How to Generate More Leads with SEO

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Every business wants a happy customer base such that sales are constantly growing. This isn’t just about having the perfect product or service that meets your customer’s needs and wants though. You also need a stellar marketing strategy. An SEO agency can do that for you while aligning your customer journey to the best SEO practices. Click here to find out how an SEO audit can boost your business alongside competitor analysis, content architecture services and so much more. 

The SEO Agency Analysis 

The internet is there to help you if you know how to use it. If you are from Chennai, then proper SEO training in Chennai will be able to help you understand how to get through all the traffic and make you stand out so you generate more leads. How do they do this? Essentially, by optimising your SEO strategy so that the right people come to your site. They get the product or service they need and you get sales. Everyone’s happy. 

Of course, there are other tools at your disposal that an SEO agency can talk you through. These include email marketing, leveraging special offers, using widgets to offer free trials and many more. The most important though is still your SEO strategy otherwise your customers simply won’t find you. 

Working with an SEO agency also gives you access to competitor analysis reports. It’s critical you understand your customers if you want to work out your niche and how to differentiate yourself. You can then also optimise your keywords to suit what your customers are searching for and to make sure you rank at the top of search pages. After all, that’s the point of SEO – to make you highly visible and alluring to potential customers. 

It all starts with understanding your current state and how your website rates. So, an SEO agency will conduct the following analysis:

  • Content audit
  • Lead generation funnel 
  • Content strategy 

Content Audit

First, an SEO agency needs to understand how your on-page and off-page approach is working. They’ll check for keywords as well as backlinks. Furthermore, they’ll look at your loading speed and other technical aspects in the background that allow search engines to crawl and index your site, using website audit tools. In general, this could take days or weeks depending on your site. Nevertheless, an SEO agency(whether a SaaS SEO agency or another) can only formulate an effective strategy once they have all this information.

Lead Generation Funnel 

Another important aspect of SEO is to understand how your customer comes to your product or service and how they go from awareness to purchase. For example, perhaps blog pages raise awareness but case studies close the deal. Whatever it is, an SEO agency will know how to optimise that content so that it generates more leads. 

Content Strategy 

Of course it’s important to have unique and relevant content. It also needs to be optimised for keywords and for audience needs and wants. Again, an SEO agency can help you understand how you rate against the competition and if you need to make any tweaks to increase your conversion rates. 

Optimise for Conversion Rates 

Generating more leads is important but there’s no point if you don’t convert them.  An SEO agency will know how to calculate your specific conversion rate and how this impacts your goal. Every business and every industry is different but they’ll take your historical data and help you understand where you are currently. 

After they have some numbers, an SEO agency will work with you to optimise your landing pages and key content pages so that you have the ideal lead flows on them. This isn’t about having too many pop-ups. Instead, you want the teaser content to match the perfect call-to-action pop-up. 

Clearly, keywords are important as is the overall feel of your website. Although, you can also expect the following actions when working with an SEO agency to generate more leads: 

  • Link building
  • Smart email campaigns
  • A/B test your landing page 

Link Building

Search engines look at how many and what type of quality links take people back to your website. The more links you have, the higher the quality of your website. This is all part of your off-page strategy that an SEO agency implements for you. It’s a great way to build visibility and grow your organic traffic to get more leads. 

Smart Email Campaigns

It’s easy to forget email but it’s still a useful tool that feels more personal than social media. You should make sure you include something to encourage people to leave their email addresses. So, for example, are you offering a free trial or a free guide? 

A/B Test Your Landing Page 

A critical activity that an SEO agency can do for you is to test your landing page. This is still one of the most important pages because it’s the first impression people see. With the A/B testing, you get valuable information on how to improve and optimise your landing page. 

Parting Thoughts on Generating More Leads with An SEO Agency 

Generating leads is all about increasing traffic to your site. The better your SEO strategy, the higher visibility you have. An SEO agency can then take this one step further by optimising your strategy so you increase your conversion rates. At the end of the day, that’s how you increase your sales and your business as a whole.