Make an Android App Network Using Our Top Free Android App Templates

Thank you for the wonderful feedback you have sent me regarding the top five templates that I have posted over the past few weeks. If you need to catch up on the top five templates click through the links here: 5th place: Puzzle 15 game, 4th place Quiz game template, 3rd place HTML app template 2nd place YouTube Video and in 1st place URL Website template.

One question that has repeatedly been asked this week is how and if an app make should use a range of these templates and create an android app network. The answer is YES, people that build an app network are more than 10 times more likely to see app success.

What is an Android app network?

Look at some of the apps that you have recently downloaded. Did you notice that the app maker had a range of other apps also available to download? These apps are part of the app makers app network, some may be free and some may be premium apps, but what you will notice is that all the apps will share a theme. The theme may be based on a product or service area, for example an Educational institute may have a range of different academic subject related apps, or a games developed may have a range of gaming apps. Each developer has a theme and they will build an app network around it when they make an Android app.

What we know about an Android app network is that it will increase your success as an App maker and build loyalty amongst your existing audience members with your brand.

How do I use the top five templates to build an Android app network?

Let us take an example and see how we can use the top five templates to make an Android app network. Let us pretend for a moment that we are a baby product shop and want to makes some apps to help us market our business.

Firstly we will create a website app, this will enable our business to be available on all mobile devices. The reason we want our business to have an app is so that users can click on our icon and open our website without having to go through the process of opening their web browser on their mobiles and having to type in the URL themselves.

Secondly we will create a YouTube app, this app will show a short video about some of the products that we have for sale. This is a great app to highlight products that are on special offer, show our users why this product is so special and how they can use it.

Thirdly we will move on to our HTML app, this app will be a simply one page app that has our business details on it such as our website address, our shop address, opening hours and special offers. It many also have a hyperlink to our online store.

Fourthly we will create our Quiz game. The quiz we would suggest is a fun game that can use cute and fun photos and questions about babies.

Finally we will create a puzzle game. This app will highlight our company logo to help us market our brand and make it recognisable.

There are so many other ideas that we can add, but for today we will keep this short and sweet. If you want any other advice feel free to contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or email.