Don’t be in tank and use organic tidal promotion for your music career!

What if I say you can lose lots of your audience and income because of one thing. And no, this is not a new scheme of deception or fraud on the Internet; it’s just your carelessness. Or your reluctance to open up to new things. Or maybe it’s your ignorance or impracticality. Yes, in this case, no one hides anything from you; you just do not notice and miss opportunities. It was you who did not take care of the organic Tidal promotion.

What is Tidal, and why should you use it?

The answer is obvious – money, popularity, and your fans’ satisfaction. But let’s start in order. First, money. Why should some unknown Tidal service bring me a lot of income? – you ask. Hah, indeed. You probably live in a tank if you don’t know it exists. You don’t follow the music field so much that you don’t even know that many famous artists such as Rihanna, Kanye West, and Coldplay signed him to a contract? And now they will release exclusive tracks on it. What makes this service super desirable for all musicians is that they will be able to offer their tracks and work to the audience of these famous artists. And while this site is not yet spammed with a considerable number of tracks, artists will be able to get their share of popularity. How do you expect to grow in the music field if you just don’t know such obvious things?

Another advantage of this site for you is the cost of its subscription. Subscriptions are not for you but listeners (if you didn’t guess). This cost is much higher than the subscription price of a standard music service. What is the reason for this? At the moment, it does not matter. The point is that since the subscription costs more, it means that you will also be entitled to a large amount for your work and efforts.

Why is this service asking for more? This is because it provides listeners with FLAC sound. And you probably know that such a sound cannot be compared with the usual standard that everyone else provides. This has led to Tidal’s rapid growth and its growing popularity. Nowadays, people appreciate sound; there are more and more devices that support this format. The greater the variety, the easier it is to find relatively budget devices for listening to music in this format. This means that this service has more and more adherents.

Tidal is huge service with huge audience because they provides you:

  • music 
  • podcasts
  • video 

And those who came here for the second and third can become your listeners. After all, they will somehow encounter music on this platform; it remains only to attract their attention and make them your fans. This is what promotion does.

By putting yourself in the hands of promotion companies, you will definitely make the right choice. You can save yourself time and achieve success in the near future. This Tidal promotion will give you access to new audiences and new opportunities that may have eluded you before.” Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain once said. All that is left is to decide and finally take this step towards your dream.