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Create a Casino - Slot Machine Simulator Android App in 10 minutes!

Build your own slot machine game app with a free game template for Android. Engage your users with a casino style simulator. Upload custom images to make your slot machine even more exciting. No coding is required. 

create a slot machine app

Slot Machine with Virtual Money

Make a slot machine game with custom images and virtual money. Set the win rate, the starting money budget, customize slot machine images, and the app background, etc. Create a unique, addictive and exciting casino game for Android!

Free and No-code Making

Build your own slot machine for Android without coding for free. It takes around 10 minutes to create a casino simulator app by filling the required forms. Just upload the images, set up the difficulty. Making games with AppsGeyser is FREE! No hidden charges.


Share on Google Play

Share your slot machine with a billion Android users on Google Play. Publish the casino APK to an Android app store within a few minutes. It’s free to download and share Android apps with us!

Make Slot Machine Game with Features!

create a slot machine app

Custom Images

Upload custom images for slot machine objects, set up the app appearance - background, buttons, etc.

Virtual Money & Custom Win Rate

Give your user the starting amount of money and adjust the difficulty by the win rate. The lower rate, the fewer users win.

App Monetization

Join the app monetization program to make money with banner ads in the casino slot machine app.

Android Support

Compatible with all Android devices. Ready for a Google Play publication.

How to Make an Online Casino App for Free?

6 steps to create a casino-style game for Android

  • 1
    Open the Slot Machine Templates
    Click on "Create App Now" button or visit, open the "Slot Machine" app template.
  • 2
    Adjust the Difficulty
    Set up the starting amount of money and change the win rate. To keep your audience active, don't make your game too easy or too hard.
  • 3
    Choose or Upload Images
    Choose or upload custom images of objects, buttons and background. Use the PNG format for better quality. Set up the background opacity.
  • 4
    Name your app
    Submit the name of your app. Use relevant keywords to make the slot machine app searchable on Google Play.
  • 5
    Submit an icon
    Submit a game app icon or you use the default one.
  • 6
    Publish App on Google Play​
    Ready! Publish the slot machine game on Google Play and get the first users!

Make a free Slot Machine in less than 5 minutes!

Create a new casino slot machine game with virtual money! 

Find the niche for the slot machine game to make it popular and unique. Create an app with the content related to Las Vegas or Macao Casinos, cars, games, characters, food, drinks, animals, etc. Think outside the box to attract game users all over the world.

Create a Casino Machine Game for Android NOW!

AppsGeyser - Free Slot Machine App Maker

Making, downloading and sharing Casino apps is free!

Free Slot Machine App Maker – is an online platform to build Android casino simulator despite coding skills for free. To develop a slot machine with virtual money you need to fill the online forms with your custom images and content. There are over 30 free app templates for business, education or gaming. 

Why Should You Build Your Own Slot Machine?

Casino Simulator Games are the most popular and addictive games for people. It’s easy to get excited by winning money and trying to revenge the lost money. That’s why casinos are popular all over the world. For some people, it’s a way to get easy money. The Slot machine is the simplest in these terms. That’s why mobile users can spend hours trying to win virtual money on slot machine simulators. Join the monetization program to make money with your casino game for Android. The more users play the game, the more you earn. Start making money today with a slot machine! 



Slot Machines Created Already

Most Popular Questions

How to build a slot machine app for Android?​

To create a slot machine game app for Android, open the Slot Machine App Template on AppsGeyser's Game Maker. Submit images for the machine objects, set the difficulty mode with a custom starting amount of money and win rate, add the app background, name the app, upload the icon.

How to make an online casino mobile app without coding?

To make a casino simulator game without coding, you need to use the Slot Machine App Template on Upload custom images, fill all required content on the page to build an apk with no coding.

Where can I get images for slot machine?​

You can use Google Search or free resources like Before searching for images, you need to understand what you are looking for. Food? Animals? Characters? Use relevant keywords to find the pictures. It's better if you use images in the PNG format.

Can I make another casino style game app?

For now, you can make only a Slot Machine for Android on We don't have app templates for poker, bingo, roulette.

Can I change the slot machine after making it?​

Yes, you can edit your slot machine in the "Edit" menu on the Dashboard. There you can changes images, win rate, amount of money, background, buttons, game name and icon.

Can I make more than one game on AppsGeyser?​

Yes, you can build any number of Android games on AppsGeyser. We don't charge you for that. The more apps you make, the happier we are.

Is it free to make a Slot Machine app?​

Yes, it's free to make a slot machine game on AppsGeyser. Just open the Slot Machine app template and enjoy the app development for free.

How long does it take to create a Slot Machine for Android?​

It can take around 10 minutes to create a slot machine for Android from scratch. The time depends on your Internet connections and the content you already have.

Should I have any app making software to create a Slot machine?​

No. You can make Android games online without any software. Go to, choose the Slot Machine app template and start making the app online.

Can I monetize a slot machine app?​

Join the Monetization program on AppsGeyser to make money with your casino slot machine game. You will be making money by showing banner ads in the game.

What other Android games can I create?​

You can find around 35 app templates for no-code app development on AppsGeyser. You can make games like quiz, 15 puzzle, fishing, matching puzzle, 2048, magic ball, cookie clicker, and some more. Go to to see the full list of game templates.

Why should I make mobile games on AppsGeyser?​

AppsGeyser is a simple-to-use and free app builder with no hidden charges. You don't need to know how to use drag-and-drops. To make apps you need just to fill the forms. Building apps, getting your APK files is free of charge.

How to make gambling app?

To make a gambling app, simply use our free constructor.

How to create a casino game?

Really easy - use the button below and you can do it for free.

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After creating your casino app, the only thing left to do is to make it unique, and pay attention to the art for slot games

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