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You can create your own Messaging App without any CODING knowledge. It’s so easy.

How do you create a messaging app? Well, with this app creator it’s easy! You can use this Messenger App Creator to create the perfect Android messenger app with your own theme and style. You can build an instant messaging app that will allow your users to send an unlimited number of texts, make voice and video calls, create group chats, share media files like photos and videos. All of this is possible with only a few clicks!

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Custom Design

With AppsGeyser’s Messenger App Creator, you can customize your messenger app according to your dires. Choose your favorite color, and make this your messenger apps’ accent theme color.

No CODING experience needed

The best thing about using AppsGeyser to create your own messenger app, is the fact that you don’t need any coding experience. The AppsGeyser Messenger App Creator, shows you step-by-step how to create your messaging app for Android. Our App Creator is easy to use!

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Publish on the App Store

After you created your messenger app for Android, and you are happy with it, you can publish it on an Android App Store like Google Play. This will make your app available to a lot more people.

Make your Messenger APP with multiple features!

Custom Colors and Icon

Customize your messenger app with your favorite colors. You can choose any color you can think about. After choosing your color scheme, you can choose your favorite icon to go with your messenger app.

Send Messages, Photos, Videos and Files

Our messenger app creator will allow you to create a messenger app that has features such as; sending messages, photos, videos, and files.

Custom Stickers

We know how people love stickers and emojis. Just imagine your own custom stickers on your own custom messenger app. With our messenger app creator, this is all possible!

Message and Video Call your contacts

Our messenger app creator, allows you to add certain features to your app. You will be able to add message and video call features. Your users can contact their contacts via messages or video calls.


How to Create a Messenger App for Free?

6 steps to make an Android messaging app for free

  • 1
    Open App Template
    Click on "Create App Now" button or go directly to and choose a Messenger app template.
  • 2
    Choose or upload the icon
    Upload your brands icon to your app. You can upload your website's favicon as your app’s icon.
  • 3
    Name your app, use the keywords in the name and description
    It is now time to name your app. You can give your app any name you want. Make sure you use the right keywords in your name and description.
  • 4
    Talk about your features, localize your app in your home language
    It is important that you talk about the features of your app in your description. The app creator allows you to write the description in your home language.
  • 5
    Preview your messenger app to see how it works before building an APK file
    You can preview your app to see if you are happy with how it looks before you download the APK file.
  • 6
    Publish App on Google Play​
    You can now finally publish your messenger app on Google Play so that other people can download it.

Create a Messenger App for Android
in less than 1 minute!

AppsGeyser Free Messenger App Maker


Messenger App Maker This is a free web platform that you can use to build your own Android Messaging App. The best thing is, you don’t need any coding knowledge! How to create your own messaging app? Well, it’s easy! On this messenger app creator, you can build your messenger app by following the easy instructions. All you need to do is to fill in the gaps. Additionally, there are over 30 free app templates for various app types to choose from.

 Our messenger app template is based on the official Telegram client for Android and is licensed under GLPv2. 

Benefits of Creating Messenger App

Having your own messenger app can be very beneficial to your business. You can create a messaging platform to connect with potential clients.  You can create a messenger app for business purposes and monetize it. You can join the monetization program to make money with your Android messenger app. The more users use your messenger app, the more you earn.



Messenger Apps Created Already

Do You Still Have Questions?

How to create a messenger app for Android?

To create a messenger app for Android, open the Messenger App Template on AppsGeyser’s App Builder. Follow the steps, customize the app design, add your features, name the app, and upload your icon.

How to make a mobile messenger app without coding? ​

You need to use the free Messenger App Template on Upload your content and information, and follow the required steps on the page to build an APK with no coding.

Is it free to make a messenger app? ​

Yes, it’s free to build your own messenger app on AppsGeyser. Open the free Messenger App template and enjoy getting your own Android messenger app for free!

Do I need app making software to create a messenger app?

No, you don’t. Creating a messenger app with AppsGeyser is online. You don’t need to install Android Studio or any other software. Make sure you have a stable internet connection and start creating your own messenger app!

Can I edit my app after making the messenger app? ​

Yes, you can edit your messenger app on your Dashboard. Additionally, you can re-name your app, change the icon, and interface design.

How many messenger apps can I create on AppsGeyser?

You can create any number of messenger apps or any other Android apps on AppsGeyser. You can create as many apps as you want!

Can I monetize my messenger app? ​

Yes, you can. You can join the Monetization program on our AppsGeyser Dashboard. This way you will be able to show ads in the messenger app and make up to $1000 per month!

What other Android apps can I create? ​

You can find about 35 app templates on our website. You don’t need any coding knowledge to create your apps on our app creator. You can create Android apps like eBook reader, website, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, handbook. word search, puzzle, and some more. Go to to see the full list of game templates.

Why should I create a messenger app on AppsGeyser?​

AppsGeyser is a simple-to-use and free app builder with no hidden charges. You can build your app with easy to use drag-and-drop options. Building apps on our platform and getting your APK files are free of charge!

What kind of messenger app can I make?

You can create a messenger app similar to Telegram – with video and voice calls, text and voice messages, channels, group chats, stickers, push notifications, custom design, etc.

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