Features of UX Design VPN Applications

UX Features for a Better Product Page

In the world of web design, there are two interrelated concepts of UX design and UI design. They are fundamentally different, but they have one goal – to make the web resource as user-friendly as possible. The complex elements that form the UX design include high-quality and varied content, product page ideas, convenient linking of pages on the site, a feedback button or ordering a callback, a search function, and filters that help find the desired product or service.

What UX means?

Today, the concept of UX is quite common, but there is no clear rule of what this abbreviation means. Translated, it means user experience. The concept is quite broad. It’s easier to say that UX is the emotion or sensation that a user gets from interacting with an object. For example, a person uses an electric kettle, and he has emotions from pressing a button. Or a person starts a nuclear reactor and worries about its work. Contrary to popular belief, a UX designer does not design the user experience but creates UX design elements, taking into account convenience, ergonomics, consistency of system behavior, and a decrease in the number of errors. In other words, the UX decides how to properly position and label the button on the teapot so that it can be turned on quickly and easily, rather than provoking an annoyance.

Why is UX important?

Being a talented designer isn’t enough to create a great user experience. To be competitive, you need to be able to create user interactions. You can draw a beautiful picture even without much experience. But to choose the correct arrangement of elements is real professionalism. UX design is important for attracting attention, encouraging the visitor to take a specific action. It is designed to appeal to the user’s interest and favor.

What is VPN and Why Is It Important to UX?

Surely most of you do not know what is VPN and what its features are. VPN is a tool with which you can anonymously navigate the Internet or connect to blocked sites. Let’s take a concrete example – the company with which you cooperate has a file server to which you can only connect to the company’s premises. If you are sick or, for some reason are absent from the robot, then access to the files will be closed. However, if a VPN server is configured in a company, then you can easily connect to it from anywhere. You can work from home, and all the files you need will become available.

Unfortunately, not all VPN servers care about users. For example, by connecting to a VPN, which no one controls or protects, you can get under hacker attacks or visit a site that can quickly reveal your identity. Also, many browsers include technology such as WebRTC. Thanks to this technology, any hacker can find out your real IP address, even though you are connected to a VPN. Accordingly, if your priority is to encrypt your IP address, you need a VPN service that monitors the operation of servers and knows how to stop the influence of WebRTC.

Let us give you a hint – VeePN is considered the best and highest quality service. The service offers secure encryption, robust VPN termination, no leaks, and no event logging policy. This will calm the fears of most users. Using VPN is quite simple: go to the website, download the program, connect to the server, and you are protected from outside attacks. The developers suggest using the free plan. Thanks to the trial, you can test the program and learn about all the features.

Important Features of UX Design VPN Applications

 Features of UX Design VPN Applications

Now that you are familiar with both concepts, let’s get started with UX design VPN applications’ features. This is a modern development, and if you want to become an expert, you should use modern tools.

Product description

Most users are looking for a product and are disappointed by its description. If the site’s creators added little information about the product, the potential buyer would think: “Do I need this product, and is it good at all to use?” As a result, doubts will induce the buyer to leave the site and cancel the purchase. To prevent this from happening, visit various countries’ sites, where the product’s advantages are described in detail. If sites are blocked, VPN will help you.


All buyers want to see a photo of the product. We recommend providing images from different angles so that the reader can better see the product and understand the details. When you can click on the product, it seems to come to life – it is the best for the buyer. If you cannot take a photo of the product, we advise you to search for product photos and the Internet. If you are located in the US, you will be given US-only content. However, thanks to VPN, you can connect to any server, and you will be given content from different countries. You will be able to find quality photos and increase your sales.


There are products that people very rarely use in life. Your task is to show how to use the product and, if possible, demonstrate its benefits to customers. Therefore, we recommend adding high-quality videos to the product description. If it’s hard for you to explain the product’s functionality in words, the video will save the situation. As in the case of photos, if you do not have the opportunity to shoot high-quality video – use VPN. In many countries, you will find the material you need and can add it to your site.


Of course, every customer wants to know what other users think about the product. Feedback is an integral part of the product. Add as many screenshots as possible with reviews of people who use the products. Perhaps in your country, the product is not so actively used, but it is popular in France or Italy. Search for review sites and attach them to your product. If sites are blocked, your VPN assistant will be able to provide access to any content.

Suggest alternative or complementary products

Sometimes a user doesn’t have enough money to buy a product, but you can offer him an alternative product at a lower price. Or the buyer wants to buy all the necessary products, and your task is to offer additional products. If you do not know how to replace one product with another or what additional products are available, we advise you to analyze other sites. If they are blocked, the VPN will help save the situation. By examining the sites, you can compile a list of alternative and complementary products, thereby increasing your profits.


The UX designer’s job is to design an interface that doesn’t cause problems for the user. Accordingly, for this, you need to analyze a lot of information and expand your knowledge. VPN application will give you access to absolutely any content. A UX designer is more of a link between a programmer and a user, a web designer, and a site visitor. It also plays an essential role in creating an ergonomic interface for a software product. With the right information, you can become an irreplaceable worker, using modern VPN software and having fun with your work.