5 Best Smart Home Apps for Smart Home Automation

Smart home apps represent the height of present-day technological advancements. The application can help you control all the smart devices in your home remotely.

It doesn’t matter where you are. Having a good smart home app on the phone means you can control and customize your smart home from anywhere. (Not without an internet connection, though.)

Since our homes vary one from another, you can get an all-in-one solution, or a separate app to open garage door or control the lighting. So, are you ready to take your smart home one step ahead?

Read this article to unravel the 5-best smart home apps for smart home automation!

1.  Amazon Alexa

‘Alexa, what’s the most beautiful city in the world? // Alexa, update me about tomorrow’s weather forecast.’

The first one to show up in the smart home technology was the famous Amazon Alexa. Don’t we all remember excitedly purchasing the gadgets so that we could ask all our questions right away?

 Well, the smart home assistant has been the most popular option ever since its launch in 2014. So, there’s no wonder that it’s the best one yet.

The application can do much more than answer questions or connect your home. You can also use it to craft shopping lists, play music, and call/message others. Just set up the Alexa app and speak directly to the speakers!

2.  Apple HomeKit

With over 1.2-billion active iPhone users, it won’t be wrong to claim that we love the brand. The camera quality, sleek designs, and feel of the brand are simply remarkable!

So, there’s no wonder the company didn’t stay behind in smart home automation. It launched its Apple HomeKit app in 2014 on iPhones and iPads. However, today, you can use the app through any compatible iOS home device.

The HomeKit unifies all your gadgets and acts as a universal remote control. It lets you perform all basic and advanced functions. These include:

●     Turning lights on/off

●     Check who’s at the door

●     Lock/unlock the doors

●     Connect/disconnect the devices from smart plugs

●     Thermostat adjustment

●     Control home using Siri

●     Manage accessories by room

That said, there are limitations to the brand’s connectivity. It means you won’t be able to establish connections with other smart home brands easily. Currently, Apple is working on expanding the connectivity of the HomeKit app.

Some popular non-Apple devices that are compatible with HomeKit include Philips Hue, Lifx, iSmartgate, Eve, and Koogeek.

3.  Google Home App

Google Home is the biggest rival to Amazon’s Alexa. The smart speaker comes with an accompanying control app – the Google Home app. While it initially allowed control over only the speakers, it can now help automate the entire home.

The application works like any other smart home app. But, the highlight is its extensive connectivity. You can connect it to an array of different smart home devices, regardless of the brand.

Plus, it does way more than just help you automate the home. For example, you can use the app to control the Wi-Fi speed and direct it towards the most crucial areas of the home, like your gaming setup. 

You can also manage all Google-powered services like calendar events and to-do lists. There’s even an option to track your media subscriptions. So, you can always stay on top of every chore.

4.  Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings is another best smart home automation app for both iOS and Android users. It works with almost all brands and devices. But, don’t forget to ensure that the gadget in question is labeled as ‘SmartThings compatible.

The application has some unique features, like creating routines. After initial device setup, you can devise an action plan for the specific gadgets to follow. So, once you’ve slept or are outdoors, the devices will do the work themselves.

What’s more, if you use it through a Samsung Galaxy device, there are additional benefits. For example, an easy-to-access control panel will pop up on the screen. How cool is that?!

5.  Honeywell Home App

You might not hear this name often. But, trust us, this is a gem for beginners!

The simple interface and functionality of the Honeywell make it incredibly easy to use. Also, you can connect all third-party smart devices to this app. There’s no limitation in that case.

However, the smart home app focuses more on security and temperature. While the overall functions are good, you’ll find better control and customization options. So, if you wish to improve automation in these areas, know that this is your best option.

Final Thoughts

Smart home automation is increasing in popularity day by day. With so many smart devices at home, people find smart home apps a source of great relief. They enable you to control everything from a single application.

You don’t have to download several different software and operate each one for a specific appliance. Just link all the devices to a smart home app and save yourself the trouble!