The Best Crypto Wallets for Android


Cryptocurrency has turned out to be the most lucrative currency. Many people have made hundreds of thousands of dollars within a few years. With the increasing use of cryptocurrency, finding the best alternative wallet for your Android device can be a challenge. These are apps that allow you to store and retrieve your digital assets. You, therefore, need to ensure you choose a safe and efficient wallet. The following are some of the wallets with the best reviews.

NakitCoins Digital Wallet App

The NakitCoins digital wallet is now on Google Play, and you can download it right on your Android mobile phone. NakitCoins is a Turkish cryptocurrency exchange suitable for Bitcoins and dozens of other crypto coins. The exchange has an effective and secure digital wallet app that is also used for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. Just like the web platform and the physical exchange offices, the NakitCoins digital wallet charges competitively for its services. Therefore, it is worth giving it a try. Digital Wallet App

This is the simplest but still completely functional wallet to use. It allows its users to buy, sell, and store Bitcoins alongside other cryptocurrencies. It also supports many cryptocurrencies, thus enabling you to swap between them. Luckily, you can download it on your Android phone, register, and start using it. It gives users the power to trade BTC and many other cryptocurrencies on the go. Furthermore, it is secure and comes with features such as an exchange calculator and live charts to keep you posted. The only challenge is that it is more expensive than other wallets but worth the price. 

Gemini Digital Wallet App

This app operates mostly as an exchange platform but also as a wallet. You can trade your coins here by buying and selling and also use it to store your digital assets. It is popular with traders as it allows them to set price alerts to keep track of favorable prices. Just like other popular Bitcoin wallets for Android, Gemini charges competitively. Once it is downloaded on your mobile phone, you need to register if this is your first time or log in to your Gemini account if you already have one. 

Trust Digital Wallet App

This wallet is mostly preferred by mobile users as it supports most tokens like BTC and ERC-721 coins and tokens. It also enables one to add other cryptocurrencies it did not support initially. It is one of the most sought-after choices as it has the ability to transfer and receive cryptocurrencies. It is worth downloading from Google Play and using to save Bitcoins as well as buying and selling many other cryptocurrencies. Trust digital wallet app services are affordable and worth considering. Furthermore, it is a secure app that you can trust at any time. 

Exodus Digital Wallet App

It is one of the most famous wallets as it supports most coins including Bitcoin. This enables its users to switch between many cryptocurrencies as they wish. It is also secure as it encrypts data with private and secure codes. The app is available for download on Google Play, and it is worth trying it. The charges are competitive just like with many other competitive BTC wallet apps on the web. The only challenge is that it can be slow during hectic days, but it is still preferred by many. To avoid such delays, ensure your phone is connected to fast internet. Generally, you will enjoy all the services of the Exodus digital wallet.

Éclair Mobile Digital Wallet App

This wallet is developed to be compatible with Bitcoins and ready for Lightning networks. It is one of the simple apps to use as it allows you to choose the channel that is best for you. So, consider downloading it on your Android smartphone through Google Play. The only challenge is that it is incompatible with other cryptocurrencies. Hence, it is suitable for those who are interested in a wallet for BTC alone. If you take your time to explore the Éclair Mobile features well, you will enjoy more benefits including the ability to send and receive BTC affordably.

Coinbase Digital Wallet App

Just like the Gemini wallet, the Coinbase wallet is a brokerage wallet that allows its users to trade in BTC and many other digital coins. It can also act as storage for your digital assets. So, check the wallet on Google Play, download it, and set up an account to start enjoying it. The only shortcoming is that the verification process can take a long time although it is for the security of the process. This is not always the case, so there is a lot to enjoy with the wallet.

Electrum Bitcoin Digital Wallet App

It is one of the most secure apps as it has encrypted security codes that are unique to your Android device. As soon as you download it from Google Play and register, this wallet will activate the encryption to ensure you remain secure whether you are storing BTC, other digital assets, or just trading. The charges are competitive, which means they offer value for the money. It is also fast as it has powerful servers to ensure there is no downtime. The only challenge is translation to languages other than English. 


The crypto wallet options for Android devices are vast. All that you need is to ensure they have safety features that protect you from losing your investment. Fortunately, the list we have provided contains reputable Bitcoin apps that you can trust and try. However, it is not an exhaustive list, which means there are other good digital wallets. Take your time and check them out on the web. To gain more profit visit bitcoin era.