Make RSS Android App Within 3 Minutes

Having an entire line of useful apps will not only help you grow your app business but also forces users to promote it. But developing even a single app can be challenging for you if you don’t have the required expertise, time, and cost.

Luckily, for you, AppsGeyser has made the app development process a lot easier by providing numerous pre-defined app templates. One of these robust templates is the RSS Android app making template. You can effortlessly make RSS Android app in just a few minutes by using this fully-featured template.

What is an RSS Feed?

RSS stands for “Rich Site Summary,” and it contains updated content of different websites or keywords. RSS Feeds are widely used to bring the latest information about your favorite topics on the web without researching for it yourself.

It provides ultimate convenience as users will never have to wait for the notifications of your new blog posts. For example, if a user is interested in the topic of the latest mobile apps, he/she will search the web to find the latest mobile apps. In the meantime, the user will get a lot of outdated mobile apps as well under the banner of the latest apps.

Finding the latest content on your own can be frustrating most of the time, and that’s where the RSS Feeds comes in. Despite exploring for the latest content, the content explores you. Usually, RSS Feeds are used by websites that update their data frequently, such as news websites.

Through RSS Feeds, users can also find the latest information on their specified set of keywords. For instance, if a user is interested in having the most updated information on the “AppsGeyser templates” topic, he/she can configure this keyword in an RSS Feeds app. The user can relax by then because the RSS Feed App does not miss an opportunity to show the latest content to the user.

Why Do You Need an RSS Android App?

Making an RSS Android app proves to be one of the most effective ways to get your business to grow. As users spend more time on mobile devices, updated information should be conveniently provided to them. Users got engaged with the RSS Feeds app when they see new information on their favorite topics.

You can make RSS Android app to gain more audience trust. To brand your app business, RSS Feeds app helps a lot as it contains the latest information to engage the right audience. The users get more interested in your business as they get updates from you time by time without the need for any app updates or changes.

Make RSS Android App with These Simple Steps

Surprisingly, with the RSS Android App Template provided by AppsGeyser, you can create an awesome looking RSS Feeds Android app. Moreover, the app creation process doesn’t require any budget because it’s just for free.

Within just a couple of minutes, your RSS Feeds App gets ready to be launched on the Google Play Store. You just need to copy-paste the website link from which you want the app to get updates. Any specific keywords can also be used to get the latest information on those keywords by exploring the web. Let’s start our RSS Android app making process with the magic of AppsGeyser’s versatile template.

Before You Make the RSS Android App

There are a few things to keep in mind that you should have some essential information to start the app with. Having pre-researched information on which aspects you are going to focus on helps you make the app quicker. You need to consider the following elements before proceeding to the actual RSS app development procedure.

  1. Find Website Links

Before moving out for the development of the RSS App, you must know how to use it. When you put yourself in the user’s shoes, you can have better exposure to what the users expect from your app to do. If there is a particular website you want to make the RSS Feeds for, you can just copy its link.

Copying the RSS Feeds link is quite easy as you just have to visit the website and right-click on the RSS logo. Select the “Copy link address” option to copy it for configuring it with the RSS Feeds app. Preferably, it should be your own business site.

  • Research Keywords

There is a specific format you have to focus on when choosing the keywords for your RSS app. You must be aware of the composition to counter the problems of the users or to modify your app in the future. The format is to write the keywords in double-quotes and use + sign for concatenation and – sign to disjoin.

For example, if you are interested in World News, you will set the keyword as “World News.” If you want to add a specific region to this such as Russia, you can write “World News” + “Russian News.” For not being interested in a particular topic, you can use the – sign instead of the plus sign in the above statement.

Steps to Make RSS Android App

1.  Explore the Template

Let’s get started to our app creation process by going to the link of the RSS app development template. When you visit the template link, you will have a screen with some guidelines like below.

rss feed app template

With the easy to use template, you can simply create your RSS Feeds app by following the steps after you click the Next button.

2. Add Topics

You will be shown a new user interface with the options to add topics/websites and their RSS Feed links. You can add up to as many RSS Feed topics/sites as you want, but there are three topics to fill up by default.

make rss feed app

Surprisingly, you can add the functionality of push notifications through the template. Just simply check the checkbox, and your users will receive customized push notifications of their favorite topics. Remember to check the authenticity of the RSS Link, in case you are getting it from another source on the web.

3. Set Name and Icon

After setting up the topics, you will see a new interface to set the name of your RSS Feed App. You should name the app with respect to your business theme and the app nature. After defining an app name for your RSS app and hitting the Next button, you will be guided to a new screen to add an icon.

Luckily, there are various pre-defined app icons from which you can choose from. You can also upload your own icon. After selecting or uploading the app icon, you’re done! It takes only about 3 minutes to make RSS Android app with our worthy template.


  • Instantaneous – If you update your website frequently and at regular intervals, you don’t need to keep updating your app. This feature will allow all your updates to show on your app instantaneously without you having to update the app.
  • Summary– RSS feeds provide a summary of the updated information, so your app users do not have to scroll through and read all updates, they can look at the overview and decide which article is relevant to their needs.
  • Advertising tool – Occasionally, and only occasionally, within your RSS feed, you may include an article on your latest product or an upcoming sale. This will then, in turn, feature on the RSS feed app.


  • RSS Link – Your website must already have an RSS feed link that you can use when creating your app. If your website doesn’t contain an RSS link, you must consult your website developer to provide that feature.
  • Frequency of updates – Customers like regular updates, if you are someone that will do a bulk of work at one time and then nothing for a while, this app style is not for you. Updates must be placed periodically with even spacing in between.
  • RSS Keyword search – Although this is a positive aspect of this app tool, there is also a negative side. RSS searches may not bring up the search results exactly as you had implied. The search feature will use the search terms provided, but with millions of sites using keywords, there is enormous competition to which website will be found and shown in the feed.

As part of your app empire, you will probably find yourself using different templates for different apps, now with the android app making tool templates pros and cons series you can clearly see which template suits each of your apps and why.

In a nutshell, just make RSS Android app with the template and get a boost to your app business. It will not only provide you customizability but also picturizes versatility in the user’s mind. All you need to do is just to create the RSS Feed app and let your audience get updates and instant notifications on their favorite topics.

Have you tried using our template? Most of the app business owners have already admired us for having a great and valuable set of templates. Just make the RSS app with the template and let us know your experience with it.