Video – How To Make An Android App Game – Cube Sprint

If you want to make an Android app game but are not sure how, then take a look at one of online videos.

Today we have uploaded a video showing you how to create the Cube Sprint game. The cube sprint game is a fun game in which you need to try to get your cube to escape the pod before the doors close. It is a game of skill and takes a lot of patience and concentration. This game style will keep your app audience entertained and because it is so addictive, the app users will be encouraged to stay on your app and return to you app frequently to try, just one more time, to succeed.

What is also great about the range of games that AppsGeyser has created is that they are short games, this means that your app user can log on a play without being stuck on the game for hours (unless they want to). This encourages additional usage on the app because they can click on and off the game as and when they choose.

Enjoy the video and I want to see you make an Android app game today