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arabic telegram members

Real Members

Get real Arabic subscribers, no bots or fake members. These users can engage with your channel or group content. 

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Arab Targeting

Add members from Arabic countries: Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, and others.

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Grow your Telegram channel with Arab members within a few days or hours. It’s safe and secure.


We provide Telegram followers for channels and groups from any arab country and East part of  the world. 

Full list of countries: Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen. 



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Get new users in your Telegram channel or group.


Buy Arab members for your Telegram commuity. We promote public and private channels and groups.

Arab Channel Members​

Add Telegram Channel members from Arab countries to grow your community without large investments, increase your engagement rate, promote channel's content and your business.

Arab Group Members​

Add Arab Telegram Group members to boost your chat group in the shortest time possible, increase group's activity and grow engagement rate, chat and interact with users and potential clients. ​

MORE ABOUT ARAB Telegram Members


Real Members, not bots

We add only real people - users of unofficial Telegram clients on Google Play. Before subscribing members to channels and groups, we ask for their consent. These Arab members can view your posts, or even buy your products and services, chat.

Arab countries

We provide Telegram members from the Arab world. You can buy Telegram followers from Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia or any other Arabic country or even outside the Arab regions.

Free arabic Members

We offer free Arab Telegram members as a free bonus to our customers. For example, when you buy 8,000 members, you can get extra 2,000 Arab subscribers for free.

Security and Privacy

Telegram promotion is provided by an international IT-company AppsGeyser, US-based web platform, founded in 2011. Since 2019 AppsGeyser provides promotion services for Telegram channel owners. We provide secured payment methods by bank card, PayPal, Skrill and bitcoin.

Live support

Your personal manager is ready to help you in the shortest time possible with any requests, questions, and problems. We answer all your queries before, after, or during your Telegram channel promotion.


Over the past years, we have worked with over 2000 clients from all countries in the world and added more than 5 mln Telegram members. Over 300 clients were originally from Arab countries. Even though this project was launched in early 2019, we have easily become the top place to get real members for Telegram channels due to the high quality of our Telegram users and amazing word of mouth: 3 of 5 clients recommend us to their friends, 4 of 5 clients come back to us to buy more subscribers after their first purchase.

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BENEFITS of Buying ARAB Telegram Members

How to buy Arabic Telegram Members and grow your Channel or group

If you look for a way to boost your Telegram channel or group within a short time without major investments, buying arab members is the best solution. Arab members are less expensive, they can generate activity and view your post. This way, you can upgrade both important statistics – number of  users and view rate. Adding a big amount of Arabic members can help your Telegram Channel or Group to perform well in the Telegram communities. The more members you add, the better chance for new users to join too. It doesn’t take much time to get new subscribers: you can get your first 1,000 users within 1-2 days. To get the best from your Telegram promotion, make sure you provide a high quality and unique content, so users will not just join your channel ot group, but also stay and never leave.

Fast Delivery

We have a large base of Arabic Telegram members, that allows us to add them to channels and groups in the shortest time possible.

Become Popular

Having a large number of Telegram members is good for any channel or group. New organic users join popular communities more likely than small ones.

Engagement Rate

Arab Telegram members are the most active ones. When buying Arabic followers, be sure you will get views and messages from them.

Grow your Telegram channel with members from arabic countries.


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Most frequent questions and answers

All our members are real people, not artificially created accounts. Unlike other services with poor quality members, we deliver high-quality members from Qatar, Arab Emirates, and other countries. We offer unique geo-targeting: we can Arab members and other specific countries if it’s needed. Additionally, we provide free Arabic Telegram members as a purchase bonus to our clients. 

No, all of our Arab Telegram subscribers are real people from East and Arab countries. We stand against adding bot and motivated users to any social media communities.

Start our Telegram bot by clicking one of the Buy Arab Members buttons. There you can find our packages, prices, and payment methods. You can pay by PayPal, bank card, Skrill, bitcoin and other crypto.  Leave your request for our managers to contact you and get more details.

The price depends on the package of your choice. Open our Telegram bot to see prices and offers. We have occasional sales and free bonuses for our clients, follow our bot to stay tuned.

We subscribe users from unofficial Telegram messengers for Android. Right after the installation, all our members recieve an offer to join multiple channels and groups on Telegram. We target followers by language and IP location of users, this way we can provide users from specific regions and countries – arab or not arab.

No, it’s a safe way to promote Telegram channels and groups. Whether you add Arab users or members from other countries, you won’t get banned. But your channel should respect Google Play and Telegram rules: it means you shouldn’t post illegal content and adult content, and never scam people.

It depends on user activity and your package. It can take from a few hours to a few days to get 1,000 Arabic members for your Telegram channel or group.

We can’t add members with specific interest or of one gender. But we offer geo and language targeting. You can buy Telegram members not only from arab countries, but european, asian and american as well. offers in our Telegram bot.

Yes. In our Telegram bot, you can find packages with followers from different regions – Russia, Europe, USA, Africa, India, etc. We can target over 150+ countries in the world.

Yes, but only if you don’t scam people. We check all Telegram channels and groups before starting our work. If we find the scamming schemes in your channel, we won’t proceed with a collaboration with you. 

Yes, you can get free Telegram members as a bonus for your purchase. If you buy 6,000 members, you may get extra 1,000 Arab followers for free. Start our Telegram bot to learn more about our special offers.


Pay by bank card, PayPal, Skrill, bitcoin, or ether



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Last Updated on May 3rd, 2023