Video: Step by Step Guide To Creating Content For Android App Business

One of the main concerns we have here at AppsGeyser is that many users are not creating their own content for their android app business and are ‘stealing’ content from the net. Just because content appears on the internet and it is free for you to access, means that it is available for you to take and use in an app to pass off as your own.

Content should always be original work, whether it comes from your website, your blog, or social media profiles, it should belong to you. If you are having trouble getting original content, or have a website that you really would like to use for you app, then simply request permission to use it. The majority of companies will only be too happy for the free publicity. Don’t be a copyright thief.

It is not always easy to decide what content to use for your free Android app, today’s video should help you in this task.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023