Twitter Vs Instagram For Social Media Supremacy

Social Media Supremacy is a heated debate. And, that’s how it has been since the time both became competitors. Right now, these two companies kind of co-exist. Twitterites go for full-scale hashtag battles over this. Instagrammers post memes on this topic daily roasting Twitter.

Today we will put the battle of Twitter Vs Instagram to rest. People are concerned about how to get a wider reach on Twitter and Instagram. For readers, let us clarify that both these platforms work differently. 

First of all, Twitter is the news hub for people. You can follow topics and participate in discussions. Twitter is more serious as a platform in comparison to Instagram. However, there is no doubt that both are influential from their own perspective. 

Let’s also talk about some data before we move ahead – 

How many people use Instagram or Twitter?

  • Daily active Twitter users are 192 million 
  • While Instagram has more than 500 million daily active users

What kind of people use Instagram or Twitter?

  • Twitter’s average age demographic is 35 to 65. This age range is true for 65% of its total user base. 
  • Here’s the fun fact about Instagram though. More than 71% of Instagrammers are below the age of 35. 

We can see that Twitter is meant for serious business. And, Instagram is for the driven youth. That’s why so many content creators are on Instagram and not on Twitter. But Twitter is for building awesome connections in your industry. 

Let’s say you are an artist. You create content and post on Instagram, right? That’s pretty awesome. You are getting likes and buying followers on Instagram. But, to get real work you need networking. And, Twitter does exactly that. 

Being in a particular niche is awesome. But you need to know what exactly is going on around you. Only then will you realize where you stand. You can even understand how to improve yourself. 

Which one is more gender Neutral?

Instagram is hands down more gender-neutral. Men and women are equally present on Instagram. But, if we talk about Twitter we see the shocking truth. Only 34% of Twitter users are women while the rest of 66% are men. 

These insights show us the difference between the two platforms. Instagram is more entertaining than Twitter. On the other hand, Twitter helps you connect with influential people. 

Who should choose what?

As we can see that social media platforms are different. People have different tastes and behavioural patterns. Not everything suits everyone. This is why choosing where to be is an important step. 

Based on your content and style you can choose. However, you can be on both. There’s no hard and fast rule that if you are on Twitter, you can’t be on Instagram. 

Suppose you are a stand-up comedian. Your performances will trend on Instagram for sure. But, you can come up with intelligent one-liners for Twitter. And, if you are known already, Twitter is the place to be. Twitter helps you connect with people and share opinions. So yes, if you are opinionated – choosing Twitter is a safe bet. 

If you are a financial advisor making videos, Instagram is the place for you. However, to be in the know-how about financial news around the globe, you’ve got to be on Twitter. 

How much time does one spend on these two platforms?

So, this is something interesting we have got here. A Twitter user spends about 3.39 minutes per session. However, Instagram users spend almost an hour every day. Now, these two time-frames are hardly comparable. 

But, we get a general idea about these two types of users. Instagram makes you scroll and swipe for more content. Whereas, Twitter makes you look for specific discussions. When you need to know more about what’s going on during the Olympics, you are more likely to go for Twitter. Because 9 out of 10 times you are going to choose YouTube or DailyMotion to see someone perform. 

What’s the business scenario for Twitters Vs. Instagram?

Okay, so here’s the major difference between the two platforms. Twitter is suitable as a business-to-business marketplace. On the other hand, Instagram is a classic example of a B2C marketplace. People buy a bunch of stuff from Instagram nowadays. 

People enjoy curated little shops on Instagram. In fact, some people love it more than ordering on Amazon. 

However, if you are selling SaaS-based products, Twitter is your heaven. Also, if you are an entrepreneur, Twitter will be more beneficial for you. So, the trick is to understand what you need. 

Your niche and content style will decide where you should make your den. Some people believe that Instagram is bigger. Just because a platform has more users doesn’t mean it’s more supreme. 

So the quality of the community is what matters more. But quality itself is relative. What may be quality content for young adults, may not be likeable for Twitter users. 


In the end, all that we can say is both are awesome apps in their own right. Nobody can say one is more supreme than the other. Both are mutually exclusive in nature. Moreover, it has userbases so different in character that it’s hardly even comparable. 

There is also another factor that many people do not talk about. There’s a section of people who like using both apps equally! So that’s the end of the discussion. Hope you have picked up your favourite already. 
Let us know which of these are better for your scenario. Do not forget to mention why you like Twitter more than Instagram (vice-versa). If you are doing great on Instagram, let us know how to get popular on Instagram. Hoping to see you all again in some time.