10 Email Header Design Best Practices

An email can make up your career within minutes if it’s well-designed and structured. However, it can also put a full stop to your hard work if it has a traditional outlook and goes unnoticed. According to statistics collected in 2019, around 249 billion emails were sent from around the globe. The figure is further expected to rise to 347 billion by the end of 2023. 

Yet there are thousands of emails left unseen, and hundreds of these are refused on their first impression. We believe in the first impression is the last impression. Therefore, we have selected the 16 best email header designs that will make your email attractive and exceptionally difficult to ignore. Follow these professional email headers to write and design the best email headers.  

Why do we need email header designs?

  • You can easily identify the person sending and receiving an email.
  • The email can be easily tracked down on any server.
  • It can prevent you from opening any malicious or fraud. 
  1. Simple and Easy to Scan

The best email is the one that is simple and understandable to everyone. A busy email header can lead to confusion and thus create misunderstanding. The next is to make sure that it can be scanned easily. Use concise and compact language to illustrate your purpose for writing an email. 

  1. Use an email template

To write the best email headers you can easily incorporate an email template that will directly design a desired email for you. You should definitely go for an email template creator that will guide and provide you with the best email headers within minutes. 

  1. Use Different Colors

Nothing can catch the eyes more than a colorful well-designed header, thus, go for contrasting colors while designing your email header. It can quickly transform your boring header into an exciting one. 

  1. Avoid too many icons

Icons are a good way to design professional email headers but overloading it can result in bad consequences. You need to stick to 2-3 icons that best define your purpose. It will ultimately help the recipient understand the subject of the email. 

  1. Use an image

You can also an image to design your header. A high-quality image can effectively deliver the theme of your email without giving it a second thought. You can employ a good-quality picture of your product to illustrate its features and functions. 

  1. Cluster valuable Information in the header

All the valuable information should go in the header. A professional email header must contain all the options that are preferred by their viewers. For instance, you can move ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘modify your preferences’ to the top. It will create an effect that you really care about what your audience wants. 

  1. A good remark for the viewer

Leaving a complementary remark for the viewer can boost your SEO. You can come up with a compliment such as ‘pretty you’ or ‘we got your back’. Such compliments will put a smile on their face and no one can then stop them from scrolling down your page.

  1. Use Headers and subheadings

No one has time these days to read long paragraphs, thus, break up your intro and info into headings and sub-headings. It helps readers grasp your content easily, and with just a single glance they can decipher what your content is about.  

  1. Use a CTA 

A strong Call to action can motivate and encourage your clients to keep going. They will take the next step to view your product from the email header. It has a higher chance of being profitable as compared to email headers that don’t incorporate CTA.

  1. Get Feedback

At the end of the day, no one is 100% of what they have created. Therefore, spread the word and get feedback from those you trust or experts who can give productive feedback on your email. 


Email header is an integral part of any business, thus create the best email header with the help of aforementioned ideas. You can also integrate it using a temporary email. And keep reading this article unless you are an expert to make the best professional email header.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023