5 Android App Development Skills to Master

Android remains a force to reckon with in the worldwide mobile industry. A large number of the world population use android as their smartphone. So, it’s pretty apparent that this operating system has a large market for mobile apps. A proof of this is Google Play Store which has almost 3 million apps on it, and each of these apps is unique in its way with its intuitive features. So, it’s more than just the idea; it’s the developer’s skill set, which plays a significant role in determining if the app would be successful or if it would fail on Google Play Store.

It is quite easy to become an Android developer; however, it’s not so easy to become a successful Android developer. Standing out in any field is complex, and being an Android developer isn’t any different. It requires so much passion, hard work, perseverance, and dedication to be good at it.

There are no shortcuts to this. If you are going to succeed at this, you must put in more effort. This means that you need to learn specific skills to be successful.

If you are an aspiring developer and aren’t sure of what skills you need to help you develop a good android app, this article contains several essential skills you need. It does not even matter if you’ve been in it for a long while or you are just starting on the Android development field; here are some skills that you need to learn.

  1. XML Understanding

The reason XML was created is for it to be the standard for encoding data for applications that are internet-based. This structured markup language shares numerous features that are common with HTML. It may be possible to recognize the <closing> and <opening> tag types, angled brackets, and element deep nesting.

This makes it easy to pass information from one device to another in a simple and easily understood way. In the world of Android, XML is used for creating layouts to serve as foundational UI definitions for Android apps.

Developers write Java codes as well, which modifies the layout elements while the application runs. This is similar to how web developers modify website elements at runtime using JavaScript. However, Android developers must master XML and its basics.

  1. Android Studio

Android Studio is the main IDE (Integrated Development Environment) choice that Android developers use. The Android Studio was created on the IntelliJ IDEA, which is well respected, and it offers excellent support for many Android SDKs.

It also features a lot of capabilities that developers expect the IDE with full features to have. As you type, code completion will help to add auto-complete suggestions. Code debuggers allow you to go through your code so that you can identify error sources.

There are also a lot of advanced tools such as CPU and memory monitors. This helps developers to make sure the code maintains high performance on mobile devices. Whether you are experienced already or just starting, Android Studio is something you must have.

  1. APIs

As a developer of Android apps, there are many services that you are likely to interact with. For instance, you may want to go through the stock market or give other people access to a calendar from a 3rd party service.

Many companies offer APIs that will give you the means to query them securely and consistently for data. Although you can interact freely with other APIs in existence, it is easy for you to connect to Google’s API from your android application. For instance, it is possible to monitor another user’s location using Google API. You can also reference a map within the application or search for some local places. It is vital that you get comfortable enough to explore the different API nuances and also recognize that you can’t get two APIs that are the same.

  1. An excellent sense of UI/UX

According to Diane Leonard, UX expert and contributor at essay writing services, most Android app users want an application that’s very responsive and highly engaging, making it easy to use. This has led to an increase in the demand for UI and UX that is very intuitive, and this trend is only moving forward and upward. It is a well-known fact that many Android users judge the app from the first impression that they have of it.

Also, another thing worth noting is the fact that there is a demand for developers and designers in the market that have a sound knowledge and understanding of what an app design should look like today. To create an Android app with a standout potential, you must be very knowledgeable about the requirements for the design of Android apps and the types of designs that your target users love to use or prefer.

  1. Adaptability

Adaptability is a significant skill to master if you’re going to be successful as an Android app developer. One of the reasons why you need to learn to be adaptable is because of the users. Many of the top developers of Android apps tend to emphasize the need to adapt to new techniques and technology for developing apps. This also helps to develop apps that are going to become a success in the market.

There are a lot of things that you will take into account, going from technical knowledge, research, business, and design to the development of the app. You need to get it right in all of this and be on the mark.


With competitiveness continuing to grow in the industry, developers also have to improve their overall skills to remain relevant in the industry. Also, apart from having the proper skill set, keeping abreast with the ever-changing guidelines that Google Play Store sets is essential. This is a crucial factor for you to keep in mind as you create your android app.

Consistency is also a significant factor that you must imbibe to succeed as a developer of Android apps. It does not make sense to start something for a short while and quit even if you face little challenges. You shouldn’t be fickled. You can make it as an Android app developer if you pay attention to improving yourself with the right skill.

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