application. The app’s name should be unique and capture the essence of what it offers. Keep the text within the recommended limits:

  • application name: up to 30 characters
  • short description: up to 80 characters
  • full description: up to 4000 characters

Prepare and Upload Marketing Materials

To attract users, upload eye-catching marketing materials:

  • App icon: Dimensions of 512×512 pixels, in 32-bit PNG format with an alpha channel. The file size should not exceed 1024 KB.
  • Screenshots: Include 2 to 8 screenshots showcasing your app’s features. Images should range from 320px to 3840px with an aspect ratio no greater than 2:1. Use JPG or 24-bit PNG format without an alpha channel.
  • Feature graphic: Upload a graphic of 1024×500 pixels in JPEG or 24-bit PNG format (without an alpha channel). This serves as the first visual users see when they open your app’s page on the store.

Note: If your app is compatible with tablets, provide additional screenshots for these devices.

Tip: The Google Play library is flooded with various mobile apps, making the competition fierce. Ensure your visuals and content are captivating to attract users effectively.

Address Privacy Policy and General Information

Set an appropriate age limit by filling out a questionnaire for each of your applications on Google Console. Apps without age restrictions may be blocked for certain users or countries. Additionally, include a privacy policy that outlines how you handle sensitive user and device data.

Upload Your Application File

Upload your application file in either APK or ABB format. These formats are necessary for running your app on Android devices. Since August 2021, Google has been transitioning to ABB format, which is 15% smaller and enables faster downloads. ABB will soon become the primary format, replacing APK entirely.

Moderation and Publication

Now, your app will be moderated by the Google Play Store team. If it meets all the requirements and guidelines, it will become available in the store within a few hours to several days, allowing users to download and enjoy your app.


Publishing your app on the Google Play Store requires careful attention to the platform’s guidelines and quality standards. By following these steps, you can successfully upload your app release and potentially reach a vast audience of Android users, contributing to the success and growth of your application. Good luck with your app journey!

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