What is embedded software?

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Most of us work on various digital devices, laptops, PCs, and mobile phones for numerous things using the software. This software is more of backend processes rather than the front end. One such software that makes our interaction with digital devices easy is embedded software. 

Embedded software is a type of software that is embedded into non-PC and hardware devices. These are specialized programming that is either a part of the application that sits on the top of the chip or a part of the chip that is used to control and handle certain functions of the device. The embedded software is specifically written for the particular hardware that it will or it is running on and usually have constraints of processing and memory due to the limited capabilities of the device. 

Embedded software is used to control devices that are usually considered as computers, generally known as embedded systems. Often embedded software is interchangeably called firmware. Firmware is special embedded software that is written in ROM- Read-only memory, erasable programmable read-only memory, flash memory. 

This software is usually written for devices that are expected to have a long life or can run for continuous years and recover themselves in case an error occurs. 

What are the characteristics or features of embedded software? 

Here are a few features that make embedded software different from application software: 

  • They work on fixed hardware capabilities and requirements. 
  • They need all device drivers included. 
  • They require a cross compiler that will run on a computer and provide executable code for the target device.

Is embedded software and firmware different? or are they similar?

Often terms firmware and embedded software are used interchangeably, but there is a slight difference between them both. Firmware is developed with the hardware of the device to optimize the device’s operations with factors like speed, power consumption, and security while embedded software is developed to execute the finished or final product and system functions. Although they usually serve similar functions. 

What are some tools used for developing embedded software?

Software developers use various tools to design and program embedded software to resolve user problems. Some of the tools used for embedded software development are:

  •  Language software C or C++ is used to create software code. 
  • Compiler to change or convert high-level language into machine level.
  • Debugger to debug mistakes and errors.
  • If the developer is using assembly language, an assembler is necessary.

What are some embedded software-based systems?

Every digital or electronic device uses Computer chips and circuit boards with components arranged in a certain system that runs embedded software. So, you can find embedded software used in our everyday life in almost all industries such as consumer, automotive, medical, telecom, aerospace, military technology, commercials, and industrial. This software can be seen in ways such as motion detection in security cameras, image processing in medical image equipment, and more. 

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