Smart Social Media Strategy to Succeed on Instagram

Social networks have long gone beyond posting for friends. A platform like Instagram can give a big boost to brand awareness and overall impact business growth. However, it’s not an easy walk. It is a good promotion strategy that ensures the result. In the article, we will find out what tactics work on socials and learn about the Insta Viewer tool along the way.

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Designed for Success:  What is the Approach to Winning an Audience?

Before we dive into the techniques, you may take us up on this point by asking why Instagram? There are a few key points in favor of this app, such as: 

  • Over 2 billion monthly active users. 
  • Various format types for creating content: pictures, carrousels, videos, Stories, Reels, etc. 
  • The ability to switch to a business account.

Hands down, Facebook has the same features and even more monthly active users. However, another important element is the audience’s age. And in this case, Instagram smashes every other platform. The group of young users (from 18 to 25 years old) and older ones (from 26 to 35 years old) presented in almost the same proportion, as is gender. It opens up more room for advancement. As we sorted this out, it’s time to pick up where we have left off.

The right strategy contains several steps 

  • Shifting to a business profile. If you still haven’t turned your IG page into a professional account, it is a good reminder to have it covered. It opens critical options like extended analytics, paid promotion, shoppable posts, etc. Just tap on “Edit profile” and go with the relevant option.
  • Optimize your page.  This is another stage of preliminary account preparation. Set up your BIO: write a description of your business, include a link to your website, and, in case you have them, brand hashtags. Don’t forget about the profile image. Most often brands go with a high-resolution logo, yet it may be whatever you like. It is a catchy visual that adds up to a promotion strategy.
  • Define the goals. What is important to your brand in the current moment? Is it gaining followers, increasing awareness, working on customer loyalty, or fostering a deeper connection with subscribers? By and large, focusing on a certain goal has a much greater effect on your account than uploading content without a clear task. 
  • The target audience. Think about what an average customer profile of your product looks like. And it’s not only about age and gender. The lifestyle, interests, values, location, language, and even the common pain points when choosing a product help you tailor your posts to an account concept more specifically.
  • Content. Instagram provides users with different content formats, so feel free to make the most of them all. However, some types fit more for specific business goals. For example, Stories are good for engaging with followers, and also with quickly introducing your brand through highlights. Trending Reels are a way to promote your profile. Appealing photos is great for showing aesthetics and tune users to your vibe.
  • Hashtags. Hashtags are essential for your posts to rank high. They still make your content visible on the network and drive an audience through the Explore tab. Yet, hashtags have a real effect if related to your niche. Random choices are a spammy thing.
  • Scheduling. A good strategy can’t be achieved without scheduling. It’s much easier to make and plan content. You won’t run out of ideas at a crucial moment, your clips and photos will be well presented, and your time spent on socials will be more organized.
  • Statistics. Pay attention to your Instagram account data. Any information about your subscribers and how they engage with your videos and pictures can be important. With clear numbers, it is easier to adjust your promotion plan.
  • A paid promotion. If there is a piece of content that best represents your brand, and contains a crucial message, and you just have high hopes for it, consider this feature. If necessary to have a bigger reach, then do so.
  • Follow the competitors. You should know about the competition and profiles similar to your topic and industry. Be aware of what is happening around your area. You can’t allow someone to get ahead of the field and end up in the position of chaser. The only problem here with Stories as IG users can see who is viewing them. When you’re checking competitors’ accounts, you want to stay fully undercover. Still, there is a simple solution. 

These are key points of a healthy strategy on Instagram. Review the list again and take notes, or see what needs to be added to your current advancement plan.

How to Watch Instagram Stories Anonymously on Android?

Stories are a great format on the IG network. They are very useful for updates, news, establishing connections with followers, and going behind the scenes. The only thing that bothers is their visibility as the Stories’ creators can see who viewed their content. To remain undiscovered the Instagram Story Viewer tool comes in handy. 

To choose the right instrument, you need to look at the benefits that you can get. The Public IG Story Viewer from Inflact has many important advantages:

  • The service works online, so you don’t have to install any apps.
  • The tool is compatible with the Android platform. You can view Stories anonymously right from your phone.
  • The Instagram Story Web Viewer is fast to proceed and easy to use. You only need to know the profile username.
  • The Instrument is safe to use: no one can tell whose content you are watching.
  • You can use Insta Story Viewer for free.
  • You can’t see old Stories, but you have the opportunity to start tracking profiles and drive through expiration policies in the future.
how to view all Insta stories anonymously

The Inflact’s online IG Story Viewer is the best option if you need to view Stories without anyone knowing.


The method to achieve your goals on social media is to create a strategic plan. Having one, you will be able step by step to move forward to a bigger audience, high engagement rate, and constant influx of new followers, which are the components of a successful Instagram profile.