12 Android Mobile Web App Templates by AppsGeyser

Android Mobile Web App Template

We all live in a digital world today. Almost all the successful companies and businesses own great websites on the web for supporting their business. Sometimes, website owners and blog owners have a great need for converting their online web-based content into a great Android app. If you think that by owning a great website, you are benefiting your business and you don’t need an Android app for business, then you are wrong. Android app is a necessity of modern times. If you want to make your business successful, then you must create an Android app to support your business and attract a large audience. If you rule out the option of creating an Android app for supporting your company, you will eventually lose in the great competition that is present among businesses around the world. Keep reading this article for learning about how you can create captivating Android web-based applications based on your online content that is present on the web.

No, you must be wondering how you can create an effective web-based application. It must sound very confusing to you. Don’t worry. You can use a great platform known as the Appsgeyser platform. This platform supports the creation of modern Android apps by providing a variety of different options to the users. This platform supports the creation of Android apps from start to finish and it constantly guides the users to fulfill their needs and create great Android apps. You can always create an Android app from scratch. I would not recommend you to start from scratch as if you are a new developer, then you will need a lot of time for developing the Android application and then later publishing it and making it famous among the users. Instead, you should rely on a shortcut by using a template for app creation.  

Android app web templates
AppsGeyser holds a range of Android app web templates for free use

Now you must be wondering what a template is? A template can be considered as a shortcut for creating Android apps immediately. App templates contain the necessary information in different types of forms and fields that are filled by the end-user. Using a ready-made template for creating or Android app will not only save your time but also you will have more time to spend on publishing and maintaining the application in the later stages of Android app development. The Appsgeyser Platform provides a variety of different captivating templates to the users. You can find almost more than 50 captivating Android templates on this platform. By using this platform, you can easily create your Android app and you can give your ideas a reality. This platform will ensure that after creating the application, you can easily submit it on the play store. Just after you will click the create button, it will open a new window of your Google developer account which will lead you to publish your Android app directly on the play store. This platform also provides a QR code for your app. You can use this QR code to publish your Android application anywhere on your business websites. You can make your Android app popular by using this QR code. This platform also offers an embeddable link of the Android app. You can easily use this embeddable link to distribute your Android app among your audience in any way you like. Therefore, using the Appsgeyser platform is very beneficial for the developers who want to have a kick start right at the beginning of the Android app development process.

To convert web sites and web-based content into Android apps, the Appsgeyser provides a large number of templates. By using these templates, you can easily convert your HTML based content into Android apps and you can enjoy and distribute the Android apps among your target audience. Creating Android apps for web-based content will greatly enhance the productivity of your business as it will attract a large target audience. You can simply consider the fact that by creating an Android app for your business, you can open your business doors to a huge audience and clients who will use your Android app for business purposes. The detail of some templates provided by the Appsgeyser platform for conversion of web-based content into Android apps is as follows:  

Free Android App Web Templates

  1. Blog

This template is solely dedicated to converting blog websites into Android apps. This template fetches the data of your blog and converts it into an Android app. All you have to do is to enter a verified URL of your website. You also need to make your website public and available for the Appsgeyser platform to scrape the data from it. You can also add other social media features such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media icons inside your app. That’s all, just by clicking a button, you can convert your website into a beautiful Android app.

  1. RSS

By using this template, you can create a selection of different news for your users. You have to insert the RSS link into your Android application. You can also use a single theme or multiple themes depending upon your language and your audience for the RSS newsfeed application. In this way, you can attract a large audience to find the RSS link from the news and sources of your audience’s liking.  

  1. Browser

This template will let you create your own browser Android app. You will have the opportunity of inserting the link of your website in the form of a bookmark inside the browser. This will support the audience to find your website easily. Try to use different types of keywords and unique features inside the application to gain the audience’s attention for a browser Android app.

  1. Messenger

You can create an awesome Messenger app for the Android platform without writing the program. This platform will let you create an instant messaging app. This app will have different functionalities to ensure that you can type an unlimited number of texts, you can use unlimited voice calls, you can create different types of group chats, and you can also share different types of media files inside the app.

  1. Twitter

If you want to create an Android app by using your twitter feed, then this Android template is highly beneficial. You will search your Twitter feed online. You will enter your Twitter account link to convert your Twitter feed into the Android app.

  1. Facebook

If you want to target your Facebook audience into an Android app separately, then this template is an ideal choice for you. All you will do is to insert your Facebook group page link inside this app template, and it will convert your Facebook feed into an Android app.

  1. Page

If you want to create an Android app based on the offline content of your website, then use this app template. This template will allow you to customize your application using the visual HTML editor. You can create an Android app that will consist of simple offline pages by using this app template.

  1. HTML

Sometimes, there is a need for converting plain HTML content into an Android app. This template will give you the opportunity of converting plain HTML code into an android app with the help of a single click. All you have to do is to insert your HTML code and click the create button. In this way, you can easily convert your HTML code into an Android app.

  1. Web App

This template will let you create a mobile version of your website online. In this way, you will upload only your web-based app and it will get converted into a clean Android app. This template will simply convert web-based content into Android-based content. One restriction of using this template includes that you must know about the index.HTML file of your web application. You have to insert this file for starting the conversion process of the web app into an Android app.

  1. YouTube

This template will let you create an Android app out of your YouTube channel. You can easily show your YouTube content in the form of an Android app to your target audience by using this template.

  1. Video calls

You can create a great video calling application by using different types of color schemes and icons for your audience. You can also include group video calls, direct video calls, wise calls, instant messaging, file sharing, and HD quality of connection for your video calling app by using this template.

  1. PDF

If you want to create the documents into an Android app, then use this template. This template will convert the PDF form of documents into an Android app just by a single click.


Sometimes, it becomes necessary for the companies to convert their web-based content into Android apps for reaching more target audience. Appsgeyser is a great platform that provides several different web-based application templates for meeting the needs of the users. By using these templates, you can easily convert your web-based content and apps into the Android apps of your choice.