What is an Android App Template? – Mobile App Template Free Download

Android App Template

Developing an Android app might seem like a nightmare to people who don’t possess the knowledge of programming. That’s why AppsGeyser has come forward with the top of the line Android app template inventory just for you.

Using the mobile app template free down download from AppsGeyser, you can get yourself an app in a matter of minutes. In this post, we’ll go through some of our templates and give you an idea about what you can do with them. But before that, let’s clear a few things.

What is a Mobile App Template?

Mobile app templates are basically an empty canvas created for you to play with. All the necessary codes for the functionalities are already generated. The primary source code is implemented inside the template, and our developers are constantly updating them to make them even more useful. Your job is to customize the visual aspects of the app and add buttons or widgets as you go.

Android app template source code free is our way of inviting you to the world of Android apps where you can utilize your creativity and use it for your benefit. From making money from affiliation to a full-fledged business app, everything is possible with AppsGeyser. Let’s get started with the Android app template free that we have here.

Mobile App Template Free Download at AppsGeyser

When you first visit our website, you’ll find multiple options to explore. If you want to start right away with the app-building process, go to the Create App option.

You’ll notice two different options that you can choose from. One is to make money with an app by monetizing it, and the other one is a business app that doesn’t contain any ads, even not from AppsGeyser.

Depending on your use case, you can choose either of them. If you’re an individual looking forward to making money through advertisement with your app by placing banner ads or affiliate marketing, we recommend selecting the first one. And if you’re goal is to increase the exposure of your business; you should go with the second option.

free  app templates

Depending on your selection of the Android app template source code free, you’ll see a multitude of options. Let’s start with the ones you’ll find in the individual tab.


The first template in our inventory is the website. It allows you to create an Android app if you already have a website. The process is as simple as copying and pasting the website URL into the template. The template is smart enough to generate an app UI within minutes. Features like Social media tabs, push notification, and URL support.

website app template

Before you export your app as an APK file, you should complete all the steps like choosing keywords, adding images and icons, providing all the links, etc.

Video Calls and Chats

If you want to make a video calling app for you and your friends or use it for commercial gain, you can use our Android app template free. You can allow the app to make groups or have one-on-one interactions among the users. All the common features like emojis, sharing images and videos, push notifications, different types of internet connections, etc. all are integrated into the template. All you have to do is give it your personal touch.

video calls app template

Messenger App with Video Calls

If you want to take the messenger feature one step further, you can opt for this template. It lets you customize your app as you want. As this template is based on Telegram Client, don’t use it as your messenger’s name.

messenger app template


Browsers are one of the most common types of apps you can find on people’s smartphones. If you’re not happy with the existing browsers, you can create your own app with AppsGeyser. You don’t have to know any coding. Regular tabs like bookmarks, history, downloads, weather, and many other features are integrated into the template.

browser app template


Wallpaper apps might be the safest bet for you as a beginner. Wallpaper apps are always in demand, and you can’t really go wrong with it. AppsGeyser has a very handy wallpaper app maker template. Your job is to collect the images, the backgrounds, gifs, and even videos. The template will turn everything into an app without you lifting a finger.

wallpaper app template

Photo Editor

It’s another template always in high demand. With the popularity of social media skyrocketing, people are more conscious about their photo appearance. Hence, the importance of photo editor apps.

photo editor app template

It’s a mobile app template free download from AppsGeyser where you can utilize all the stickers, filters, and full-fledged editing capabilities. All you have to do is arrange them in order and export the APK.

Mobile TV

The popularity of TV has gone down since the modern age of the Internet. But that doesn’t mean people don’t miss the appeal. And to cater to those people, you can create a mobile TV app with the Android app template free from AppsGeyser.

mobile tv player app template


These are the most common forms of app templates you’ll see on AppsGeyser’s inventory. There are a few more game templates, quiz templates, guides, etc. that you can use to start your journey in the world of Android apps.

On the business side of things, you get similar templates accompanied by a few unique ones. Let’s take a look at those.

business app templates


Affiliate or Referral Link

You can use this android app template source code free from AppsGeyser to house all your affiliate business. Provide the list of the affiliate and referral links, and the template will make it into a handy app for your audience.

YouTube Channel

As unconventional as it may seem, you can make apps for your YouTube channel as well. If you are active on YouTube, creating an app will allow your views instant access to your channel and the videos.

Facebook Page

Similar to YouTube, you have the ability to convert your Facebook business page into an app. Without searching for the authentic page, your audience can directly connect with you through the app.

There are other templates like RSS, HTML Code, PDF Tab, etc. that you can use to make a business app and give your portfolio a new dynamic.

Disadvantages of Android Template Free

There are no major disadvantages to using a free android template. As long as you comply with the terms and conditions of the template provider, in this case, AppsGeyser, you are good to go with your app.

However, you are limited in the customizability of your app. As the templates are created by our developers, it’s not always possible for us to match your requirements to the max. We know that our users have to compromise in some aspects and we’re trying our best to improve templates as we go.

Final Words

AppsGeyser is one of the most respectable mobile app template providers. With no prior knowledge or experience in Android development, you can get yourself an app within minutes. Our templates are crafted with your convenience in mind, and we intend to provide you with Android app template source code free.