How to Make an App for Your Website in 5 Minutes?

How to Make an App for Your Website

Most people believe that without programming, they cannot create a professional mobile application. Gone are those days when you need to have strong programming skills to create the desired app.

Today, you can make any professional mobile app using AppsGeyser with ease. AppsGeyser is an app creator platform that will make it effortless for you to build an application.

You will locate many ready-made templates on AppsGeyser that make the task further easier. There are over 50 unique templates, which are available free of cost for the users.

Apart from templates, you will find many other high-end features that you can include in your mobile application. Whether you want to create a mobile app website, a social media app, or some business website, the AppsGeyser will help you with it.

The best thing about the AppsGeyser is that you do not need to learn any new programming language. Even with basic computer knowledge, anyone can create a professional website.

Besides, website owners can convert their website into a mobile application within a few minutes. Now you might wonder how to create an android app for my website using AppsGeyser.

Well, this article will give you a step-by-step guide on how to make an app for your website in minutes. Before that, you should learn the few top reasons to turn your website into an app.

Top 3 Reasons to Turn Your Website into an App

Most website owners do not find the need to convert their website into a mobile application. If you are also a website owner who does not have a mobile app website, this section is for you. Following, you will find some top reasons to make an application for your website.

1. Target More Audience

One of the top causes to turn your website into an application to target more users via it, which will bring more business. A large number of users prefer using applications over websites on their android devices.

Further, most website owners do not make their websites mobile responsive, resulting in a bad user experience. However, with the AppsGeyser, you do not need to worry about any such thing.

By turning your website into a mobile application using AppsGeyser, you can make users enjoy the best mobile view. It creates a better design, readable text, and adequate space for your mobile app website.

2. Increase Audience Engagement

A mobile app is an excellent way to increase audience engagement. With the help of an application, you can easily build a connection between you and your customers, resulting in your business’s growth.

Besides, you can also use push notifications features in your mobile app to take the audience engagement to the next level.

Push notifications will inform the users about all the latest updates, features, and other information related to your mobile app website.

3. Easy to Access

The mobile application makes it effortless for the user to access the data. Moreover, you do not have to worry about the loading time, downtime, and other concerns in your application that might occur on the website.

Within a few seconds, users can access any data from your mobile app website because of the AppsGeyser.

How to Create an Android App for My Website in a Few Simple Steps?

Here you will find out an easy way to convert your website into a mobile application. Follow all the steps and get your application done in a few seconds.

  1. Open AppsGeyser website

First, you need to visit the AppsGeyser website and click on the “Create App for Free” option.

Open AppsGeyser to make a website app
  1. Choose the Website app Template

A new tab will open, allowing you to create either an individual app or an application for your business.

Choose the website app template

If you want to convert a business website into a mobile app, select the “Business Website” option. Otherwise, select the “Website” option in the Individual section.

  1. Enter your Website URL

After that, you will find a new tab asking you to enter your website URL. Make sure to enter the correct URL of a website you want to convert into a mobile application.

Add website app features
  1. Add app features

Besides, you can add various features to your application. After adding your website URL in the “App Settings” option, make sure to include your social media tabs. You can skip the social media tabs if you want.

Now, you will need to select the type of blog you want. After selecting that, enter the blog URL in the “Enter Blog URL” section.

Customize the app deisng

Below the “Enter Blog URL” section, you will notice a few other useful features such as push notification and color scheme.

Enable push notifications

Select the “Enable Push Notification” option if you want to enable notification for your mobile app website. Further, it will also help you improve audience engagement.

  1. Customize the app design

You can also select the color scheme of your website as per your wish.

Now it is time to customize the app layout. Add a slider, bottom menu, and other tabs on your application according to your requirement. Besides, the AppsGeyser gives you the option to change the position of the tabs. You can also turn off the action bar if you want.

Customize app design

Remember that you will find all such information like website URL, add features, social media tabs, and app layout on the same tab.

  1. Submit the app name

After completing the settings, click on the “Next” button present at the tab’s end. After that, you need to give a name to your application. Enter the mobile app’s name in the “App Name” section and then click “Next.”

Name the website app
  1. Upload an app icon

Further, select the icon size as per your wish. You can choose either a custom icon or a default icon. For a custom icon, make sure that its size is 512×512 pixels.

Upload an icon for website app
  1. It’s done!

After selecting the icon, click on the “Create” button. Now you are done with the app creation process. You can get an APK file of your mobile app website via email.

Using these few simple steps, you can turn any website into any mobile application. Apart from this, you can make other types of mobile applications as well. Without any hassle and programming knowledge, you can create multiple apps using the AppsGeyser.

How Can You Improve the App?

If you want a better website app that is perfectly optimized for mobile devices, make sure to resize your website as per the mobile phone screens before converting it into an app.

You can also choose a mobile-friendly theme on your website because it will also help you create a better, optimized mobile app.

However, if your website does not have a mobile-friendly theme, you can make it mobile-friendly through the content management system.

How to Promote Mobile Website App?

After creating an application for your website, you might think of promoting it. The best way to promote your app is by uploading it to Google Play Store.

Each month’s billions of users visit the Play Store in search of different applications. You can target a large group by putting your website on the Play Store.

Further, you can also start a paid promotion on social media platforms to get more downloads and growth. Promoting will help you in growing your business in a short period. 

Do not forget to try AppsGeyser to create a high-quality mobile application by yourself without any programming skills. You can create any android app for website using it.