Communication Skills For App Business – 7 Cs To Good Communication

Yesterday we spoke about the importance of customer service for a successful app business. Communication is one of the most important aspects of customer service that is often not thought about or placed into any business plan. Today we are going to take a look at the 7C’s of effective communication.

These are the 7 steps taught to us in business courses

1. Concise – Don’t beat around the bush, get straight to the point when conversing with your customers to ensure efficient action.

2. Complete – Make sure your communication is planned and complete, so your customer does not have to reply to you asking for more information. Consider unified communications solutions as a means of more organized customer support.

3. Conversational – Keep your tone friendly and conversational. This enables a more warm approach to your customers whilst still being professional.

4. Clear – If you do not make your point clear the first time you may lose your customer. Many customers will only engage once with you before making up their mind whether or not to continue business. Make sure you speak in a clear voice to ensure that every word can be understood.

5. Considerate – Remember that a conversation and communication is a two way street. Always end your statements by giving the customer the option to ask a question and respond to you before you move forth with your next point. Always make sure that the customer has understood you clearly by getting that feedback from them.

6. Confidence – Don’t start mumbling and humming and ahhing when talking to your customers. Talking in a confident tone and presenting your facts in clear and commanding tones will show that you are fully in control of your business and understand what you are talking about. Confidence will build loyalty in your business.

7. Check – Make sure that you check all your data and facts prior to talking with a customer. If you present incorrect information you could lose your customer and discredit your business.

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