Avoid These Common Mistakes While Marketing Your App On Social Media

I am a huge social media fan for business marketing as many of you will already know. I It is such an easy way to engage with your audience and bring people to your app that it sometimes astounds me that not everyone that will build apps will utilize this amazing technique to market apps.

There are many different social media platforms that you can use when you market apps, each platform offers a different facet for your app business. Each platform will also build a slightly different audience profile. Today I want to stop talking about how great social media is for your app business and tell you how NOT to use social media to market apps.

1: Social media is not a place for sales

People come to social media sites for fun, not for a hard sale. Your aim is to engage with your audience and not give them a hard sale. It you will continue to plug your pages with adverts and sales information you will simply drive away the audience.

Social media marketing works on the disruptive sales method, this means that a sale is driven through the consumer and not through the app maker. People will turn to the app because they trust you and see from your social pages that you know what you are talking about. Engagement is key. Engagement on twitter is special among social media. You can get Twitter bots and automation tools for a stronger engagement.

Don’t think that I am telling you that you may never discuss the app that you have built, of course you may, but in a more subtle way. You should consider including photos of behind the scenes with your team building up to an app launch, or link to a blog post that explains the background to the app. The aim of social media to market apps is to get your audience involved with your brand without forcefully throwing it upon them.

 2: Social Marketing Is Financially Free But Cost Your Time

If you think that posting once a week, or connecting with your audience on an ad-hoc basis, they you are wasting your time. Being social is all about ENGAGEMENT. It is an ongoing presence that encourages your audience to turn to you when they want information. You audience expects someone to reply to their likes, comments and posts pretty much immediately. It is understandable that you are not active online 24/, but with mobile devices holding your social profiles, there is rarely a moment when you can’t take time out to reply to your social audience.

New content should be added to your social pages frequently to keep the audience coming back for more. You can’t be around to suit the worldwide audience, but with social scheduling, you can ensure that your brand is active even when you are not.