How to Make An App For Android Step By Step?

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If you want to enter the app development industry and wish to create a mobile app for yourself, then you are in the right place.

Creating an app is difficult, but AppsGeyser has made it a lot easier for people who do not know how to code. Even as a beginner, you can also create your mobile app and generate money like an experienced developer.

AppsGeyser is a popular app making platform that will help you create any mobile application in a few simple steps. Here, you will discover how to make an application using AppsGeyser.

Steps to Make an Android App by Yourself for Free

Following are the steps to follow to develop an application for yourself for free using AppsGeyser.

1. Have an Idea

First, know what kind of app you want to create. Make sure to have a proper idea of the Android app before starting. If you do not know what you want, then the result will not be worth it.

Decide if you wish to make a replica of an existing app or want a new app with fresh content. You can even turn your website or YouTube channel into a mobile app.

2. Open AppsGeyser

Once you have an idea about your app, the next step you need to do is to go to the AppsGeyser website. On the landing page of the AppsGeyser website, you will find the “Create App for Free” button. Click on that button, and you will redirect to another page.

open AppsGeyser to make an app by yourself

3. Select App Template

Now you need to select the template that you want to include in your app. The template is the design of your app. Make sure that the template is eye-catching and relevant to your niche.

There are many templates available on AppsGeyser, which you can select as per your wish. Choose the template that suits your audience. There are 50 free templates in AppsGeyser that you can try. Following are some of the popular templates present:

  • Website: It is only suitable for those who want to convert their website into an app. Within a few minutes, you can turn your existing website into a mobile application using this template.
  • Browser: Do you want to convert your app into a mobile browser? If yes, then the Browser template is for you. You can easily access all the external content within your app using this template.
  • YouTube: If you want to convert a YouTube channel or any of the YouTube videos into an app, you should prefer the YouTube template.
  • Wallpaper: You can also create a wallpaper website using the wallpaper template.
  • Business: Another great template offered by the AppsGeyser website is the business template. Using this template, you can create a website for your business in a few minutes.

Apart from these, you can also try page, TV, audio, document, and many more templates.

app templates to make an app by yourself

4. App Settings

After choosing the template, now you need to do proper settings of your application. Following are the steps to set up your app with ease.

  • Website URL: You will only need to provide the URL to your website if you want to turn it into an app. If you are going to create some other type of application, then the website URL is not necessary.
  • Social Media Tab: There are various features, which you can include in your app. The social media tab is one of the most popular features provided by AppsGeyser. Select the social media tab, which you want to include in your app.
  • Blog Type: Select the blog type. As per your need, you can select the Wordpress blog, Tumblr Blog, Pinterest feed and a few more. After choosing the blog type, make sure to put the blog URL as well.
  • Push Notification: Do you want to enable push notification to your app? If yes, then make sure to enable this option.
  • Colour Scheme: The colour scheme is another important feature that can change the appearance of your app. You can select any of the colour schemes as per your wish. There are many colour options, which you will get. You can set the primary colour, dark colour and the accent colour.
  • App Layout: You can alter the layout of your app using this feature. You can either include a bottom menu, a slider and few other tabs using the app layout feature. Not only this but also you can change the position of these tabs. If you do not want to include the action bar, you can turn it off.
  • App Name:  App name will determine how users will recognize the app. Make sure to keep the app name relevant to your app. Also, keep the app name simple and easier.
  • Icon Size: You can choose a default icon or a custom icon through this option. The ideal size for an icon is 512×512 pixels.

5.  Your App is Ready

After doing all the app settings, click on the “Create” button and wait for a few seconds. Your app is now ready. You can also preview your app and do some other changings as well.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App by Yourself?

When creating an app by yourself, you need to invest time and energy on coding. You may also require buying a few designing tools to create an app.

Therefore, you might have to spend a few hundred or even thousands of dollars depending on the type of app; you are creating. Another method is by hiring an app developer.

You can use different freelancing websites to hire an app developer. Hiring an app developer might cost you a bit more. You can get the desired app by hiring an app developer, but you will have to pay a lot of money.

If you want to save time, money as well as energy, then you should go for the AppsGeyser website. Without spending any money, you can make any app by yourself using AppsGeyser in a few minutes.

So the AppsGeyser is the best and budget-friendly option for those people who desire to create an app in a short time without spending any money.

How Long Does It Take to Make an App by Yourself?

It depends on the type of mobile app you want. It also depends on the method you are using to create an app. If you know how to code and you want to create a simple website, then it might take you weeks or even months. So the time it will take you to make an app depends on questions like:

  • What kind of app do you want?
  • What method are you choosing to create an app?

But there is a method that you can use to create any app in a few minutes. Yes, you read it right; you can develop an app within minutes with the help of AppsGeyser. The best thing about AppsGeyser is that you do not have to learn to code or design to create an app.

Whether you want a simple or a complicated mobile app, you can make it with the help of AppsGeyser. So do try AppsGeyser if you want to be an app developer.