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Create an Android game with a 2048 puzzle in 10 minutes! No coding

Make your own 2048 puzzle game app with free game template for Android. Engage your users with classic and popular 2048 game. Upload custom images to make your game even more exciting. No coding is required. 

make 2048 game app

Custom Images

Make a 2048 game with custom images. Upload images for 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc tiles and the background image. Create a unique, addictive and time-consuming game for Android!

Free and No-code App Making

Develop a 2048 App for Android without coding for free. It takes around 10 minutes to create an app by filling the required forms. Just upload the images to get your game app!

Making games with AppsGeyser is FREE! No hidden charges.


Share on Google Play

Share your 2048 puzzle app with Android users on Google Play. Don’t wait for days or hours, publish the APK to Android app markets today. It’s free to download and share apk file with us!

Make 2048 Game with Features!

make 2048 game app

Custom Images

You can upload custom images for all game tiles - 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, etc. Create a 2048 game with your own design.

App Monetization

Join the app monetization program to make money with banner ads in the 2048 app.

Fast Loading

Enjoy the fast working game app. No bugs, no crashes, just pure excellence.

Android Support

Compatible with all Android devices. Ready for a Google Play publication.

How to Make a 2048 Game App for Free?

5 steps to create a 2048 puzzle for Android

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1. Open the Word Search App Template

Click on “Create App Now” button or visit, open the “2048” app template.

2. Upload Images

Upload custom images of all 2048 tiles and a background. Use the PNG format for better quality.

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3. Name your app

Submit the name of your app. Use relevant keywords to make the 2048 app visible on Google Play.

4. Choose an icon

Submit a game app icon or you use the default one.

Google Play

5. Publish App on Google Play​

Ready! Publish your 2048 puzzle game on Google Play and get the first users!

Make a 2048 app in less than 5 minutes!

Create a new 2048 game with a custom design! 

Find the niche for the 2048 app to make it popular and unique. Create an app related to movies, arts, politics, sports, finances, PC or online games, characters, books, comics, food, drinks, countries, etc. Think outside the box to make the game attractive to users all over the world.

Create a 2048 Puzzle Game for Android NOW!

AppsGeyser - Free 2048 Game App Maker

Making, downloading and sharing 2048 apps is free!

2048 Game App Maker – is an online platform to build Android 2048 games despite coding skills for free. To develop a 2048 puzzle you need to fill the online forms with your custom images. There are over 30 free app templates for business, education or gaming. 

Watch How To Build Your 2048 Game App With This Video Guide​s

Why Should You Make a 2048 Game?

A 2048 Game is the most popular and addictive tiling puzzle game. It’s perfect to spend free time and relax. With the 2048 game, users easily spend hours trying to beat the 2048 score. Therefore, you can monetize your 2048 game app, show advertising and get an income from it. The more users play the game, the more you earn. Use this opportunity to make a game and start making money today! 



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Top Asked Questions

How to create a 2048 game app for Android?​

To create a 2048 puzzle game app for Android, open the 2048 App Template on AppsGeyser's Game Maker. Submit images for the tiles and the background, name the app, upload the icon.

How to make a 2048 mobile app without coding?​

To make a 2048 mobile game without coding, you need to use the 2048 App Template on Upload custom tile images, fill all required fields on the page to build and apk with no coding.

Where can I get images for 2048 tiles?​

You can use Google Search or free resources like Add specific keywords for your search to find better quality designs - like "clipart", "tile", "square", "isolated", "game asset" etc. It's better if you use square-shaped images in the PNG format.

Is the 2048 game still popular?

Yes, the 2048 game doesn't get old. Each year you can find new app top performers like 2048 Charm, City 2048, 2048 Kitty Cat, etc.

Can I change the 2048 tiles after making the app?​

Yes, you can edit your tiles, background and app settings. Open the "Edit" menu on your App Dashboard Menu and edit the content.

Can I make more than one game app on AppsGeyser?​

Yes, you can build any number of Android games on AppsGeyser for free. The more apps you make, the more your can earn by monetizing them.

Is it free to make a 2048 game on AppsGeyser?​

Yes, it's free to make and share all Android games on AppsGeyser including the 2048 puzzle. There are no hidden costs for app development.

How long does it take to create a 2048 for Android?​

It can take around 10 minutes to create a 2048 game from scratch. The time depends on your Internet connections and your content.

Can I make an Android game online without app making software?​

Yes. On AppsGeyser you can make Android games online. No need to use app making software or download anything. You can easily create a 2048 game app on your mobile phone without access to the PC or laptop.

Can I monetize a 2048 game app?​

Join the Monetization program on AppsGeyser to make money with your 2048 game. The app earnings will be received for showing banner ads in the game.

What other Android games can I create?​

You can find around 35 app templates for no-code app development on AppsGeyser. You can make games like quiz, 15 puzzle, fishing, slot machine, matching puzzle, magic ball, cookie clicker, and some more. Go to to see the full list of game templates.

Why should I make mobile games on AppsGeyser?​

AppsGeyser is a simple-to-use and free app builder with no hidden charges. You don't need to know how to use drag-and-drops. To make apps you need just to fill the forms. Building apps, getting your APK files is free of charge.

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