Top 9 Useful Apps to Make Students Life Easier

Apps to Make Students Life Easier

If some people associate college life with parties, fascinating activities, and unforgettable experience, the students, better than anyone, understand that it’s not true. The life of students includes many other things like studying, managing finances, experiencing independence, and responsibility. These aspects often may prevail and be overwhelming for those who face it for the first time. But like the rainbow comes with pouring rain, the help comes with challenges.

As we all know, mobile apps may be handy helpers that can serve as a day planner, language teacher, personal trainer, music player, and a lot of other amazing tools. Why not use it to make a student’s life easier? Here you will find a compilation of ultra helpful free apps that you will fall in love with.

1. myHomework Student Planner

Available for iOS and Android, this homework planner will help you to collect and track your home tasks, projects, and upcoming tests, so that they won’t be a sobering discovery at the very last minute. This app has great free features, like due dates reminders and synchronization between your devices.

If homework notifications keep popping up and stressing you out, it’s high time to unweight your workload and request help from a free essay writer. Professional experts will consider your writing style and all requirements to deliver a top-notch custom essay that will earn you a top grade.

2. Duolingo

College years are the best time to travel. Wouldn’t it be a better joy to visit new places and be able to communicate with locals easily? With this app, you can start learning any language by memorizing vocabulary from flashcards, taking quizzes, reading simple texts, and learning top phrases and expressions for daily communication. The app encompasses premium access, but all the great learning features are also available for free.

3. Quizlet Flashcards & Homework

This is a great way to practice, review, and master things you are learning. This app enables you to create your flashcards, share them, and benefit from ready-made ones. It’s an ideal tool for learning different subjects, training your memory, and getting your grades up.

4. Gutenberg reader

This goes out to all the book-lovers and bookworms. The students’ funds are usually low, so instead of searching for nice second-hand books or downloading and then saving them on your device, you can keep a half a million book library on your phone totally free of charge! The Gutenberg project has collected over 500 000 books for iOS and Android users for them to savor the gems of literature anytime and anywhere. The app has a user-friendly design and a lot of nifty features to make your reading process a pleasant activity.


Students are into various freebies, special offers, and discounts, therefore, a lot of companies and brands are ready to cooperate. Whatever your vibe is, you will discover many cool offers from brands of your preference. The app gives you access to the best college discounts, so you can indulge in things you like while saving some money. A good deal, isn’t it?

6. Moneon

This is a great app for those who benefit from discounts too much and then get completely broke. This expense tracker will help you to manage your finance wisely, keep expense records, and have a summary of the most popular spending categories. By expense monitoring, you will reduce careless money spending and learn to plan your budget in order to have some money on reserve.

7. Strava

If you are keen on sport, with this app you will track your activity, follow other athletes, and draw incredible inspiration from your own achievements. Strava is full of great free features like streak challenges, routes on map, training plans, fitness, and shared activities. The upside of this app is that it may be perfectly usable for not only runners but a lot of other sports fans who practice skiing, surfing, cycling, walking, and kayaking.

8. Waterbalance

BBC suggests that drinking water may improve your exam grades. It sounds like a great lifehack for those going through exams each term. There is no point to enumerate all positive improvements that water drinking leads to, but for these great things to spring to life, you need to know how much water and when exactly you should consume. The app will help you to calculate a daily water balance according to your physical characteristics and regularly, and send you push notifications so that you stay hydrated.

9. Wise Drinking

It is perfectly clear for everyone that students drink not only water. But as long as you drink responsibly, you won’t harm neither yourself nor anybody else. Wise drinking app tracks the amount of alcohol consumed by calculating your norm based on your physical aspects and types of drinks and suggests the time to get a taxi. This is a great tool to keep a balance between partying and escaping from the world’s worst hangover.


If your apps are confined to notes, games, and music players ― it is the right time to upgrade your digital helpers and entrust them to keep your schedule, track your expenses, and sharpen up your skills.