Ways to Recover Deleted Files from Android Devices

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Everyone knows how painful it is to accidentally delete a file they did not want. This is a moment of despair when one realizes what one has done! Maybe it was a picture of a joyous memory you can’t live through anymore. Maybe it was a significant document. 

Be that as it may, losing files sucks, but that’s part of life in the digital age. This is where Android data recovery apps and methods come into play!

There may be a way we can recover that file. If your concern is an SD card, read this guide on recovering formatted sd cards to get a full picture. Depending on the nature of the file, to what extent you have deleted it, and to what extent you are lucky, some recovery methods can work for you. 

Recover Deleted Files from an Android Device 

We know that it’s almost impossible to sit back and be poised when you’ve realized that your critical files have disappeared. And you may think that it’s vanished for good. But still, it’s not that bad, in fact. Read on, and we’re going to check out some of the utmost techniques for retrieving missing files on your cell phone.

1. Put Aside Your Cell Phone

The essential point to comprehend when you recover deleted files from Android is that you must cease using your phone at your earliest convenience. This will give you the best opportunity to recover your file if it’s lost. 

You see, when you remove a file, the data didn’t go missing at all. The only thing that happens is that the apparatus marks the space where the information is stored as “blank.” This means that you will be unable to find the file, and it means that the device will treat it as missing. 

This also means that slots that once contained the data are marked as OK to write more. So space is required for new files. Only when this occurs will the data be lost and impossible to be recovered.

And that’s why it’s so important that you stop using your phone and definitely stop taking new pictures or setting up new apps. In fact, it’s really worth switching your device into airplane mode since this way, you block it from uploading emails, pictures, and updates.

2. Inspect Your Recycling Bin

If you have any luck, then you do not erase your documents at all! Similar to any other computer, many cell phone apps have a Recycle Bin, which means that the files are not entirely removed right away. 

To check the recycle bin, you will simply have to go back to the upper level on the Images or Albums tab. And then tap the menu in the top right. A menu containing the “Trash” option will appear. Choose this option, and you will be directed to a binder containing all your “deleted photos.”

3. Install Recovery App 

Quite often, it can be a single unhappy click, and all the text messages you have kept for some reason have suddenly disappeared. These important SMS messages may be retrievable.

It depends on how fast your reaction is and what kind of software you choose to recover deleted text messages from an Android machine. With a very good one, like Disk Drill, you can even reinstate removed messages on your gadget after a factory reboot! 

disk drill android recovery

How can you recover deleted text messages on Android with special software?

  1. Patch your phone into a computer. Very likely, it will appear to be a TPM device. Activate USB debugging on your device now. Follow the instructions on the display; they are generally specific to the apparatus;
  2. Allow Disk Drill to enter your device. Now Disk Drill is capable of connecting to your Android. However, we need you to approve the scheme as well. Watch for notifications and tune in on-demand;
  3. It’s time we put down roots. You will now see all available drives and partitions on your device. It is time to take hold of it. If you don’t know how to do that, we advise launching a swift web-based search for your “specific root of the device pattern.”

That’s how you can have your messages back if they were disposed of unintentionally!

4. Use a Google Account

If you have already backed up your phone into an account, you can retrieve your missing documents by retrieving your apparatus from Google. Note, however, that this approach only works out on machines that have not already been configured. 

If not, you will first have to reset the manufacturer frames, which will vanish everything from your apparatus. If that is not what you need, carry on to the subsequent category to bounce back deleted information without removing them.

  1. Switch on your gadget;
  2. Press the arrow for configuration onset;
  3. Go on with the language of the procedure and carry on with the Internet connection;
  4. Then accept and go on to no thanks. Then, go for next and insert your Google account. Them press next;
  5. You see the pages with different services. Inspect the needed container;
  6. When you come to the other page, select the gadget you need to retrieve and press it. Then, decide which one you need to reinstate and go for it;
  7. Lastly, you may abide by the steps on the screen to configure your apparatus.

5. Get Back Files from Backups

The data you stockpile on your cell phone is terribly important. This can encompass significant records, photos, videos, and other important information. You can always take precautions with backup data. This is the first way to get back lost data on any phone because prevention is more effective than healing. It will keep you from any unforeseen damage to your mobile. 

If you were capable of backing up your device, then the only thing you should do is access the files. Backup applications typically possess a straightforward user interface so that you can restore files without trouble.

6. Reach Out to the Creator

That sounds a little far-fetched. But if you have lost files belonging to a game or an app, which you have downloaded from the official store, then you may actually be allowed to proceed with their recovery. You can perform this with a bit of assistance from the creator!

This is since developers will govern (or at least possess admission) to servers that hold backups of files in the cloud. Not only that, yet they can alongside go through some tricky backups of their default applications.

Anyone Can Restore Files on Android Device

Sadly, there is never any guarantee that you have your crucial files and documents back. But if we’re lucky and determined, there’s a real chance that you’ll succeed.

If you stick to these tips and follow some steps, then you can recover any information that you thought was gone for good from your cell phone. As a rule, it can take some time for you to cope with the situation and find a perfect solution for your required needs.

So, it’s the time when you need to be patient as you progress along with this procedure. While it is unlikely that some files or folders are not retrievable, most are achievable for transferring.