Best 4 E-Commerce Solutions For Website Design

In our modern world, a well-designed site is a must-have element for successful trading. There are millions of e-commerce sites on the web trying to attract customers and satisfy their demands. But how to stand out from the crowd of compelling online shops and find your clientele? Web design is a win-win solution to confront competition and show your hallmarks. With projected $5.4 trillion of e-retail revenues, you should not worry about your site being useless later on. Invest in your future and optimize your site to benefit from the high growth of customer conversion. 

Why Does Web Design Matter for E-Commerce?

An E-commerce site is a trading platform that enables electronic transactions over the Internet. Today online business gains popularity with seven-league steps as the pandemic reshaped the shopping industry. In 2021, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services online that’s why you should consider your e-commerce site is eye-catching, trustworthy, and secure. According to stats, global retailers like Walmart have increased their online sales by 97%, and smaller retailers experienced double or even triple profit growth in e-commerce for the last year. There’s no doubt that they have a rich range of products and compelling web design that makes customers visit their page more often and take advantage of uncomplicated shopping procedures. In order to be in competition with modern online retailers, you need to keep pace with the latest trends and do all possible for buyers’ comfort and satisfaction with your services. A well-designed site is one of the key elements of your e-commerce entity’s success. So read the article to discover useful tips on designing an e-commerce site that will ensure an excellent customer experience

How to Build an E-Commerce Site from Scratch?

In order to set up a competitive e-commerce platform, use a credible website builder with a simple creation process and a full range of online store templates. We prepared for you a short guide to explain how site setup works. Firstly, you need to add products, including their names, images, and descriptions. Move on to regional settings where you have to select your store’s country, currency, and language. When selecting the shipping option, you can add local delivery, self-pickup, or international shipping options. And the final stage is to set up the payment methods, specifying debit or credit cards, online payment gateways, and manual payment options.

What Do You Need to Design the Best E-Commerce Site?

Three main types of e-commerce on the market include open source, SaaS, and headless commerce. Each of them disposes of peculiar features and a special toolkit. But no matter which of them you use for your site-building as web design must possess basic features for a positive shopping experience for your clients. Take a look at the top four e-commerce solutions and get useful knowledge from them. 

Design Responsiveness

Today people complete their purchase processes mostly via smartphones, as it is a comfortable way to shop from any place. A mobile-friendly website plays a crucial role in your business success since 46% of consumers prefer using their smartphones for searching for products and buying them. However, the average mobile web page takes 15.3 seconds to load, which is very long, and most users wouldn’t like to wait so much time and move to another page. Thus, you should design and optimize this option very well because many entrepreneurs find it challenging. People will be less likely to buy from your site in the future, so a responsive e-commerce platform ensures a great on-site experience without any design constraints. Moreover, a mobile-friendly e-commerce site improves your SEO ranking and increases R.O.I.

Catching Customization 

Many on-site design elements have a huge impact on the customers’ decisions and differentiate your store from others. It doesn’t mean that your website must be loud and flashy. If you want to make an aesthetically pleasing site, consider a convenient layout, eye-catching typography, iconography, visuals, and other design details. They should speak for your brand and reflect its values, reliability, and professionalism. Try to make your e-commerce platform unique and devoid of similarity with other store moulds. Develop customization features to show how your brand stands out.

Navigation Functionality

Navigation entails all the elements available for the users’ search of specific information on your site. Make it comfortable and uncomplicated for your customers to find products and order them. Consider convenient text search options, filters, product category pages, cart design, site structure, and footer, making everything easy to navigate. For instance, have a look at the decent top navigation from The navigation outlines all the teams with a logo for easier identification and improved UX. Try to create clear navigation paths and avoid your customers being part of 62% of those who had a negative experience on a site and are less likely to shop there in the future. But how to make users’ experiences positive? Get the answer in the next paragraph.

User Experience

Experience-driven e-commerce stores should be pleasing and trustworthy to consumers. It would be a great option to include product reviews where customers will share their shopping experience. Good reviews will boost your brand recognition and success, while negative ones will help improve your flaws. Include a business assessment so your customers can evaluate you. Another great design feature is a plain representation of FAQ so that any person can find any necessary data concerning your store functionality. Ensure a high-quality online shopping experience for your clients with the help of well structured, clear web design. 

Best E-Commerce Website Design Examples

Take a look and beautiful web design solutions and their short analysis to get inspiration for your site optimization. 


Apple’s web design speaks on the brand’s high-quality products and enables customers to focus exclusively on them. People pay attention to the product itself as a plain background highlights the close-up image. The site has unique selling propositions, key benefits, etc represented in a minimalistic aesthetic style. 


Amazon disposes of a user-friendly website design that makes it one of the greatest examples for e-commerce site developers. Customers can easily find everything they need despite billions of products on the site. The in-site search engine allows people to enhance their e-commerce experience and save their precious time. Besides, filtering options provide customers with only relevant products. All product categories are placed in the sidebar hamburger menu that simplifies navigation. The straightforward interface shows that Amazon respects its website users and does everything possible to facilitate online shopping. 


Skullcandy amazes customers by eye-catchy design that is hard to forget and stop navigating. This e-commerce store masterly matches bright product colors with a minimalistic black website design that creates a sleek look. Products search is on the highest level, and detailed reviews cannot leave anyone cold. Website design is characterized by perfect visuals, material design elements, and video that provides a delightful user experience.  

Taken from: 

Nova Smart Home

Nova is an example of a creative approach to web design, as it is connected with the company’s activity. It trades smart home devices, and the products are interactively demonstrated in the virtual 3D house model. The website is mobile-friendly, and all the navigation buttons are available to the customer. 

Carrollwood Florist

Compelling web design makes the site look bright but at the same time minimalistic. This e-commerce store is simple to use and pleasant to the eye, thanks to vibrant images on the plain background. A first positive impression is guaranteed due to catchy headlines and a hero product shot. Products are categorized in a way that allows clients to make the right choice without any effort. 


Protest’s website design is another great example from which you can borrow many great features. The website’s modern look and straightforward navigation are perfectly designed for customers’ positive experiences. They can purchase the product as soon as they press the banner image on the home page. Unusual filtering allows people to choose clothes not only by standard features but other important product properties that facilitate the search process. 


The Scott Resort & Spa

Take a look at the Scott Resort & Spa website’s design to follow its amazing features. It gives customers the feeling of ease and lightness that tunes them to rest. Minimum details and much useful information complemented with the striking animated images make the user experience unforgettable. They implement the latest trends, so their full-screen overlay navigation gives plenty of space to insert more information.


When making an e-Commerce website, you should pay special attention to its design. Attractive site look and functionality will bring your high customer conversion and boost business success. It must be easy to navigate and beautifully designed so that customers would like to visit your site more and more. Great design means interaction and creativeness that makes your online store stand apart and attract potential clientele. Do not be afraid to experiment and implement the best design practices in your e-commerce entity. We hope that these tips will facilitate your web design process so remember that responsiveness, customization, functionality, and positive user experience will build your strong business identity. Best examples of site designing provide you with inspiration and a desire to create something special. Do not neglect these design aspects and make it user-friendly, simple, colourful, readable, and comprehensive.