Why Italian Game Translation  is Important for the Italian Market 

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The Italian language is the most beautiful and melodic in the world. Language depicts the culture of the society in which it is spoken. The game in the Italian language depicts that Italian avid game players are very passionate and loyal gamers. Before going for gaming translation services, you must have an idea about the Italian video game market. 

The Scope of the Italian Video Game Market 

Did you know that in 2022, Italian video game revenues were 3 billion USD which is half of the digital media revenue? However, they had not taken over any other bigger FIGS or European video game players like France and Germany. The gaming industry has seen exponential growth in a period of 5 years. 

Different research is being done to know about people’s perceptions of the games. People play games to relax. They can enjoy a better and more pleasant experience if the game is in a language that they understand. To make video games resonate with the target market, many companies take assistance from gaming translation companies.  

Mobile Games in Italy 

Mobile games flourished in Italy in 2021 and at that time, they account for 60% of total games revenues. In 2022 smartphones were the favorite game device among all Italian gamers. The game Coin Master dominated the Google Play and Apple App Store in February. The other game  Airport Security and Hay Day dominated the charts in Germany and Spain at the start of 2022 and had similar trends in Italy. Adding to the discussion about mobile games in Italy, it’s essential to ensure that these games are localized effectively through a Translation Management System (TMS). This ensures seamless adaptation to the Italian market’s language preferences and cultural nuances.

eSports in Italy 

The survey was conducted in 2021 and it revealed that 18% of the Italian population liked eSports content. Surprisingly, 37% of Italian have a positive view of eSports because they create connections between people. For instance, POW3Rtv is the most-followed Italian-language streamer on Twitch with around 1.8 million followers that loved watching Call of Duty and Fortnite. 

Significance of Italian Game Translation 

When releasing your game for the Italian market, you must take assistance from italian translation services. If you translate your game from English to Italian then you are making Italian gamers understand and enjoy your game. In this way, you reach more and more Italian gamers without any communication barrier. 

English literacy in Italy

According to the report by EF, Italian people are not proficient in English. It ranked in 30th position out of 100 countries. It does not mean Italian don’t understand English. Only the older generation doesn’t speak English and finds it difficult in reading games in English. The younger people are also hesitant in speaking English because of the limitations of the environment and less immersion in different languages. For example, the countries with the highest English literacy score also watched TV shows and movies with English subtitles.

In Italy, most of the content is dubbed over. Therefore, if you want to engage and attract Italian players then you must go for game translation and localization. Otherwise, you will miss a large chunk of gamers in Italy. If you want to translate and localize the game for an Italian market then you must hire a professional translation company. 

Cultural Relevance 

If you are translating and localizing the game to the Italian market then understanding the region and culture is very important. You must consider cultural relevance because in many markets offensive and political content is not acceptable. 

The Difficulties in Italian Game Translation 

Let’s have a look at the difficulties that gaming industries can face in game translation.

Length of Expressions  

In the translation process, some texts get concise while others expand. Italian is a romance language and it contains more words than English. Sometimes it gets difficult to fit the translated content into the user interface. It greatly affects the graphics of the game. 

Gendered Nouns in Italian 

One important thing to note is that Italian contains many gendered nouns. It makes the translation process hard. For instance, the table can be la tavola and “il tavolo, the cat is  la gatta female cat and il gatto male cat.   

Importance of Context 

Giving context to your Italian game translation is important. It relates to the gender of the characters, the storyline, and the setting. If you provide this information to the translation service provider then translation and localization of the game in Italian languages becomes very easy. 

Wrapping Up 

If you want to tap into the Italian gaming market and want to translate and localize the games into the Italian language. If you want this process to be done without difficulties like the length of the expression, gendered nouns, and context then Mars Translation is a viable option for you. Competent translators at this translation agency can provide you with Italian game translation and localization at fast turnaround time and economical rates. Moreover, you can able to release games in Italy before the competitors. Visit Mars Translation to know more.