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Develop your own Android Game without any CODING knowledge

Use this Game App Creator to make your own game app. You can create any game app from scratch with the click of a few buttons! No coding or designing skills required. 

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Custom Design and Images

Customize your games app as you wish, choose your favorite colors and make your game unique!

No CODING experience needed

You don’t need any coding experience to create the perfect games app. Use’s games app creator to create your app. Just follow the steps and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

make mobile app from website is easy
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Publish on the App Store

After you created your game, and you are satisfied, you can publish your new game on the App Store. This will allow others to play your game and experience the fun.

Multiple Game App Templates for Android to Choose Fom!

Have you been planning your game for a while? On AppsGeyser, you have multiple game app templates to choose from. You can customize the layout of your game according to the templates.


Matching puzzle, find the pair, 15 sliding puzzle, 2048 and other amazing games for kids and adults.

Party Games

Spice up your parties and friends night out with games like truth or dare, spin the bottle.


Challenge your users with games like fishing, slot machine, tap the cookie. Let your users compete for the highest scores!


Create eduaction games for Android with trivia and questions. Make your quiz app as challenging as possible!


How to Create a Game App for Free?

6 steps to make an Android game for free

  • 1
    Choose your games app template
    Choose the games app template you want to work with from our gamemaker. There are a lot of templates to choose from.
  • 2
    Set your Apps Settings
    After choosing your games template, you can start setting up your game. You can choose your app settings from the various settings available on the template.
  • 3
    Choose your themes colors
    Do you have certain colors in mind for your game? Well, with our game creator, you are in charge of your games theme colors.
  • 4
    Name your game and set the rules
    Choose a name for your game and create rules for players. This can be anything creative and fun!
  • 5
    Preview your game to see how it works before building an APK file
    Make sure you are happy with how your game looks and works before you download the app APK file.
  • 6
    Publish on Google Play and share with your friends
    If you are happy with the way your game works and looks, then it is time to share your game with friends and other players!

Build Android Game for App Store NOW

Make game apps like puzzles, quizes, educational games, coloring books, casino simulators, case simulators, arcades, fishing and much more. No need to know how to code!

Make a Mobile Game App for Android in 1 minute!

AppsGeyser - Free Game Maker

Making, downloading and sharing Phone GAME apps is free! is a free web platform that lets you build your own Android Game App. You don’t even need any coding knowledge! How to create your own Android games app for your website? Well, it’s easy! All you need to do is to choose one of the free games app templates available on our platform.

Watch How To Make a Mobile Game With This Video Guide

Benefits of Creating Game Apps

Do you want to create a games app for you and your friends or to sell, but you don’t have any coding knowledge? Well, is the perfect platform. With, you can create an Android game that people will love. It can be just for fun, or you can monetize your game with our platform and earn money every month! 

You can join the monetization program to make money with your Android games app. The more users use your game, the more you earn.



GAMES Created Already

Do You Still Have Questions?

How do you create a game app for Android?

To create a games app for Android, choose your games App template. Follow the instructions, and start playing! 

How do you make a game app without coding knowledge?

You don’t need any coding knowledge to make your own games app from scratch. The games app template includes a drag and drop builder which makes it possible for anyone to easily create a game app for Android.

Is it free to make a game app? ​

Yes, it’s free to build a quiz game on AppsGeyser. Open the free Quiz App template and enjoy getting your own Android app for free.

Can I edit my game after making the app?

Yes, you can edit your games app in the “Edit” menu on your Dashboard. Additionally, you can re-name your app, change the icon, and interface design.

How many game apps can I create on AppsGeyser?

You can create any number of games or any other Android apps on AppsGeyser. There are no charges for making any amount of game apps.

How long does it take to make a game for Android? ​

It takes 10 minutes or less to make a games app from scratch. 

Do I need app making software to create a games app?

No, you don’t. Making your own games app with AppsGeyser is completely online. You don’t need to install Android Studio or any other software. Just make sure you have a stable internet connection and start making the games app!

Can I monetize a game app?

Yes. Join the Monetization program on the AppsGeyser Dashboard. This way you will be able to show banner ads in the app and make up to $1000 per month.

What other mobile apps can I create?

You can find over 35 app templates for app creation on AppsGeyser. You can make Android apps like eBook readers, websites, YouTube Channels, Facebook Pages, handbooks, word searches, puzzles, and a lot more. Visit to see the full list of app templates.

How is AppsGeyser different from other App Makers?

AppsGeyser Game Creator is simple-to-use and absolutely free. We have simple a interface. You don’t need to drag-and-drop, you need to fill the forms to get an Andoid app. Building apps, getting your APK files and sharing your apps on our own App Market is free.

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