How To Use SEO In The Android App On Play Store – Tricks and Tips

SEO In The Android App On Play Store

You got an idea to create an app. You worked on that idea to make it slightly different from the rest of the apps. Then, with the help of tools that AppsGeyser provided, you created your android app. But what did you miss? You absolutely forget to get your app optimized. You might have heard about SEO. We are going to draw a slight comparison between SEO and ASO before we get started. SEO is basically about search engine optimization and ASO is about app store optimization. ASO is utilized for android apps whereas SEO is for websites or web browsers like Google Search etc. Search engine optimization ensures that your websites are well optimized with the right keywords, tags, internal links, etc. An App store optimization ensures the quality of your app which will make your app appear in top searches of app store.

This article will make you learn some very handy and amazing tricks which will make sure that your apps are ASO (App Store Optimized). First of all, let us tell you why is this ASO important at all? If you look statistically, you will find out that almost around 5 billion apps are there on Google Play Store available to users across the globe. This creates such a tough competition for your new app to get even noticed in the sea of other apps. So App Store Optimization’s main purpose is to increase the number of downloads and the number of loyal users on your newly created app. You can maximize the downloads on your app by making sure that your app can get easily discovered by the right sort of audience. How can you do that? How can you boost the organic growth of your app? We will provide you the answers to many such questions in the following part of the article.

Name of an App

Naming an app is a big headache than creating one. You must create an app worth talking about because no one will say your app’s name if they have no reason to talk about it in the first place. Keep the name of your app short. Like not more than 3 to 8 characters. Why is it good to keep an app name short? Keeping a brand name short will make it catchy as well as people will easily memorize it. And when it comes to your app’s name, it is more important for marketing purposes. Almost 70% of downloads come from the search, which makes App Store Optimization a crucial part of your marketing strategy. Your app’s name is the most important focus of App Store Optimization. Your app’s name should sound different from the rest of the apps. Why not include your app’s core features in the name of your app? Because definitely, your app’s features would be different from the other apps so it’s the best idea to name your app based on its core features. This will make your app stand out for sure. This is what you need for App Store Optimization. That your app’s name must deliver the idea of what sort of content your app has to offer. For Example, you have an app about technical skills so you should not name it like ‘learn with me’ as this will not bring your app in the top searches of search engine. However, if you make your app’s name more specific based on the content which it has to offer then you will see that more and more people will find your app. When the right users will find your app, your app downloads will multiply. And if you want to find out what are the words that people usually search for then you can go to Google Adwords Page. This page will help you know how many searches are made per month by users using some particular words.

Icon of an App

Before setting an icon for your app you need to understand a few things. What exactly an app icon is and what is its job? These are the questions that you must know the answers to so that you can create a far better icon for your app. An app icon is basically a visual anchor of your product. You can think of an app’s icon as a piece of branding that needs to be attractive enough so that they stand out. Not only this but your app’s icon should be made in a way that it perfectly reflects and communicates the core essence of your application. One thing about which every developer must be very much sure that logos are not icons. People use these two terms interchangeably sometimes but these are two different things. They do share some branding-like qualities but they are different in many ways. A designer needs to know the difference between these two. Logos are scalable vector pieces use for branding purposes on billboards etc. Icons are mostly raster-based outputs that are customized by designers to get fit within a square canvas. Icons have their specific sizes and particular contexts. So the two have different jobs and criteria of success.

An icon is something we can call as a first impression your users will have of your app. While designing an icon make sure that it portrays and presents the content of your app. With App Store Optimization you need to be transparent so the users will get a better understanding of what your app is offering. Once an installed app if gets uninstalled, it will affect your app’s position in the world of apps. With so many apps on the app store, your app’s icon must be strong enough to compel the users to download it.

App’s Description

Along with your app’s icon, your app’s description is also an important element to be considered in the app marketing strategy. Just like an icon of the app your app’s description will also leave the first impression before users actually get into your app. It is the description of your app which determines how much visibility your app will get and how much downloads your app will get. The description of the app is important for App Store Optimization. An app with poor description will become the reason why you are not getting as many downloads as you expected. And this will defeat the essence of optimizing your app. Because an app with a bad description will be ignored just like many other apps. Your app will then become a part of other useless apps. You must use the keywords in your app’s description to make it sound great. Tell your audience about the benefits your app has for them. Don’t make your app description too long. Be precise, avoid making silly mistakes like that of grammar and spelling mistakes. Doing so will help you in ranking your app higher in search results.

The description can also impact your app’s ability to rank in web search. Kyle Sanders from Complete SEO pointed out, “Most developers don’t think beyond Google Play’s internal search, however Google heavily favors their own properties and a highly-optimized listing can drive additional traffic and downloads from web search.

Screenshots in your App

Screenshots act like a window through which users can look into your app. Through the app screenshots you have used, the users will get to know a lot about your product. Like what your app is about, what content it has to offer, and much more. So screenshot is an opportunity for you to get the audience to learn about our creation. You must use this opportunity by highlighting the main contents and functions of your app. Currently, Google Play allows developers to use at least 8 screenshots. Try to deliver as much as you can to your users using these screenshots.

App Ratings

App rating is what can take you either to the road of success or to the path of failure. We can say that app rating is a way of communication. Through app rating users notify the developers about the bugs or issues they are facing while using an app. To make this communication smooth you need to put all the relevant contact details on the page. The developers who leave incomplete contact details are responsible for their app’s failure.

Update your App

As a responsible developer, you must keep on updating your app regularly. It just keeps your app smooth and consistent. Regular updating will make your app show up in the updates list like App Store. If you make sure to update your app after a fixed interval of time, then it will be very helpful for your app’s future. Your app after regular updates gets a loyal following. Most successful apps are those being updated by the developers weekly. If you cannot even update your app twice a month then you must reconsider even building an app in the first place.


The above-mentioned tricks are meant to make you learn how you can make your apps “App Store Optimized”. We hope that we have provided you with the easiest tricks which are so handy that making your app a success in Google Play Store is no more a headache for you. Follow all the steps mentioned in this article and make your app successful.