5 Best android apps for bitcoin

Everyone knows about the value of bitcoin, which increased very high in 2017. After that, many people invest their money in BTC. “bitcoin app” is good for them. You will get to know more, but if you want to earn free bitcoins, read this entire article because I am sharing the five best android apps for bitcoin earnings. You can buy products and send money to anyone with meagre fees. If you want to make money with bitcoin trading, check a comprehensive guide to mining bitcoin from a mobile phone.

1) Coin Ticker – BTC & ETH App

It is a free app for Android devices developed by AirBitz Inc. and available on Google Play for free. This app provides you with the latest bitcoin and ethereum in US dollars, euros, or pounds sterling. 

You can also track information about mining difficulty and network hash rate. Coin Ticker is a straightforward app that shows all the essential data you might need while checking your existing bitcoins or ethereum assets. The app also provides a global bitcoin price listing on significant exchanges listing the current market price.

2) Bitcoin Checker

This is developed by XBT Apps, Inc and is available for free from Google Play. This app allows you to manage multiple fiat currencies and precious metals portfolios. Bitcoin Checker also provides detailed information about mining difficulty and network hash rate. 

The app supports a data import feature that allows users to easily switch between portfolios by importing their existing ones from Coinstaker or Bitcoin Block Explorer websites.

3) CoinCap

It is a beautiful app with excellent features. This free Android application offers transparency to users by providing them with detailed statistics about their assets, portfolios, and transactions. In addition, CoinCap provides you with real-time data on bitcoin prices which updates every minute. 

The app also can add your portfolio to the global portfolio tracker available internationally using API. CoinCap is a good way of tracking your cryptocurrency investments.

4) Bitcoin Ticker Widget

It is developed by Reality Keys Ltd and is available for free from Google Play. The app provides real-time data on bitcoin prices in different currencies, updated every minute. In addition, the app notifies users via a popup window or status bar depending on their preferences. 

You can also display current prices on your home screen using widgets of different sizes. With the help of this app, you will never miss any price changes while surfing on Facebook, watching videos, or reading an article.

5) CoinDesk

It is a free app for managing your bitcoins and ethereum. It provides you with up-to-date cryptocurrencies prices in US dollars, euros, pounds sterling, or bitcoin by integrating data from other major exchanges into its interface. 

Using this app, users can also acquire the latest news about the digital currency industry displayed within its interface. In addition, the coin desk is an excellent application to follow current cryptocurrency prices and events.

None of the apps listed above is developed and maintained by us. The use of third-party resources does not imply an endorsement or a product recommendation. 

Several more apps have been developed regarding bitcoin. You can check them at Google Play. For example, Bitcoin Checker, Bitcoin Ticker Widget, or CoinCap offer users different types of charts and interfaces with real-time data of virtual currency prices.

In the future, more apps will be developed for managing your cryptocurrencies on mobile phones, and you can get a list of all bitcoin-related apps at the Apps For Bitcoin website. Stay tuned!


They are available for android devices and can come in handy when you need to track current bitcoin prices or manage your bitcoins. However, Bitcoin is in its early stage of development, and there are still many things to improve until the virtual currency becomes the primary method of making online payments. 

However, if you want to keep track of bitcoins or purchase them for investment purposes, it is better to download the apps listed above. This will save your time looking for bitcoin-related content on the internet and facilitate the management of digital currency investment. There are lots of platforms such as bit index ai that provide you authentic details about profitable bitcoin trading.

Make sure you take care of the transactions while making them in androids on your own because it’s your responsibility, and rest enjoy your transaction and money journey of bitcoins through androids and the best apps mentioned above.