Should you choose Android or iOS for cryptocurrency trading?

Trading cryptocurrencies like bitcoin using smartphones is getting immensely popular. You can visit Immediate Edge App to deeply analyze bitcoin trading. When it comes to smartphone cryptocurrency trading, users only get two options, the first is an android device, and the second is iOS. Cryptocurrency trading applications that are globally popular are compatible with both android and iOS devices. 

But even the applications of similar trading platform is equipped with different features on both android applications. The features present in cryptocurrency trading applications making trading on android and iOS completely different are user interface, availability of digital currencies, storage space, and bandwidth. Here is a detailed comparison between android and iOS cryptocurrency trading. 

Cryptocurrency trading- All you need to know!

You can think of cryptocurrency trading as a short-term investment. The trading strategies executed by profound cryptocurrency traders allow traders to make profits from this marketplace concisely. The prominent trading straggles in the cryptocurrency market are intraday and arbitrage trading. The cryptocurrency marketplace is correspondingly equipped with many other strategies. 

To enhance your cryptocurrency trading experience, you should always for a better trading application and smartphone. Unfortunately, people get confused between Android and iOS when choosing a device for cryptocurrency trading. Undeniably, you don’t need to invest capital to buy either of these smartphones, and you can go with any smartphone you have. Still, the trading experience is exceedingly different on both of these devices. 

Differences between famous cryptocurrency exchanges on Android and iOS!

The user interface of trading applications usually creates differences between cryptocurrency trading on Android and iOS devices.


Global cryptocurrency exchanges serving in almost every country are very few, and Coinbase is one of these few digital currency exchanges. The platform offered by Coinbase to cryptocurrency users is equipped with a gigantic extent of features. Coinbase is listed on both the google play store and the application store. 

The Coinbase android application is equipped with few differences from the Coinbase application present on the app store. The UI of Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange is a bit smooth on iOS devices, all thanks to the excellent user optimization of apple. However, the storage size acquired by the Coinbase application in iOS devices is massive compared to Android devices. 

As per a few reports, the Coinbase application present on the app store is slightly optimized, but the iOS version of this exchange is equipped with a gigantic size compared to the android version. Therefore, if you are more into the smooth user interface, you can go for iOS devices, but if you want to save storage of your smartphone with a phenomenal trading experience, you can go for android devices.   


The exchange acquired popularity by listing infamous altcoins on its platform, allowing traders to profit by dealing with insignificant altcoins in market value and capitalization. The Binance cryptocurrency exchange application UI is different on both android and iOS devices. But the android version of this cryptocurrency exchange is highly optimized and smaller in size. 

Moreover, the android version of this exchange consumes significantly less storage space than the iOS version. Finally, both android and iOS versions of this exchange are equipped with a liter version enabling newbies to trade in digital currencies without any challenges. In short, the android version of this cryptocurrency exchange is way better than the iOS version. 

Moreover, the android application of Binance exchange is compatible with the android device and has a less powerful processor. In short, to trade with this exchange application, you don’t need to have an advanced android device. 

Robin Hood!

Robin Hood is not a dedicated virtual currency exchange but a trading venue, making cryptocurrency trading very easy. Like superior payment services like PayPal and the Cash app, this trading venue has also listed the feature of trading cryptocurrencies. Robin Hood is present in both the play store and the app store. 

The trading experience a user can acquire upon the Robin Hood platform is similar to Android and iOS devices. Some reasons to choose this trading venue over any other cryptocurrency exchange are its simple UI, a shallow balance requirement, and minimum transaction fees. Moreover, there are numerous other features offered by this trading venue. 

The above-listed proton explains which device you should choose for cryptocurrency trading.