8 Ways to Expand Your Business with Apps

More than 6 billion people around the world use a smartphone today. Moreover, this number is expected to grow by hundreds of millions in the coming years.

As a result, apps are now a part of our lives. We use apps to book tickets, order food, and even find a date for Saturday night.

Therefore, mobile apps give businesses a fantastic opportunity to grow their business. An entrepreneur can develop a mobile app and hope to expand their market and reach.

However, how to grow a company successfully with apps?

Here are a few proven ways to use apps to boost your business. 

1.  Upload Your App on App Stores

111.3 billion mobile apps were downloaded from Google Play Store in 2021. The number of downloads is also impressive for Apple users in selected markets.

Therefore, you can target more customers just by uploading your app to popular app stores. Google and Apple stores are top choices, while you also have other players in the market.

Research your target audience and market to know what your future customers use. Then upload your app to the stores your audience frequents to grow your customer base.

Best of all, you don’t need any investment to get your app live in most stores.

2.  Send Notifications and Alerts

Earlier, you had to collect leads and make cold calls to boost your sales. However, a mobile app gives you direct access to your customer base.

Now, it is your duty to engage your users and recommend them the right product or services. The top brands are already doing this to increase sales and revenues.

However, you should adopt a data-driven approach to recommend products. You can use information like past purchases of a customer to send personalized recommendations.

The process lets you land more sales as the products match the customer’s interests or likes.

3.  Send Newsletters and Promotions

You can use your mobile app to send newsletters and updates to your users. However, don’t always take the road of hard sales for these communications.Your aim should be to provide helpful information that might appeal to your customers. For example, if you sell hiking shoes, you may send a newsletter on the “best trails to visit this summer.

You may also send product guides, tutorials, and more to keep your users engaged. You will find the results directly reflected in a growth of revenues.

In addition, you will generate brand awareness and create an excellent reputation in the market.

At times, you may even send promotional offers and updates on sale seasons. However, you don’t always need to create fresh content for investment newsletters or updates.

You may edit your existing materials like brochures or articles to send to your users. If you need, you may even edit your documents and use a PDF page remover to get your message across.

4.  Arrange Competitions and Challenges

You can expect to expand your business as long as you can keep your mobile app users engaged. It is a great business expansion strategy that has brought quick results to many entrepreneurs.

So, go ahead and arrange fun activities for your app users. You can easily create challenges and competitions from your app with the help of your developer.

Consumers love to participate in these exciting activities that go on to increase your brand exposure. You may give out small prizes or discounts to entice more users to join.

Gradually, you will grow a group of loyal customers who always come back to you with more orders. Best of all, they also spend more compared to new customers. 

5.  Incorporate Social Media Channels in Your App

This way is apt for business owners who wonder how to grow your business on social media. The easiest way is to include social media channels in your app.

One method of doing this is allowing your users to sign in using social media handles. You may even make your content directly shareable on social media websites.

In addition, you can display the link to your social media pages in your app. Your users will be directly able to visit your profiles from your app.

It will work wonders to grow your follower count, who may turn into your future customers.

Here too, find out the social media websites your target customers or audiences use. Then sign up on those social media portals and incorporate those channels into your app.

6.  Implement a Search Bar for Your Products

eCommerce has boomed into a matured market today. Consumers are not only using desktops but also mobiles to shop and sign up to subscriptions.

As a result, it is not enough to have an online store for desktops. You should also have a mobile store where your mobile users can place their orders.

That’s the basics of growing your business with apps. However, you shouldn’t stop there if you want to keep growing.

Your aim should be to provide the best user experience, which includes the shopping experience. So, make it easy and convenient for your customers to shop.

You can ask your developer to incorporate a search bar for your app. Your users will be able to find relevant products and prevent wasting any time.

It will be the stepping stone to building your user experience and attaining your growth goals.

7.  Add Call to Actions at the Right Places 

Your app is a great tool to attract customers and convert them. However, you need to provide them with a little nudge so that they are ready to tap the “buy” button. 

One strategy that works very well to improve conversions is placing calls to action in the right places. It encourages your users to participate or take action to boost your conversions, whatever that may be.

You can also use the “fear of losing out” approach to trigger conversions. Customers are more willing to buy when they fear they are missing out on something, like a limited-time discount. 

However, you should be sparing with such uses and go for them only when necessary. In addition, make sure your app has a good copy, and your content appeals to your audience.

8.  Add a Blog

A blog is a proven way to grow any business. Now, you can incorporate your blog into your app and publish your content on it.

The benefit of this strategy is your blogs directly reach your audience on your app. They don’t have to wait for your social media updates anymore.

As a result, you can expect your content to perform better. In addition, you will generate more responses from your audience and make them interested in your business. 

And finally, they will be interested in your products or services.

Final Thoughts

Apps are excellent tools to achieve business growth and exposure. You need to adopt the right approach and plan your strategies to get the best results. Always try to keep your audience engaged and never let distance build between you and your customers. Growth and expansion will follow as a natural part of the process.