Why should legal firms focus on launching their app?

In the current age of the digital world, if you want your law firm to grow and expand then adopting different technological advancements is the only key to moving forward. And to your surprise, legal firms are greatly investing in their digital transformation. 

The legal technology stats show that 26% of firms plan to hire, or have already hired, more staff to focus on digital marketing or business development. You might have noticed that number of law firms have started to focus on their website development, and have switched to chatbots use. 

Do you know that 87% of law firms use video conferencing for meeting clients? Isn’t it great for both the law firm and clients as it saves a lot of time and energy on both ends.

Well, this is not all about the digital world and its charismas. What legal firms now should move on to is launching their apps. The opportunities and advancements that apps are bringing to businesses are new every day. In such a case, it won’t be wrong to call it illegal if a law firm does not have an app.

In case you are not convinced of the need for apps for law firms here, I will tell you some reasons why your law firm really needs to have a working app in this technological era.

Here we go.

It’s The Technological Trend

It might seem weird to some, to adopt something just because it is trendy. Well if you run a business like a legal firm you always need to meet the trends of the market in order to stay relevant and acceptable. 

Staying back from such advancements puts your brand image in a shadow and no one wants that. It’s in the nature of consumer that they prefer the services from a business that has good customer service and are up to the market trends. It creates a surge in customer loyalty and trust in your brand.

Even if you think you are already quite famous and loved by all your clients, therefore, you do not need to have an app then let me correct you. Do you know all the famous business giants like McDonald’s, BMW, and Nike have their apps? Do you think they needed it? Well yes, they did in order to build a stronger relationship with their audience and users and to show them that they are growing in this digital age too.

That’s a big sign for you to have a legal app for your firm. Having an app is important for both small and big law firms as it can be even made on less budget. There is a lot of software that can design apps for you.

Apps Are The Best For Content

With the increasing number of law firms and lawyers, the need for legal content is increasing. However, it is challenging to find a good lawyer with in-depth knowledge of a certain field and who is also proficient in marketing law firms.

Apps are best for law content because they can easily provide access to a number of lawyers in a firm who can provide legal advice on a relevant topic. They also offer a full range of services that are not available in brick-and-mortar law firms.

Apps make sure that you don’t have to spend time looking for lawyers with specialized experience or spending time explaining your case over the phone or emailing them. 

Lawyers deals with tons of cases on a daily basis such as DUI lawyers can document all successful stories in a form of a video or an article which they can allow to be accessed only on apps. Besides the number of people who want to educate themselves on legal matters, law firms can make informational and factual content for them and make it available on mobile-friendly apps. As these days everyone has their hands on mobile most of the time.

Apps are also used by law firms to generate content that is targeted at specific audiences, such as millennials or members of different ethnicities.

The App is What Your Customer Wants

The app lets the firm reach out to their customers in a better way and gives them a better chance of converting them into clients. Most of the users spend 86% of their time on mobile apps and only 14% searching on the web. 

This shows that customers find apps more convenient to use as it is easily approachable and they can consult anything whenever they want to. Also, companies are shifting towards apps as they allow them to provide a more personalized experience. 

The importance of an app for law firms is not just about reaching out to their customers, but also about providing a more efficient service. With apps, clients can communicate with their lawyers on the go and get access to all the information they need without having to visit the office.

To make sure that their app is worth it for their client, law firms need to consider what features are most important for them and what features will help them in converting potential clients into actual clients.

Organizes Your Law Firm

The app has been valuable for law firms of all sizes. It helps them to manage their workload, keep track of their cases and provide better customer service.

The importance of apps in the legal industry is undeniable. They help lawyers and law firms by making things easier for them. The app also allows lawyers to be more efficient and productive in their work without having to worry about managing paper files or other office tasks.

The legal firm app can have multiple features that can give access to some of them to only lawyers or attorneys who work for their firm. There are a number of cases lawyers are dealing with on every basis they have to keep track of court dates, payments, and what not. 

Having an app can save lawyers from all this unwanted hustle as everything remains safe in-app and is accessible with just one touch rather than going through a number of files. This is how the whole law firm stays organized. Everyone knows where to head in order to find anything it gives everyone a lot of time in hand which they can use for something more productive.

Some Law Firms Apps Examples:

An app for a law firm can have different orientations. It can be customer orientated dealing with the needs of customers, it can be only for lawyers for them to manage and organize their work, and generate referrals, or for attorneys to deal with colleagues or clients.

Let’s have a look at some law firms’ apps. 

Bird & Bird

An international law firm with multiple internal apps performing specific tasks. They have different apps among which the digital marketing law app got maximum downloads recently. This shows that people demand and expect law firms to have an app. 

Sheppard Mullin

This is an international law firm that has an app with a completely different orientation. They aim to encourage graduated lawyers to prepare themselves for interviews they are guided with different tips and tricks and examples. 

Final Thoughts:

By now, you must have believed how much modern technology has changed things around us. And the best thing is that technology has started to enroot deeply in the law firms as they have no option but to stay updated with the modern changes of this world.

Everyone wants life at work to be simpler and organized, and having an app for your firm is just the right and best way to achieve that. So, if you are missing it in your law firm now is the time that you start working on the technological update which everyone is going to love!
Author Bio: Aabhas is the founder of Avija Digital a complete digital PR agency for online Strategy and Marketing, Expert in providing consultation as a content strategist for SaaS and tech brands. He begun his career in digital marketing in 2016, which continues to this day. He spends his free time in the gym, playing board games, and learning new technologies in IT sector.