7 Surprising Ways YouTube Hashtags Can Increase Views


Hashtags have been in for a while now but the surprising thing about hashtags is that not only, they grab attention, they can also help you in increasing your views on your YouTube videos. Almost all YouTube videos have hashtags embedded in them. YouTube permits you to add hashtags to your video’s title and descriptions to improve the video’s discoverability on YouTube. Hashtags not only make your YouTube videos easier to find, but they can also increase your video views as your video will come up when people search for that hashtag and people will click on the hashtag when they watch a related video and that would enable them to see your video in the list.

In a world where everyone is using sites to buy YouTube views on your YouTube videos, it is always advisable to stay a step ahead if you want to gain more views on your YouTube videos organically then using hashtags is one of the best methods. Using hashtags is kind of an SEO tactic used by many YouTubers around the world.

So here are 7 tips that can help you to increase your YouTube views with the use of just hashtags!

  1. Use a fewer number of hashtags per video
  2. Use Hashtags Related to Your Topic
  3. Use Hashtags Based on Your Location
  4. Keep Your Eye on Competitor’s Hashtag Strategy
  5. Follow YouTube’s Community Guideline
  6. Use a Hashtag Generator
  7. Search on YouTube

These approaches are elaborated further:

1. Use less number of hashtags per video

YouTube only permits you to add up to 15 hashtags in your description. Google itself, has specified that if you use more than 15 hashtags in your videos, it will disregard all hashtags, adding the hashtags unquestionably meaningless. Therefore, you should only add and use up to 1-2 hashtags in your video title if needed, and moreover, only the first three hashtags in your description will appear above your video title so adding an unnecessary number of hashtags is not only just completely pointless but also unrequired.

Though, only because you can use 15 hashtags doesn’t inevitably mean you should. The number of hashtags required is about 3-5 so you should consider including only the most relevant hashtags that represent your video topic to gain more views on your YouTube videos.

2. Use relevant Hashtags to Your Topic

Search for hashtags that are actually appropriate to your video. Although it can be very tempting to add only the popular hashtags to your YouTube description, you have to think smart and only add the hashtags which are relevant and related to your video in order to gain more views on your YouTube video. If you only add popular hashtags for just increasing the ranking, you might end up attracting people who want to view a different type of content than what your video has to offer. Adding popular hashtags for just increasing the ranking will shorten your watch hours and turn away people from subscribing. So, therefore, you have to use hashtags that are relevant to your video.

Moreover, if the hashtags used on your video by you aren’t relevant to the topic, your video can come off as spam or irrelevant. YouTube only shows videos on the first search page that is relevant and appropriate to the viewer’s searched stuff.

3. Use Hashtags Based on Your Location

If you are a lifestyle or travel blogger or somebody who give reviews on places, adding a location hashtag to your YouTube video will help you to increase your video views very easily as people usually search for other opinions related to that location and when they search your video will be easily available in the google list and will, in turn, increase views. You can add places such as cities, countries, cafes or restaurants and stores etc.

4. Keep Close Eye on Competitor’s Hashtag Strategy

Similar to every other good SEO strategy, knowing and having knowledge about what hashtags are used by your competitors can give you an upright idea of what other hashtags should be on your radar. Take a tour of their channel and look at their top videos, as well as other social media platforms and look at what hashtags they use.

If you’re aiming to create a high-ranking video, don’t just consider the hashtags but the content itself as well. Don’t try to copy it but make something more substantial because as prodigious as hashtags are, you can have the right hashtags on your videos but still have bad content, which would be a problem for you to gain more views on youtube videos. 

5. Work According to YouTube’s Community Guidelines

Like numerous other social media sites, YouTube as well as community guidelines to protect its users. These guidelines are applicable to all of the content on its platform, including video hashtags.

The four main groups of policies are Spam and deceptive practices, Sensitive content, Violent or dangerous content and Regulated goods. Working according to these guidelines for hashtags will prevent your video from being removed and being inaccessible also you from being kicked from the platform.

Also, it is important to type your hashtags accurately, with no spaces in between the words. It may seem like something really small, but if you’re typing hurriedly, you might make mistakes so it is vital to pay attention and be careful about the hashtags as if the hashtag is typed incorrectly, your video won’t be getting in the search results for the correct version of the hashtags and hence be deprived of its desired views.

6. Use a Hashtag Generator for feasibility

If you’re unsure and are in doubt about which tags would be most relevant to your video, it is advisable to use a hashtag generator for ideas and in order to use correct and hashtags related to your topic which would, in turn, help you to gain more views on your YouTube videos.

A hashtag generator is an internet-based instrument that helps creators like yourself find the right, relevant, related and accurate hashtags for your YouTube videos so that you can gain more views organically and naturally without having the need to purchase ay service for buying YouTube views or YouTube subscribers. All you will have to do while using a hashtag generator is type in your video topic and the generator will provide a list of potential hashtags and then you can select among them whichever appeals to you the most. You can find tons of free hashtag generators online, a few of them are Hashtagify, TagsYouTube and Rapidtags.

7. Search on YouTube for suitable hashtags

If you are not sure and in doubt about how to find the best hashtags for your YouTube videos, you can simply visit YouTube’s search bar. In the same way, you do your keyword research you have to do the same ways for your hashtag search. if you begin by just simply typing in “#”, you’ll get a sight of the most trending topics on YouTube at the moment. And if those are not relevant to your product or upcoming video, you can begin again by typing your keyword or topic in to see the most popular hashtags related to it so that you can then add them into your YouTube video’s description.

Not all hashtags make available quality search results, and you would not want to use hashtags that lead to spam or irrelevant videos. 


By means of hashtags, your YouTube video will have a positive effect on its searchability, YouTube SEO, and rankings. It is recommended to use hashtags across all your YouTube videos because the YouTube algorithm looks for patterns. YouTube displays hashtags as blue and clickable which identifies a specific topic. The best hashtags you can use for your YouTube videos are your company brand, popular topics that are relevant to your video content, and locations.

You can always take advantage of the benefits of using tools to search for the most relevant hashtags if you are not sure about which hashtag would be the best suited or if you are in doubt about which hashtags would enable you to gain more viewers.

People use hashtags and take advantage of them for their YouTube videos as hashtags can be a free, low-effort way to gain more viewers to your videos. You can increase your chances of success by searching for the right keywords to be used as hashtags and by following YouTube optimization and trailing hashtag performance you can ensure you’re using the right ones. You should experiment with the category and quantity of hashtags to determine if they would affect your YouTube video analytics.