Best Android Apps For Academic Success

Top Android Apps For Academic Success In 2021

You will assimilate knowledge much easier if you select the right helpers. Now you don’t need to carry many textbooks with you and waste your nerves, sleep, and energy completing academic assignments. It is enough to download student programs to your smartphone, and you will improve your academic performance. Yet there are so many of them that your eyes run-up, and you don’t know where to start. To not let you drown in the sea of information, we have selected only the best apps in 2021.

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Are you getting lost in class schedules? Then Timetable will help you! The developers have created an application in the format of a diary. Here you can store information about future lessons, data about subjects and teachers. You can also indicate which type of activity is the most priority and its duration or other information to help you in self-organization and planning things. Using Timetable, you can add homework and track progress or enable exam reminders, set silent mode while studying. To not get confused in the flow of information, the developers have provided functions for the color design of tasks. You can also sync data between different user devices or display widgets on the Android home screen.


Photomath is an application for solving math tasks using a smartphone camera and OCR technology for tests. For the program to solve a mathematical task, you need to point the cameras at the assignment. Photomath will pick up the best answer or provide a detailed step-by-step solution. Note that the program is capable of recognizing both printed and handwritten text. Therefore, you should not worry if the teacher has heavy handwriting. In doing so, you can make edits to the scanned formulas and equations. Photomath can build graphs, solve linear, quadratic, trigonometric equations, problems with roots, modules, powers, fractions, integrals, factorials, matrices, and polynomials.

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You do not have enough time, energy, knowledge, inspiration to write a term paper, dissertation, homework, or essay? Studybay will become an excellent assistant in the implementation of various academic assignments. Here you will find over 52,000 writers holding advanced degrees in various sciences. Just tell the author, “write my essay online,” and you will receive a logical, structured, correctly formatted article in the shortest possible time. The authors create papers from scratch so that the text will pass even the most stringent plagiarism check. Together with Studybay experts, you will get better help with academic assignments, improve your grades and gain a deeper understanding of the subject.


Coursera is a platform for online learning and education. It allows students to enroll in courses, specialize in their chosen field, and study subjects that will help them build successful careers. It is also worth mentioning that one of these features given by the platform is the certificate of completion – an official document indicating that you have completed your course. All the information you need is collected in one place. The administration of the resource compares each lesson with an interactive textbook, which contains videos and tests. All classes are broken down by week. When you view the curriculum, you will see the titles and duration of the videos, the number of self-study materials, and tests.

Puzzle Alarm Clock

How many times have you missed class because you turned off the alarm before your brain had time to wake up? The Puzzle Alarm Clock app helps you not oversleep your lessons. To turn off the alarms, you will need to solve several puzzles, and they never repeat. After that, you should confirm that you are feeling cheerful and that you are completely awake. Otherwise, the alarm will sound again and again. Also, Puzzle Alarm Clock has developed an effective method of waking up for very sleepy people. For example, you will need to scan the barcode of some product – yogurt, juice, shower gel, etc.


Students often have to use library books during their studies to the only study in the reading room. Or the teacher gives a lecture, which during the lesson you could not finish reading to the end. In a situation where a large amount of text needs to be copied quickly, the Scanbot application is better than a mobile phone camera. Scanbot allows you to sort the photographed documents into different albums immediately, upload the resulting images to the cloud, or convert them into a PDF file.

Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato is a timer that helps you keep track of your work intensity. For example, the classic variation is 25 minutes you devote to work and 5 minutes to rest since the brain needs to switch to continue effective learning later. However, you can set the working hours and rest times yourself. With this application, you will learn to focus on your studies and not be distracted by extraneous tasks. The timer is also an excellent assistant for those students who are too involved in their studies. The app will remind you when you need to take a break. Thus, you will not be lazy and too overwhelmed with tasks.


Smartphones have become an integral part of our life, but they have a drawback – phones are constantly distracting us. Incoming messages from friends, notifications from games, reminders of events – all this requires a lot of attention. Yes, smartphones make our life easier, but they don’t allow us to concentrate. AppBlock is an application that will help you not to be distracted by notifications from your phone. For example, you can set a time to receive no calls, notifications, or messages. At the set time, you will not be able to enter instant messengers or games, which will allow you to work more productively.


People never read as much as they do when they study. Even if you are not a fan of fiction and do not study the humanities, you still have to learn many textbooks. FBReader is an e-book application that supports all popular formats. FBReader is convenient and easy to use. It will allow you to study the necessary literature at home and on the road, in queues, and at lunch, which will speed up the learning process and free up some time.


SpeechTexter is a voice-to-text voice recorder. The application will be an excellent assistant when recording lectures and taking notes of training sessions. The developers have created a program based on the Cloud Speech API speech recognition technology. This technology is used in Google Assistant and other search programs. Hence SpeechTexter perfectly recognizes human speech and converts it to text with minimal errors. The program is capable of identifying more than 60 languages. You can also use the app without an Internet connection. To do this, you need to download the appropriate language packs in the Android settings.


If there are services that can match Wikipedia in terms of the amount of material available, WolframAlpha is one. The developers themselves call the program “an intelligent service that answers all your questions.” Working with the program is very simple – you write the question to which you would like to receive an answer and press Enter. Next, the program analyzes the question and gives you an answer: whether it is a formula from the course of algebra or trigonometry or the specific gravity of an electron. Although the program has a wide database, the application is most optimized for working with numbers and statistics.

Last Updated on December 15th, 2023