5 Effective Ways to Spy on Android Phone Undetectable

All of us are familiar with how Android is a popular and biggest OS in the world right now. Most of us have android phones, we prefer Android due to its stability and smoothness in the interface that suits us. Now if you want to spy on the Android phone of your friend or any family member then how to do so? You would find lots of tricks and methods to break into an Android phone but most of those methods are fraud or risky for you to attempt. Some tricks engage you to install applications on the target device but there is a 100% chance of getting caught. 

Using phone spying apps is the only way you can spy on any Android phone without getting detected. Most of you might be feeling confused about how to find such apps and which one is reliable to use for phone monitoring? Some companies do offer low-quality spying apps at a cheap price in order to generate more revenue but using such apps might cause a lot of damage to you. We’ve got the top 5 spying apps you could use for spying on Android phones

5 Best Spying Apps to Spy on Android Phone Remotely

As stated above, there are dozens of cell phone monitoring apps available online but you have to choose the best. Using any low-quality spy app can cost you data or might harm your phone device as well. Following this sensitive issue, we have listed the top 5 spying apps that you can consider in order to perform Android phone monitoring. Following this whole guide will give you everything you need to know about hidden spy apps, let’s start discussing 5 best spy apps one by one. 

  • Spyic
  • Spyier
  • Minspy
  • Spyine
  • Cocospy

1- Spyic- World’s Best Phone Spy App

Starting with one of the leading and professional spying apps in the market ‘Spyic’. This is the app that people trust when it comes to safe and professional phone spying. The reason people prefer Spyic is its quality and reliable phone monitoring services.

spyic banner

Spyic is easy, fast, and simple you can use to track on any Android device without getting caught. Spyic app runs on stealth mode so the app icon on any Android phone gets hidden automatically after complete installation. This Spyic review will give you complete information you need to know about Spyic to start phone tracking by yourself.  All of you would be glad to know that there are over 30 spy features that Spyic has to offer. Why not have an overall look at some core spying features of Spyic.

spyic android spy

Core Features of Spyic

  • Call Tracking
  • SMS Tracking
  • Track Location
  •  Snapchat Spy
  • WhatsApp Spy
  • Track Facebook Messages
  • Instagram Spy
  • Web history tracking
  • Track SIM Location

Besides these few, there are 35 spying features that you can use within the Spyic app to spy on any phone device. Some cell phone tracking apps ask users to perform Rooting or Jailbreaking first in order to perform phone spying. These sorts of activities are risky for your data and phone device so you don’t have to perform these processes when using Spyic. 

2- Spyier

Spyier is another intelligent and quality cell phone spying app getting used by millions of users on a daily basis. Companies are getting facilitated by the services of Spyier to keep monitoring their employees.

Spyier is the app that people are using on a both domestic and professional level according to their use. This app provides a reliable and high-quality phone surveillance service which is why people prefer Spyier for phone tracking. There are no limits regarding what type of phone you want to target, you can spy on both Android and iPhone devices without getting detected.

spyier banner

By the way, you can read all text messages of the target Android phone device including deleted messages as well. Feeling excited to use Spyier? Well, there are many other spying features offered as well that you can use to have a complete monitoring control over your target Android phone device. Visit the official site of Spyier, create a Spyier’s account, and start tracking any phone you want to spy on. 

3- Minspy

Minspy is the brand new and powerful spying app in the market. This app has got the trust of users within no time. The standard of spying services Minspy is offering is what you could expect from any best phone spying app. There are dozens of cell phone spy features provided in this app, all of them are unique and intelligent in terms of complete Android monitoring. Also, there is no risk of getting caught by the phone’s owner when using Minspy. 


Parents using Minspy to keep an eye on their children through its amazing GeoFence alert spy feature. Tracking phone location also allows parents to always keep updated with the latest location of their children. Besides Android, Minspy can be used for tracking the iPhone as well without any kind of Root or Jailbreak. Almost every required spy feature has been added to this amazing spy app according to the user’s requirements. So, open your web browser and visit the official site of Minspy to learn more about brilliant cell phone tracking apps.

4- Spyine

Another standard and mind-blowing spying app you must consider if looking forward to spying on any phone device. Spyine doesn’t compromise on the quality of spying services because it’s the matter of phone tracking.


You don’t have to learn any kind of skills or technique in order to use this app for phone tracking. Spyine is simple and comfortable in use for tracking on any phone or tablet regardless of the model. Almost 30 spying features have been included in the package of Spyine app so go to Spyine’s website and start spying on any target Android device.

5- Cocospy

Last but not least, Cocospy is an innovative and well-established spying app in the World. This app can be the alternative to the Spyic app. Discussing Cocospy on the last doesn’t mean that this is not a safe spying app. Cocospy app can be considered as the one of the safe and revolutionary spying apps in the market. People from every department and every background use this app to perform phone spying for their personal or professional purposes. Neatspy will help to get more information about the cocospy.


The inclusion of 35 spy features in Cocospy is what grabs the attention of every user who wants to spy on Android or an iPhone device. Like Spyic, Cocospy also runs on stealth mode and hides the app automatically after installing on the Android phone. You can track any phone device right from your web browser because Cocospy is a web-based spying app.


We’ve reviewed some of the best spying apps you can use to track on any Android device either phone or tablet. After discussing all top spying apps we are in the position to say that each of them is professional and reliable in terms of safe phone tracking.

We’ve realized the importance of Stealth mode which allows you to track on any smartphone device without getting detected. Also, no need for Root or Jailbreak to perform phone spying when using any of these top spy apps. Try one of these apps if you want to spy on any Android device remotely without getting detected.