Where can you Publish your Android Applications? 7 Android App Markets

Imagine that you have created an Android application based on a great idea. Now, after consuming time and other resources for the creation of the application, you are wondering where to publish your application. An Android application is useless without correct distribution and publication. As a developer, you should have ample knowledge about different Android marketplaces where you can publish your applications.  Everyone knows that the Google play store is the most favorable Android application publishing platform. There is surely no harm in distributing your applications over alternative Android marketplaces. By distributing your Android applications on more than one application store, you will increase the target audience of the application along with its popularity.

To save precious time, and focusing on the publishing aspect of the Android application I recommend using the Appsgeyser platform. This platform provides an Android application development facility. It provides captivating and unique application templates to the users.  Anyone can browse through the list of available templates and customize them according to the requirements of the application. By using this platform, an awesome Android application can be created without having ample knowledge about Android application development. Many regions in the world do not have access to Google play store. The most common places that do not have Google Play store access are China and Korea. For giving access to your Android application everywhere in the world, you should publish your application over different application stores that are accessible everywhere in the world.

Where can you publish your Android mobile phone applications?

If you think that Google Play store is the only option available for publishing the Android applications then you are wrong. The Internet is filled with different Android marketplaces that are dedicated to the distribution of Android applications. Keep reading this article for getting the detail insights about genuine and verified android market places where you can publish and distribute your applications and earn revenue for them. Here is a list of top Android application marketplaces for you. You can publish your Android application over one platform or multiple platforms depending on your requirements.

1. Google Play Store

Google Play store is created by Google itself and this application store is a certified Android marketplace. Due to its popularity among the Android users, the Google Play store comes preinstalled in almost all the Android devices. Google Play store provides a variety of different opportunities to the users. It let the users browse and download different applications on their mobile phones as they require. Google Play store is the leading choice for developers who want to pursue a career in Android application development. Different choices are given to the developers when they want to use the Google Play store. A developer can create a free version of his application as well as a paid version. The developer will later publish his application over the play store according to the version of the application. A .APK file is required for publishing an application over the play store. This file is created by using the Android studio. If you are using the Appsgeyser platform for creating the Android applications, then this platform will provide you .APK file to publish over any Android marketplace of your choice. Google Play store follows very strict guidelines regarding the applications that are published over it. Before publishing any application over the Google play store, the developers usually have to apply the review process. The review process of the Android applications is very strict and the play store ensures that the applications are free of any kind of viruses, malware, and spam. Google Play store also takes the security and privacy of the users very seriously. The google play store ensures that no personal information is shared inside the applications. It also protects the financial information of the users. The applications can never violate the copyrights of other applications on this platform. To publish an application over the Google play store, you first have to create a Developer account. The developer account can be created if a person is 18 years or above in age. One time fee of $25 is charged by creating the Google developer account and then you can publish as many applications as you want.

2. Amazon App Store

amazon App Store - - Publish your Android App

One cannot simply ignore the importance of the Amazon application store as it is one of the leading marketplaces for Android applications nowadays. This platform is managed by the Amazon company itself. This platform is available in almost 200 countries around the world. Therefore, if you want your application to get a broad user audience then you should publish your application on the Amazon application store. This platform pays 70% of the profit to the developers regarding the in-app purchases. There are almost 500,000 applications published over the Amazon application store and if you publish your application over the Amazon application store you will surely increase the growth of your application by reaching a broad audience.

3. SlideMe

Another option that is available for the distribution of your Android application is SlideMe. This is a very popular android application distribution platform among the developers. You can find a variety of different applications present in the categories such as “latest”, “updated” and “popular” on this platform. There is also a forum present on this platform where different developers can discuss the issues that they face during the Android development process. For every application that is published over this platform, you can view the reviews of the application. The discussion section shares the discussion among professionals about the features and functionality of an application. All the features are highlighted for an application separately on this platform. Helpful information such as the application rating, the language of the application, and supported languages are also mentioned for every application separately. One unique feature about SlideMe is that it describes whether an application contains an advertisement or not. The users of Android applications usually prefer applications without any advertisement. By using this platform, you can download different applications without any advertisement and you can enjoy them as you like. Screenshots of an application are also present for every application separately. This platform provides comprehensive information about any application that is published on it, therefore, making it a great option for publishing and distributing applications among the target audience.

4. GetJar

GetJar - For Your Android App

It is one of the most famous open platforms for applications. New Android applications are continuously published on this platform. This platform can be considered as the pioneer of mobile application distribution. There are almost 1 million applications published on the GetJar. According to some statistics, almost 3 million applications are downloaded every day from this platform. Different applications are present on this platform that includes games, applications for social purposes, and applications that are used for messaging and communication. Depending on your category of application, you can easily publish your application on this platform and increase the growth of your application.      

5. Galaxy App store

Samsung Galaxy Store

You can distribute your Android applications on the Galaxy App store. The applications published on this platform are native to Samsung devices. The android application should comply with the Samsung Publishing policy to be published over this platform. The application should show high performance over this platform. The metadata should be correct and the application should be hardware compatible with this platform.

6. AppGallery

This platform is used by Huawei. For distributing your application on this platform, you should register your application on the Huawei developer account. After registration, you should sign in to your HUAWEI Developer account. In the next step, go to the AppGallery section. Upload the APK file of your application and release it over the Huawei platform for distribution. This platform is a unique alternative android marketplace for reaching a broad target audience.

7. F-Droid

Fdroid Angle png download - 1024*1024 - Free Transparent Fdroid png  Download. - CleanPNG / KissPNG

This platform consists of several different applications that are free and open source. If you want to distribute your application among a new audience and you want to experiment with the distribution of your application then this platform is also a good option. One unique feature of this platform is that it is an open-source platform and due to this reason it is very popular among people who like programming as a hobby. Along with the applications, the source code of the applications is also available on this platform. Therefore, anyone can download the source course of the application and experiment with the coding. It is a great alternative for Google play store.


To make an Android application successful, the application creation is just one part of the application development process. The correct distribution and promotion of the application is the turning point for an application to be successful. For making an Android application successful, it should be properly distributed on various Android marketplaces that are available. You cannot rely on the success of an Android application by publishing it on a single Android marketplace. To reach a broad audience, the application must be distributed over multiple Android markets. In the above article, we discussed some alternatives other than Google Play store for the distribution of Android applications. Google Play store can be considered as a leader of the Android Market. Other Android markets include Amazon App Store, SlideMe, Getjar, and F-Droid. Amazon application store is a great alternative for distributing Android applications. GetJar is one of the oldest application distribution platforms. F-Droid is a great platform for experimenting with the source code of the application along with the distribution. Samsung app store is a great choice for distributing high-performance applications native to Samsung devices. App gallery is a platform of Huawei that is used for the distribution of android applications among the users of Huawei devices.