The Ultimate Android App Marketing Strategy: Internal Marketing

Our ultimate Android app marketing guide is almost coming to an end, we have been focusing in the previous weeks upon many different Android app marketing traits that can be built and used together in the quest for Android app success. Each different marketing strategy can be used alone, but together they will magnify the effect that the marketing has on your Android app.

Today we are looking at the ways in which you can market your app from within your app network and boast your audience ratings without external advertising.

1. App Optimization

We have discussed on many occasions the importance of optimizing your app ready for publishing into an Android app store, such as Google Play or any other alternate app stores. This is to help you get your app ranked higher in the app stores so they can been seen. By optimizing your free app you are increasing the promotion of your app. However, app optimization is not the only way that you can promote your app for free, you can also promote your app by building an app network.

2. App Network

Have you considered that your app may be lonely alone in the app market? Well, there is more than one reasons that we think that it is vital for you to build an app network. An app network, or family of apps, or a group of apps made by one app maker around one theme. Research has shown that apps that are within a network tend to get ten times more downloads than single apps.

Why do app networks get higher download rates?

It comes down to what we are talking about today, internal marketing. Take one app, and from within you promote the app, take for example the app that we reviewed a little while ago, Photoshop tutorial.  This app was created by an app creator that has multiple apps all tutorial related. The app maker utilizes the family to advertise their ‘siblings’ from within the app.

The following points are intensive internal marketing ideas.

3. A full page banner – This advert is the biggest and clearest promotional tools used in app making. The banner usually will be relevant to the current app as well as advertising the ‘sibling’ app. Within the banner a link to the advertised app is included.

4. Loading page – While the loading page should not be used as an advertising tool as such it can be utilized to promote sibling apps. While waiting for the app to load a loading page can be applied. The loading page should feature a clear reference to the app that is about to open and in addition there is room to link to the sibling apps.

5. Internal links and internal adverts – Within the app itself it is common to see banner ads and links to external apps. This can be utilized to advertise your own apps that appear in your app family.

4. Alerts – Did you know that you get 3 free alerts per month for up to 100 users with your AppsGeyser account. An alert, or push notification as it is also known as, is that little reminder of something that is important. It pops up and makes the user take notice.