8 Strategies for Apps SEO Campaign

One way to ensure that you get enough downloads on your apps is with your apps’ right SEO campaign. With the right optimization strategies, you can ensure that your app ranks well on the app store and is also top of the search result pages. This makes your app more discoverable in the app store.

Here are top SEO campaign strategies to give your app an edge in the app store.

1. Know your customer and competition

Your growth strategy should hinge on your customers’ view of your app and how they use it. But you must also not overlook your competition and what they think of your work. You need to view the app with the eye of the customers. What keywords help with the most traffic? What are the ways or natural languages that customers use to get to your app? Also, survey your competition and determine whether or not to try rank for similar keywords.

2. Come up with the right name.

Your app’s name has a lot to do with your branding, but it is also an essential part of your SEO strategy. Use a name that factors in relevant keywords as this helps to improve your ranking by at least 10%, according to one study. Two hundred and fifty-five characters in the title leave more than enough space for keywords, but you must make the name short, sweet, and easily identifiable. Use only URL-friendly symbols in the name (if you have to) as other symbols and characters are bad for your SEO strategy.

3. Write a compelling description.

The compelling app description is essential, and it must include keywords placed strategically. You have to target it to your customer and not the search engine index. You have to write it such that it appears as a CTA for your potential customers. Use a concise language listing all the unique benefits that your app has. Make sure you grab the attention of the readers with the opening lines of your description. There are several alternative apps to consider, so it is essential to communicate your app very quickly.

4. Include videos and screenshots

The use of screenshots and videos in your description may not directly affect your position on the search rankings according to assignment writers Australia, but it helps drive downloads. Images give life to your descriptive text and allow your potential customers to visualize what it is like to use the app even before they download it.  Ensure that the screenshot showing on the page indicates your app’s most substantial benefits and is good enough to convince people to go ahead and download the app.

5. Localize app listing

Localizing your app listing increases your discoverability on the app store. It will help if you communicate with your audience in the most basic of languages so that you can reach their wants and needs. Speak to them in the language they use at home. Make it that localized. When it comes to reaching out to other segments, you can employ a low-cost translation service to communicate your app title, keyword, description, and screenshots to others.

6. Use a unique icon

Your app’s icon is one of the first things that your potential customers will note when searching through the app list. It is one of the earliest impressions that they will have of your app, so you have to make it worthwhile. While different stores might have variations in the icon design, your icon must be able to break through the clutter.

7. Update your app frequently.

Mobile customers want your app to continually improve through updates, mostly based on customers’ feedback. This gives your app a reputation of being customer-centric and of higher value. This will also give your app a higher rating and better review as each improved version is better than the previous version. You then have to convince the existing customers to download the update (which can be frustrating for some, especially if it’s constant).

8. Encourage feedback and ratings.

The highest validation of your app’s quality is having many positive reviews, which is a high determinant of its rank. Also, app stores tend to recognize apps with large communities, so a ranking factor is the number of ratings that an app has and not necessarily the ratings’ quality. This is why you have to continue engaging your customers and seeking their feedback and ratings on your app. It helps your app ranking.


The strategies for your app SEO campaign mentioned in this article are tested strategies, so with this knowledge, you’re on your way to ranking high on the chart. All you need is just a careful measurement and rank higher than your competitors in the top chart. However, this optimization is not a one-time process. It is ongoing, primarily due to app stores’ nature and the constant evolution of the ranking algorithms. So, you have to be on the constant lookout.

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