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Convert HD pictures, backgrounds, live wallpapers, videos into Android App without coding. Free Wallpaper App Maker.


Free For Making and Using

2. Making a mobile app with backgrounds and wallpaper isn’t hard and expensive anymore. Create wallpaper app from your HD images and videos for free without coding. Downloading, sharing, and using an app is free as well.

Easy Management & Editing

Upload new backgrounds, collections, catalogs online without effort. Use the admin panel to  manage content in Wallpaper your app without re-building and re-uploading your app on Google Play. 


APK Ready for Distribution

You will get an APK of your Wallpaper app right after building it. The app will be ready for publication on Google Play and other app markets instantly. 

Free Wallpaper App Features

make wallpaper app

Live Wallpapers, HD quality

The app supports images in HD, Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD quality, gifs, videos, live wallpapers.

Editing Tools

Editing menu includes essential tools like cropping, blurring. Use can set wallpapers as their backgrounds and lock screens.

Online Management

Add new wallpapers, organize your collections online without rebuilding your APK file. Manage your app through your admin panel.

Social Sharing & Push Notifications

Notify users about updates, new collections and wallpapers, offers, news, etc. Encourage users to share your background on social media - Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

How to Make a Wallpaper App For Free?

Create Mobile Wallpapers Collection in 7 simple steps

  • 1
    Open the Online Wallpaper App Template
    Click the "Create App Now" button. Or visit and find the Online Wallpaper App template on Individual Tab.
  • 2
    Prepare your Media
    Prepare HD, Full HD, Ultra HD or 4K images, gifs, videos. Use free and open stocks like Pixabay, Unsplash to create your own collection.
  • 3
    Name your App
    Put the name of your app. Add relevant keywords to make your app discoverable for Android users.
  • 4
    Upload the Icon
    Submit your own logo or choose the default one. Keep it clean and simple.
  • 5
    Upload Images, set up the categories
    Upload your media files and create albums, categories, packs for better users navigation.
  • 6
    Publish App
    You can download your APK file and publish it on Google Play or any other Android app market. Share your wallpapers with Android users all over the world!

Make Your Own Wallpaper App Android with Free App Maker

You can make an APK from media content. 

Convert HD, Full HD, Ultra HD, 4K backgrounds, gifs, videos, live wallpapers to apk. AppsGeyser turns your media content into a Wallpaper app without coding and fees.

Convert Mobile Backgrounds and Wallpapers to Android App in 10 minutes!

AppsGeyser - Free Wallpaper App Maker

Making, downloading and sharing Wallpaper ANDROID APPS is free!

Free App Creator is helping to make Android app development accessible and easy for everyone. You don’t need to know how to code to make mobile apps. AppsGeyser offers more than 35 ready-to-use app templates for Android with free features. 

Free Wallpaper App Builder Benefits

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Your Questions, Our Answers

How to create an app with wallpapers for Android?

To create a Wallpaper app for Android you need to open the Online Wallpaper App Template on AppsGeyser. Follow our step-by-step guide to building an app. It takes 10 minutes to build an app.

Is it free to make Wallpaper app?

App making with AppsGeyser is free. We have no hidden costs. You can buy premium features for better user experience, but even with the basic plan you can easily create and distribute apps for Android. 


How long does it take to create Wallpaper App?

It takes around 10 minutes if you already have your content prepared: images, backgrounds, gifs, videos, collections, app name and icon. Prepare the content in advance to make it faster.

What do I need to make an Android app with wallpapers?

To make a mobile app with wallpapers you need to prepare media content: images, backgrounds, gifs, videos, collections, app name and icon. To start developing an app, click the button “Create App” on this page.


What images can I use for my Wallpaper App?

You can upload any images for your Wallpaper app. We advise you to use HD, Full HD or 4K resolutions for your pictures and JPEG, PNG formats. We warn you not to use content restricted by Google Play rules and terms (no adult content, no scamming schemes, no weapons or drugs).

Can I monetize my Wallpaper app?

Yes. You can enable the Monetization program and start making money with banner advertising by joining AdMob. 

Can I change my Wallpaper app after building it?

Yes. Go to the “Edit” menu tab on your AppsGeyser Dashboard to change the app icon, description, name, etc. Or log into your Wallpaper app admin panel to manage your content.

How can I upload new backgrounds to the Wallpaper app?

Log in to your Wallpaper App Admin panel and manage your collections online.  No need to rebuilding and uploading new APK files on Google Play.

What other Android apps can I create?

AppsGeyser has more than 35 Android App templates for creative app development: games, video streams, websites, guidebooks, YouTube channels, ebooks, Facebook groups, educational apps, messengers, browsers and more. 

Why should I use AppsGeyser App Maker?

AppsGeyser is simple-to-use and free of charge. To build an app, you need to fill the forms and move with our step-by-step guide. No need to understand how drag-and-drop works, no need to pay to get the acces to your APK file. Everything is free and simple!

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