10 Best Math Apps For Android For Better Math Skills

Maths has been creating troubles for many people since they started learning it. It is understandable because there are many complex formulas, approaches, calculus, and vectors that can make one scratch their head. Thanks to the present time, and teachers and professors, numerous apps are available to help students learn better. They are also assisting teachers in teaching effectively.

Here is the list of 10 best math apps for Android users

1. HiPER

It is a scientific calculator that can be used by grade students and college students. The app has two versions, free and premium. The free version has ten digits and three exponential digits. The premium version that costs around 3.49 dollars has a hundred digits and nine exponential digits. It supports features like complex numbers, fractions, converts to around two hundred units, and others. 

2. Brainly

The app is a social networking platform for maths students to ask queries, homework related suggestions, and another subject related help—experts of the subject answer the questions along with the solutions and explanations. The app is free to use, and the items’ level depends on the people who have joined the app. However, it can deal with elementary maths to college-level maths. Users can check the description of the app on the Google play store.  

3. Khan Academy

It is a free app and conventional mathematics application available on Google play store. The app provides a course-like environment where students can learn maths along with other subjects. There are video lectures and questions related to various levels of maths. The app covers topics like a complex system of numbers, trigonometry, calculus, and others. The user can take a course many times until he has understood the subject confidently.

4. MyScriptCalculator

The app is priced at around three dollars. It is an app designed mainly for middle to high school; however, college students can also use it for smaller applications. The app uses OCR and provides a solution along with an explanation to a handwritten equation. The app can be used for powers, addition, exponents, trigonometry, subtractions, logarithms, and many more. The app is for normal to medium problem level.   

5. LectureNotes

The app is designed with a mindset of education. The app is popular among the many note-taking apps. The app supports features like drawing and writing using hand, taking Note, recording teacher’s lecture. The quality of pictures and paper is best for math students, as it is difficult to type an equation. There are other features like Evernote, One Note, organizations, etc. These features require additional charges for use.    

6. Photomath

The app lets its users use a camera to click the problem and upload it on its platform. The app provides stepwise solutions to the issues. The other necessary mathematics involved in the issues. The app carries an option of the graph. The app fits best for middle to high school students. The play store offers in-app purchases of around ten dollars.

7. Wabbitemu

The app is free with advertisements and acts as an emulator for graphic calculations. The app has features of nine calculators of the T1-80 series. It lets users select the ROM of his choice and fit it with an emulator. It then imitates a TI graphic calculator. The app goes along with other apps and plug-ins for TI calculators. The app is very committed and a better calculator to keep on the phone than an actual one.  

8. Socratic

The app is free and available on Google play store. The app is amongst the latest app related to mathematics. The app allows its users to take a picture of their problems and upload it on its platform. It then generates the stepwise solution to the problem. The app gives video examples of some issues. Though there is a limit to the difficulty level of a problem, it can provide a solution for most of the questions.

9. Wolfram

It is a group of mathematics apps. The first in the series is wolfram alpha. This series has help, math results, and explanations related to the subject. It also includes topics like discrete mathematics, number system, algebra, statistics, and more. There are apps designed in a course style manner for students like khan Academy. Some of the apps in the group are very old. 

10. Youtube

YouTube has solutions to almost every problem related to mathematics, either in the form of the theory behind it or an immediate answer. It lets users choose from a variety of content available on it. Many teachers and institutes have video lectures related to every level of maths uploaded on YouTube. YouTube is a free app just that the user has to see some unwanted advertisements. To avoid that, a user can purchase the app for thirteen dollars per month.

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Final verdict

The article has discussed the ten best mathematics apps for Android users. Students from elementary can use these apps at the college level. Even the professors can use these apps as an aid for teaching. A few of these apps are unique calculators with a plethora of features.

Author Bio: As a mathematician expert, Mary contributes to open-source projects. She is the editor-in-chief at Top My Grades and delivers online sessions to students who need help with their Math Homework. She has also authored blogs on Lifehack.org, Wn.com, Medium.com, Minds.com and many more digital publications.