Top 5 Android Browsers To Use In 2021

Top 5 Android Browser Apps

When it comes to Android browsers, there is a lot to choose from. The Google Play store is filled with hundreds of browsing apps. Some offer security, others provide privacy and speed. However, some offer features that may meet your needs better than others.

top 5 android browsersSay, you want to take a look at some free academic samples at on Android. What should you choose? Well, it depends on your priorities. Some people choose to use the pre-installed app that comes with the phone. With time, there may be a need to find a more suitable browser that meets all your needs. To choose a suitable app, you first need to determine what features you prefer. Do you want a light browser that does not consume data? Or would you prefer one that offers true privacy?

1. Brave Privacy Browser

When it comes to privacy, Brave browser stands out. It has been around for a while now and gained more popularity as more features were added. It has over 10 million downloads so far on the Play Store with a decent rating as well.

This browser keeps your browsing private and secure. It also offers an ad blocker as well as a popup blocker. Another excellent feature it offers is battery and data saving capabilities since ads are blocked off. The browser also has security features like HTTPS, script blocking, incognito private tabs, and 3rd party cookie blocking.

Brave browser also blocks online trackers as it delivers fast web browsing experienced with an organized UI. It improves browsing by removing ads and also supports online sites with its Brave Rewards program. Online creators can earn Basic Attention Token, a digital currency through this program.

So many other common browser features are present such as browsing history, bookmarks, tabs, navigation buttons, and more. the browser is also a lot similar to Chrome. However, the difference is that Brave offers ad-blocking and pop-up blocking. It also offers more speed, and this makes it a good browser to try out. It is also free to use.

2. DuckDuckGo

This is another amazing privacy browser. The DuckDuckGo company built the browser with privacy as its main focus. The goal of the company is to be the opposite of Google. The company claims that the browser offers privacy protection and it will block hidden third-party trackers. It is also touted to expose advertising networks that track your online browsing. This gives users a heads up on what they are dealing with. The browser also forces different sites to use encrypted connection if it is available in a bid to protect user data from prying eyes.

The company also claims that the browser will never track its users. Whatever you search for is your business and will not concern anyone in the company. Aside from its privacy features, DuckDuckGo also offers quick internet browsing on a smooth UI. Also, it is completely free and has all the necessary functions expected of a web browser.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is one of the oldest browsers on this list. It is an iconic browser that has evolved from mainly PCs to mobile phones as well. Everyone has either used or heard of it at some point. It is Google Chrome’s direct competitor and has been for all these years.

This Android app offers many features that are similar to the desktop version, so it is quite familiar to use. The homepage is customizable, and it allows you to go to the most visited sites. There are ad blockers and password managers. The latter stores passwords on different apps with your permission. These features make it smoother to use.

Firefox comes in handy if you want a browser that offers add-ons. It comes with quite a few useful ones. For instance, if you have annoying ads on a site, you can download an ad-blocker. The password manager is also an add-on feature. The company did a good job with building add-ons as they can be personalized to fit your taste. It has a desktop site feature that allows you to view sites as you would on a laptop. This works for sites that aren’t optimized for mobile phones.

4. Opera

Everyone knows Opera Mini. It was one of the oldest browsers for Symbian phones at the time. However, it was not the main browser from Opera. The Opera browser is different from Opera Mini, and both offer unique features. If you need a capable and feature-packed browser, you may not get all of that in Opera Mini. But if you want a lightweight browser, Opera Mini is ideal. Opera works on both mobile phones and PCs.

If you don’t have a strong internet connection, Opera browser can still work with it. The app has data-saving features and also gives you speed despite the slow internet connection. The browser has compression modes, and this makes it as lightweight as possible. It comes with a sleek design that is easy to use, and this is why it is quite popular with people. The homepage is customizable, so you can choose to change your background and font colors.

For customizable channels and smart news feeds, Opera may just be the best. It also has a built-in VPN to make browsing as anonymous as possible. The interface is streamlined and easy to use. Some notable features it offers include data saving, ad-blocking, and faster browsing on slow internet connections. It also has a zoom-in feature on all webpages. The browser saves your most visited pages in case you lose the page unexpectedly. You can easily click on the sites below.

5. Microsoft Edge

The Internet Explorer browser was a pre-installed app on most PCs. Soon, the company rebranded it as Microsoft Edge. Since then, it has been a favorite of many users, especially on mobile. It has navigation buttons below, and this looks aesthetically pleasing on taller screens. This feature makes it easier to add articles to reading lists or open new tabs.

Another awesome feature is the synchronization of web and PC data. If you use the app on your PC, you can easily switch to your phone and continue browsing by anchoring your navigation bar. It also comes with an Adblock Plus to tackle intrusive ads. The reading view feature helps you to stay focused when you use it. There is also a Rewards program by Microsoft integrated into the browser. This program collects points to be rewarded in the future. It has a password manager that doesn’t need to be downloaded with add-ons.

There are regular internet browser features present as well. The browser allows users to assign favorites, set reading lists, check browsing history, and also sync with other Microsoft Edge browsers. It also has a private browsing feature.


There are so many browsers on the Google Play Store, but these five are worthy of mention because of the excellent features they offer. If you need a browser that focuses on privacy, Brave browser and DuckDuckGo may be ideal. They come with other features like quick browsing and a decent interface. If you need a lightweight browser that offers ad-blocking, Opera may be your best bet, especially if your network connection is poor. If you prefer a more familiar browser with synchronization features, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox may be ideal for you.

top 5 android browsers